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How to deal with Xcode Missing File warning in a Git repository?

I’m using GIT for the source control in my Xcode project. After updating a cocoapod library, I started getting warnings like the following: file:///Users/NinjaDev/Development/Xcode/NinjaApp/Pods/Alamofire/Source/Download.swift: warning: Missing file: /Users/NinjaDev/Development/Xcode/NinjaApp/Pods/Alamofire/Source/Download.swift is missing from working copy The library changed, so that Download.swift file is no longer there. I committed the project and did a clean and rebuild, but […]

Adding fonts to a react-native project

I do know how to add fonts to a react-native project. I have added them and it works on my computer. When I push it to a branch, the person who clones it is not able to open the app on the simulator, because it gives an error message like so: The following build commands […]

Xcode Source Control Git

When you create a new xcode project, there is a checkbox, which you can check if you want to use a git repository on your mac. I did not check that box, so right now I don’t have access to source control resources. How can I start using git with my project?

Xcode git repository hosting

I have Xcode4.2 projects and want to add git version control to them. I also want to obtain a git repository hosting service. I want the repository hosting service to have sufficient step-by-step instructions so that the entire setup can be done within one hour. (Yeah, sounds crazy, one hour! Yes, I do not want […]

How to capitalize Xcode, Git, git, and HEAD

Sorry if this is not directly related to the programming. What is the proper (official spelling of the words “GIT HEAD” and “XCODE”? I know the latter used to be spelled “XCode”, but now it seems “Xcode” is used. The reason for question is: I am doing a lot of postings on forums and I […]

How to organize files in Git Repository

I have a project that I’ve been working on for a while now and so far it has been just me working on it However, now someone new is about to join to help me with the project and I want to organize the files in my git repository. It’s an iOS project. Right now […]

Xcode 5 Git Local Repository Location

I cant find the .git/ folder inside my working directory. I’m able to perform source control operations within xcode and able to view history of commits. Where would the .git folder be for this? This is in Xcode5.

Xcode source control wrong username on github

Im having a problem, where I have entered my remote repository and committed the project. But when I look at the commit on Github it shows that the commit has come from a separate user, and not mine. It seems to have used the name of my developer account as the Git username, even if […]

Where is git repository of Xcode stored? And Why different repository is created when I copy project directory?

I’m using built-in git of Xcode. I think my project directory is just a working copy of repository. How can I know where repository is stored? And when I copied a project directory, a new different repository is automatically created for new project directory instead of sharing the repository of old project directory. That is […]

The document “Main.storyboard” could not be be opened

I’m using Git and we are 2 people coding together. I pulled my friend’s code, run it and it worked as it should be. Then I merged our parts and cleaned conflicts (almost all of them were in storyboard). Since i’m doing this merge process for a while, i’m not all stranger for these details. […]

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