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How should I collaborate with developers who use Xcode?

I joined a project written in C++ in which the original developer used Xcode as an IDE. However, I would rather not use Xcode myself and instead use vim. The original developer is still active in the project, so he will continue to use Xcode. In order to collaborate on the project, I’m putting the […]

What is the content of global .gitIgnore file?

Every time when I try to create new repository, I need to update my .gitignore file with some more comments. Now I am working with cocoapods so that my .gitigore file should ignore the userInterfaceState file changes. What is the comment I have to add to ignore the frequent commit. And is there any global […]

How to delete the content of github repository?

I wrongly pushed my code using Xcode toolbar into my repository on github. now, I want to delete all files in my master branch, but not the repository. Then I want to pull my code into repository this time instead of pushing. Does any one know how to delete all contents of master branch?

Why doesn't source control check in my CocoaPods?

I have a few Cocoapods installed for my project. For one particular pod, KVNProgress, Xcode doesn’t commit it to GitHub. Each time I check my project out I get ‘can’t find KVNProgress.h’ blah blah… So I run ‘pod update’ from terminal and immediately all is fixed. After running ‘pod update’, I check my project navigator […]

com.apple.dt.Xcode.sourcecontrol.Git overloading CPU

I’m noticing that Xcode is severely affecting my computer’s performance. I can only have Xcode open for a few minutes at a time before everything I have open starts slowing down and my computer starts overheating. When I check Activity Monitor, there are usually 5-15 lines that say “com.apple.dt.Xcode.sourcecontrol.Git”. Sometimes my app won’t get past […]

How can I install and use latest Git on Mac OS X 10.9?

I downloaded Git 2.4.3 from sourceforge via http://git-scm.com/download/mac for my Macbook Pro OS X 10.9.5, then installed it. When I typed git –version into the terminal, this message appeared: xcode-select: note: no developer tools were found at ‘/Applications/Xcode.app’, requesting install. Choose an option in the dialog to download the command line developer tools When I […]

pod install listing a ton of pods not in my podfile

I have a clean git working directory and I am trying to do a pod install for a new library I want and this is what I get: MacBook-Pro:rcoredata Me$ pod install Analyzing dependencies [!] Pod::Executable pull A AFHARchiver/0.2.1/AFHARchiver.podspec A AFWunderlist/1.0/AFWunderlist.podspec A AFWunderlist/1.1/AFWunderlist.podspec A ALPValidator/0.0.1/ALPValidator.podspec A AMTagListView/0.2.1/AMTagListView.podspec A AMTagListView/0.2/AMTagListView.podspec A APAsyncDictionary/0.0.3/APAsyncDictionary.podspec A APSmartStorage/0.0.5/APSmartStorage.podspec A ASCScreenBrightnessDetector/0.1.0/ASCScreenBrightnessDetector.podspec […]

git merge Localizable.strings file?

I’m trying to configure git to work with merging Localizable.strings files on an iOS project. somehow, i noticed that xCode can open the files properly, but git doesn’t know how. git treats all .strings files as binary files. i tried to follow the directions here: http://blog.xk72.com/post/31456986659/diff-strings-files-in-git but it’s not working for me -> when i […]

How to create Xcode project from already existing git cmake project?

I am new to OSx, can someone help to create Xcode project from existing code? I want to try some features of Xcode like ‘profile’. I currently use Clion for my cmake project, it is also in git repo. I simply want to import it from Xcode but it’s not that easy I guess. Here […]

Xcode won't let me create a snapshot, because I don't exist

just tried to create a snapshot of one of my projects. It didn’t work, and Xcode did throw the following error at me: “Unable to create a snapshot. fatal: You don’t exist. Go away!” Source control commit doesn’t work either. Ok, obviously there’s something wrong with my local repository. I don’t have the slightest idea, […]

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