Github and Git – what is needed to work with a git terminal in win7?

I want to cooperate with a team that is using git on their private server. What to I need to push and pull from there server? I got win7, what do I need? I found a download at github and at git.

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    I would recommend the latest from git-for-windows (which will replace the old msysgit soon, and will include a more recent bash):

    • Uncompress PortableGit- anywhere you want
    • add C:\path\to\PortableGit-\bin to your %PATH%
    • use <PortableGit->\git-cmd.bat (regular CMD session) or <PortableGit->\git-bash.bat (shell unix session)
    • type:

      git config --global <yourUsername>
      git config --global <yourEmail>
      git config --global core.autocrlf false

    And you are good to go.
    If you have access to that private server, you can clone it (ssh or https url).

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