Github commit message tagging

Is it possible to assign tickets or add labels to github issues in a commit message?


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    Well unfortunately it looks like it isn’t possible without some hackery. I put together a simple sinatra app (that you can throw on heroku) to handle a few new handlers

    Github Postcommit Shinies

    To assign to a user you can do:

    git commit -a -m 'updates #23 assigned =USERNAME';

    To add labels you can do:

    git commit -a -m 'updates #23 ~QA ~testing'

    You can also mix and match:

    git commit -a -m 'updates #23 ~QA ~testing =QAUSER'

    I have not seen support for referencing text labels or users in commit messages. However, you can reference an issue by its number in a commit message:

    ready for you to sign off for #341

    If there is an Issue #341 in your GitHub project, GitHub will recognize that #341 references an existing Issue, and will link to it.

    For more info on referencing issues in commit messages:

    An example of what I have described from the above link:

    • Mentioning an issue in a commit

    Just adding to this (Sorry I don’t have enough rep to comment if that would be more appropriate) but I just did a commit on github using @username and it created a linke in the commit message on just fine.

    You can see the commit message here if you’re interested:

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