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Xcode Version Controll GIT – has uncommitted changes, just after commit

when i commit the changes i made in my project in Xcode, and then want to push them onto the server, xcode says i would have uncommitted changes, but I was just committing… Therefor I can not push or pull to the server 🙁 i do not have enough reputation to post image so i […]

Xcode project syncing over cloud service

I’m developing an iOS app on two different Macs. I have a local git repo setup in xcode. Every time I switch Macs, I download the most recent xcode project folder from my backup cloud service, SugarSync. SugarSync automatically uploads any changes I make to the project to the cloud. Is this unstable, or just […]

Xcode git add files

Is there anyone ever come across with this issue as follows…? When u add files to your project, and the Xcode git will indicate a “?” as the badge. So, according to what I know about the meaning of the badge is because GIT could not find the file.

Xcode/git not working with subfolders

I have git set up with my Xcode project. I’m trying to add a subfolder (e.g. My Project Dir/Resources) and track changes. However, after I drag the subfolder into Xcode, it’s not being change tracked. Why?

Xcode whitespace screwed up on git rebase

After I do a git rebase, the code lines I have added/modified are indented four spaces or more to the left of the respective code block. This is incredibly annoying and time-consuming to fix, not to mention it makes it unreadable for Objective-C (imagine if I was coding in python…?) Xcode (or whatever, git?) adds […]

Using Xcode 4, can I get rid of a git repository but keep my whole project in its current state?

I started using a git repository in Xcode 4 without previously knowing git and it looks like I’ve messed up the state of the repository. I first made a repository, made many commits on it, then made a branch and made many commits on the branch. Then I tried to merge the branch back to […]

gitignore negations ignored by git for osx xcode project

This question arises from reading and commenting on another question: Git ignore file for Xcode projects While Adam’s answer (and accompanying gist) appears definitive, I cannot actually get it to work. My understanding of the gitignore syntax seems incomplete. My setup: OSX 10.8.2, git version (Apple Git-31.1). There are no global gitignore files. I […]

Moved file location in Xcode 4, can't push to Github

Git newbie here. Using Xcode 4.3.2. Had to move my project file directory. Commit still works fine but when I do a git push, I get Everything up-to-date, which is incorrect. How do I get back on track? Thanks

Github-like Issue and Milestones Tracking in Xcode 5

I’m a long time user of Xode with git Version Control on medium-sized cocoa projects and new to Github and I really fell in love with the Issue tracking system they propose. I use things like //FIXME: or //TODO: when coding but they get buried so deep down in the code they can only be […]

Repository tab is missing in Organizer window – Xcode

I updated my xcode from version 4 to 5 and I have couple projects on Github. The interest thing is when I open organizer window, the repository tab is missing, can any one tell me where it goes? Thank you

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