Github API incomplete/forever cached JSON for orgs/eea/repos

I have an issue with github API v3 as it seems to forever cache or somehow drop some repositories within this JSON:

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  • Look for eea.soercontent or eea.package. They’re missing even if they are displayed here:

    Any clue? Is there a way to invalidate this cache, if any?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Github API incomplete/forever cached JSON for orgs/eea/repos”

    On 08/27/2013 06:48 PM, James Dennes (GitHub Staff) wrote:

    Hey Alin,

    Thanks for getting in touch – it looks like you’re getting Trolled By Pagination™.

    You’ll need to request the next page of results to see those repositories. The Link header of the response contains the pagination details:

    Link:; rel=”next”,; rel=”last”

    All the details on pagination are here:

    I hope that helps.


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