Github API for Python : PyGithub – get a list of all commits for a particular repository

I am developing a script which requires me to get a list of all commits for a particular repository, as well as the date and time of commit. The Commit Class in the PyGithub API:

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  • does not have any member for date-of-commit and time-of-commit.
    Any ideas on how to get the date and time of a commit using the API?

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    A bit late to answer, but you can get the information from the GitAuthor of the GitCommit of the Commit.
    This will print the dates of all the commits:

    for commit in commits:
        if commit.commit is not None:

    I think you need to call


    and in each satsus there is attributes created_at and updated_at

    from here:

    Class CommitStatus


    • created_at: datetime.datetime
    • creator: NamedUser
    • description: string
    • id: integer
    • state: string
    • target_url: string
    • updated_at: datetime.datetime
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