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How to work on a Cocoa app and plugins in parallel?

I have a relatively simple goal: I want to create a Cocoa application which doesn’t have much functionality itself, but is extendable through plugins. In addition I want to work on a few plugins to supply users with real functionality (and working examples). As I am planning to make the application and each plugin separate […]

Multiple Private repo cocoapods

I have a private repo lets say ‘A’ which has some public pods dependencies like AFNetworking and so on. I created a pod spec file for this ‘A’ and used it in another library project ‘B’, everything worked fine and library project compiled. Now I also want to use ‘B’ (which is also a private […]

How to merge 2 storyboards with conflicts in git?

While working on a project in git there was conflict in storyboard while I was trying to merge two branches. Is there any way to merge two conflicted storyboards using Git.

Xcode merge branch,remind tree conflict when add some new file

I create a branch2 and add some new class file,when i merge into master branch,Xcode reminds us:“The files ViewModel.h,ViewModel.m had a tree conflict” If I just edit some code but not add new file,it will be ok,but how should i solve this problem?

Importing Alamofire 3.4 – No such module 'Alamofire'

I hava a project that need Alamofire imported and every aproach i took got me to same porblem import Alamofire – No such module ‘Alamofire’ Installed cocoapods Edited Podfile: source ‘https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git’ platform :ios, ‘9.0’ use_frameworks! target ‘my project name’ do pod ‘Alamofire’, ‘~> 3.4’ end $ pod install everything was smooth and had no errors […]

My project disappeared when I renamed it in git

I was putting the finishing touches on a project. One of those “finishing touches” was renaming the project. Now it’s “gone”. 😩🔫. I looked on GitHub and it’s still “there”, but I’m in over my head in terms of how to get my master and my renamed branch to interact properly. Here’s how I got […]

Jenkins & CocoaPods

I’m currently experimenting with Jenkins and CocoaPods. I’ve read that adding the CocoaPods and Xcode plugins to Jenkins would suffice to get a Jenkins build. Seems like I’ve missed something and I just can’t figure it out. The Xcode Workspace is configured to have a derived data folder relative to the workspace and that folder […]

manage a project and a dynamic framework made from this project with a single git repository

I have an ios standalone project managed with git in a git repository. With this code, I am creating an ios dynamic library which will have some slight modifications from the standalone code to make it work as a library. Now I have to manage two different code bases and whenever I make a change […]

Unkown filename appears on hierarachical while commiting

I do not understand one file which is not on git repository & not on local repository (not even local & physical folder) but while i am going to commiting or push it seems in files hierarachical? By unchecking this file i am able push & pull code properly but i am curious to find […]

Xcode Git issues with Google Drive/Dropbox

Apparently XCode should recognize a git repo automatically, but after doing git init and my initial commit, XCode is not seeing the repo. I have my entire project and git repo in Google Drive, and I suspect that is causing some issue? What do I have to do to get XCode to read .git files […]

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