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Recover deleted files from Xcode4

I am new to git and to Xcode, and mac in general, so here’s my question I accidentally added my whole desktop to a project i was working on. When I wanted to delete the files, Xcode asked me if I wanted to delete them from disk and I said yes. The problem is that […]

Git – Can't change branch

I’m a git newbie, and just started using it the other day. The idea seems good, but I’ve already run into a problem that makes git seem like much more of a hassle than it’s worth. What I’m doing: I started by adding it to one of my projects, and I created 3 branches: Master […]

xcode 4 cannot create a local repository

When ticking the “Create local repository for this project” in Xcode 4, I get a dialog box that says: “Cannot create a local repository. The git command line tool is required. Check the SystemTools checkbox in the Xcode Installer to do so.” Do I need to re-install Xcode or is there a fix for this […]

Git merge issue

I am using a local repository (which doesn’t work at all like the local repository seemed to work in the Xcode demo I watched on Lynda.com). The only way I can get it to work is to create another copy of my project directory and then point to that as a working directory within Organizer. […]

Setting up a git repository on a openSuse VPS

I just got hold of an openSuse 10.3 VPS. I really don’t know much about Unix and SSH and this stuff but I’d like to use my server to host a GIT repository. This seems simple enough to me… Here is what I did: I SSHed into my server and installed GIT (I guess), simply […]

Xcode git is not committing project.pbxproj

I have a remote git repository and I am trying to commit and push my latest changes. The problem is that everything commits fine except for project.pbxproj. Xcode does not complain. It just acts as if all committed with no issues. But when I push it complains that there are uncommitted changes. So I try […]

Git: cannot open .pbxproj file error after renaming Xcode project and pulling changes

I renamed our iOS project (client finally chose a name) following instructions in the most upvoted answer here. I pushed my changes. Now, when my teammates pull, they cannot open the project because Xcode cannot find the .pbxproj file. They subsequently reset to their good local versions. As usual when I royally f**k up I […]

Xcode Version Controll GIT – has uncommitted changes, just after commit

when i commit the changes i made in my project in Xcode, and then want to push them onto the server, xcode says i would have uncommitted changes, but I was just committing… Therefor I can not push or pull to the server 🙁 i do not have enough reputation to post image so i […]

Xcode project syncing over cloud service

I’m developing an iOS app on two different Macs. I have a local git repo setup in xcode. Every time I switch Macs, I download the most recent xcode project folder from my backup cloud service, SugarSync. SugarSync automatically uploads any changes I make to the project to the cloud. Is this unstable, or just […]

Xcode git add files

Is there anyone ever come across with this issue as follows…? When u add files to your project, and the Xcode git will indicate a “?” as the badge. So, according to what I know about the meaning of the badge is because GIT could not find the file.

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