GitHub: Deleted local branch how do I delete the GitHub branch

I created a new branch locally called experimental

git checkout -b experimental

I made my changes, committed them, and pushed them to GitHub. I could see the experimental branch on GitHub.

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  • I then did:

    git checkout master
    git merge experimental

    It showed the files it had merged

    Updating 3811ea5..617606f
    Fast forward                             |  101 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++                             |   59 ++++++++++++++----

    However when I did a git status it said nothing to commit. Is that correct?

    Anyway I pushed to GitHub and deleted the local branch. On GitHub I now have the master and experimental both pointing to the same point. Is there any need for the experimental branch on GitHub anymore. I have deleted it locally. How do I delete it on GitHub?

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “GitHub: Deleted local branch how do I delete the GitHub branch”

    git push origin :experimental

    As seen here, a site which was the first link for “git delete remote branch”

    for git version 1.5+:

    git push origin :branch_to_delete

    for git version 1.7+:

    git push origin --delete branch_to_delete

    git push origin :future_enhancement (Here future_enhancement is my remote branch name)

    Note: If you are planning to remote master branch in git repository, might be faced some difficulties while deleting because of master branch is made it as “DEFAULT BRANCH”.

    Better come out from your master branch, just create any temporary branch/ if you have any other branch switch into that branch. Goto your loggin with your credentials

    Click =>”Account settings” link on top right corner on the than Click =>”Repositories” tab from the left side menu than select your repository, there you can see “DEFAULT BRANCH” dropdown from there you have to select some other branches as default than save. Thats it from

    For more details you can view this post

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