GitHub client: Pull Request Button is missing

I use GitHub client for Bitbucket repository. All work & sync correctly, but Pull Request button not showing. In GitHub repo all works.

I found simular issue – Github for Mac: Pull Request Button is missing, but I use Bitbucket and can’t change repo marker from “other”.

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    Answer from official github support ( ):

    In order to create a pull request the repository must exist on


    There is a button called ‘View Branch’ beside the update from master

    If you click this, the ‘View from Master’ button should change
    to ‘Compare’.

    If you click this button you should see a list of
    branches you can choose from to merge!

    I have found a similar issue in below case.

    1. I was using GitHub Windows client
    2. I was using the repository which was associated with account X.
    3. X moved that repository to another account called Y.

    Now onward, I was able to perform normal operation like creating new branch, push, sync etc button Pull Request button was not visible for those repository which has moved from account X to Y.

    Solution:- It was happening because remote URL in my windows client was still pointing to old account repository, so I have changed that to new account repository and restarted the windows client and it started working.

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