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Xcode missing file warnings after removing Git manually

I while ago I removed the .git folders manually from my Xcode (5) project and switched to svn. Ever since I have about 400 missing file warnings like file:…/.git/objects/f2/4f16e85d07b97f2953a15b302a626806530431: warning: Missing file: …/4f16e85d07b97f2953a15b302a626806530431 is missing from working copy Strange thing is, Xcode sees the project as a svn repository, I can view the revisions. I […]

Xcode GIT problems iPhone App

So I made a repository for an app and everything in Xcode is setup. Now another person tries to pull it and that works fine until this message appears: The File “UserInterfaceState.xcuserstate” could not be unlocked, unlocking failed for an unknown reason. The project uses the Google Maps API and gives the error: “GoogleMaps/GoogleMaps.h” file […]

I need to move some files from my existing git repo to a new one. Can I retain their history?

I am creating a new project, but want to add files from an older git repo. I want to add a bunch of files form the old project to the new one but wish to retain the history of those files in addition to putting the new project onto a git repo as well. What […]

Commit or discard the changes and try again

I got a problem when I wanted to push source code to remote control. But xcuserstate file was always changed, and Git announce “Commit or discard the changes and try again”. So I tried to ignore xcuserstate file but I can’t How can resolve it ???

My Storyboard Wont Open

So I went to sync my changes with Github and I ran into a few problems with main.storybaord. So I re opened Xcode, opened my project, and I saw a C next to my storyboard. Now when I try to open it, nothing shows up except for an error message saying: Interface Builder was unable […]

Upgraded to Xcode 7 and now git commit fails because it thinks its config is not valid

I upgraded to Xcode 7.0 yesterday and now git commit (Command-option ‘c’ in Xcode) gives this diagnostic: The local repository already exists and has many commits in it. This is a project I’ve been working on for an embarrassingly long time. I did the git commands the diagnostic says but it still gives the same […]

How to manage the code of multiple, very similar Xcode projects

Greetings Stackoverflow Community, I have taken on the task of ‘unifying’ 4 mobile iPhone apps that share 95% of the code and differ only in 5% (this is somewhat of an over-simplification, but never mind). Each of the apps has its own hefty set of resources (media files). After ‘unifying’ the 4 apps, I will […]

Xcode server continuous integration and git lfs

I created a bot in Xcode for continuous integration on my project. I added a trigger to run prior to integration where I’m attempting to do a “git lfs pull” so that it pulls large files into the temporary directory Xcode uses to perform the build. What is a way to get the “git lfs […]

Using git and xcode, some folders are not commited

I’m new to git and just started using bitbucket in xcode. Is it normal that some folders are not commited? Folders like: resources, libs, framework, supporting files, products – are missing when I view the folders in bitbucket site. Thanks…

Xcode 6: what does “Add to new server” item in “source control: create git repository in …” pulldown mean?

I wish to create a new Xcode project that will be mirrored on GitHub. So I select OS X commandline project. Now a dialog appears for me to choose a target folder. At the bottom is this: Now every tutorial I seen says to choose “My Mac”, then create a new repo on my account […]

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