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best practice: how to add an external framework to xcode project which is under version control?

xcode project under version control. multiple developers work on it. when adding 3rd party frameworks i prefere to keep them outside the git repo. so whats the best practice when it comes to adding a framework (i.e. facebookSDK) to the project? currently frameworks are “referenced”. this way i have a relative path pointing outside my […]

Xcode build automation scheduled integration bot setting

I have checked bot schedule for manually,periodically and poll for new commit(it works in 5 min) all are three option working properly, but I am unable to understand fourth option “On commit using custom trigger script”. Please any one can explain this how does this fourth option work? will it work for immediate integration on […]

Swift: Type 'ViewController' does not conform to protocol 'UIPageViewControllerDataSource'

I’m using Xcode 6 GM. I’m attempting to implement this page view controller tutorial but in Swift instead of Objective-C but it’s not working as expected. I’ve actually managed to find a git repo where someone else is doing the same, but after cloning their project and opening it in Xcode, it has the same […]

Make Xcode 4 stop auto staging with git

I hate it that whenever I make a change in Xcode 4 it automatically does a “Git add” command. Is there a way to make this stop?

Xcode 4 and git merge –no-ff

I’m liking the git integration in Xcode 4 but when doing a merge it seems Xcode will only do the default merge with fast forward. I like to keep my feature branch lines separate. Does anyone know if it’s possible to have Xcode’s merge be no-fast-forward?

Newly created branch on github not showing in Xcode “switch to branch” option

I created a branch on github. When i try to switch to this newly created branch from Xcode. Xcode not showing in the “Switch to branch” listing. (Neither in local nor origin)

Install Git separately from Xcode

Firstly apologies if this is a really simple question but Git is absolutely brand new to me. Basically I’ve been dabbling with a bit of iOS development for a little while and now have a project idea that I want to start working on and for the first time I’m planning on putting this into […]

Xcode 4 and version control – But which one?

I have a question, the answer isn’t really hard technically, but I am more looking for the experience of most advanced programmers here. So like many noobs, I am doing my version control in the crappiest way, which is to copy paste my project directory and rename it with the current date/time. You will agree […]

What should I include in the .gitignore file for Swift playgrounds?

I want to use Git for versioning my playgrounds, but I am not sure which files should be ignored and which ones I should commit. Currently I use following .gitignore file for playgrounds: # Xcode user data xcuserdata What else should be there?

Use Xcode 4 as Git difftool

I want to use Xcode 4’s “Version Editor” view as my standard difftool for Git. In other words, I want to be able to set this option: git config –global diff.external <XCODE> And have the diff open in Xcode’s diff viewer (because it’s cool). Is this possible? How?

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