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What should be in my gitignore for Xcode 7

This question already has an answer here: Git ignore file for Xcode projects 17 answers

Xcode always freezes when switching branches

When using Xcode 8’s built-in source control, switching between two branches almost always causes Xcode to freeze and requires force quitting the app. My branches aren’t particularly worlds apart. Doesn’t seem like it’s guzzling excessive memory or CPU either. What’s the deal?

Git GUI Crash Signal 6

I am using git version 1.9.2 with Xcode6-Beta3. At beginning, git gui works properly. For some reason (which I don’t know…) when typing “git gui” on Terminal, I got the following crash message: * Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInternalInconsistencyException’, reason: ‘Error (1000) creating window shape’ SOME CALL STACK INFO libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught […]

Create git repository after project creation

I know there’s an option to make a local repository for your project when you first create it, but is there an option create a repository after you’ve created your project?

How do I get Images.xcassets under source control?

So I migrated my AppIcons and LaunchImages to Images.xcassets, which is working fine it seems. But I made some modifications to the launch images, and now I went to commit the changes (I’m using a local-only git repo), and it seems Images.xcassets is not allowed to be committed to source control? Right-clicking on it, all […]

.gitignore for everything inside the xcuserdata folder does not ignore an xcuserstate file

I’m working in a Xcode project, and I’m trying to configure the .gitignore to not get anything inside the xcuserdata folder. I have the following .gitignore: # Xcode .DS_Store */build/* *.pbxuser !default.pbxuser *.mode1v3 !default.mode1v3 *.mode2v3 !default.mode2v3 *.perspectivev3 !default.perspectivev3 xcuserdata profile *.moved-aside DerivedData .idea/ *.hmap xcuserdata/* but every time that I build/run the project and execute […]

Xcode Project file git merge conflict

In Xcode, what’s the best way to avoid Git conflict in the project file? (I am in manual git, not using Xcode interface for git) I’ve cloned mapbox-ios-sdk from Github, hacked it, and now the remote master has changed. When I tried to pull the remote changes into my local, after merging there would be […]

Git ignore file for Xcode 4 projects

Which files are better to ignore in git for an Xcode 4(.3.2)? This older question addresses the same issue but I find my structure to be different so I assume it’s about an older version of Xcode.

How do I configure Git in Xcode to work with BitBucket

I have a project which I have been on for ages which is not connected to any source code repository. I want to start using BitBucket now, however I am not sure how to go about it. I have created a project in BitBucket. Should I now clone and check out in Xcode or should […]

XCode source control: view changes for one file

Is it possible to view a “timeline” (history) for a selected file for like 50 commits? I mean changes made to this particular file and and view commits when they were made and users who changed them? I know Xcode got some powerful version control features, I just can not find this one.

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