Github clone with oauth access token

Inside a script I am trying to clone a Github repository with an oauth token.

According to this tutorial:

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    I should be able to build a command for it like this:

    git clone https://<token>

    If I try this manually with a proper access token, it still asks for my password.

    If I try it on the commandline I am simply getting a repository not found error.

    The article is from 2012 and I cannot find any API documentation for this. So I am wondering if this still works.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Github clone with oauth access token”

    I turned out to be a scope issue. I of course needed full repo scope since I was trying to clone a private repository.

    It’s a shame Github does not have some clearer error messages for these kind of things, but security wise I understand why.

    For anyone trying to figure out what is wrong when trying out something like this, I would suggest to create a personal access token with full access to everything:

    settings > developer settings > personal access tokens > generate new token

    This way you can easily test if it is a scope issue by comparing your token with a personal access token that has access rights for everything.

    Thanks for anyone who still took the time to read this.

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