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How do I disable “git requirement” pop up that appears whenever I open RStudio?

A few months ago I was exploring the RStudio settings and enabled version control interface for RStudio projects but because I don’t have Xcode or the command line development tools, it’s been bugging me with a pop-up every time I open RStudio, “The ‘git‘ command requires the command line development tools,” and wants me to […]

The file is not under version control

I’m using a Git. When I add a file and check “Copy items into destination group’s folder (if needed)” this error occurs:

How to use GPG signatures with Xcode source control?

Whenever I try to commit my files, I get this error message: gpg: cannot open `/dev/tty’: Device not configured error: gpg failed to sign the data fatal: failed to write commit object Yikes! This is because I have GPG signatures enabled for git. Is it possible to use GPG signatures with Xcode repositories? It’s not […]

Xcode duplicates my repository and renames its location to lowercase

I have a Git repository where my project is linked to. It is located somewhere like /Users/a/Documents/Xcode Projects/MyProject. I use Xcode’s UI to commit changes and it worked perfectly for a couple of times. But now, out of a sudden, I get this error when trying to commit new changes: The working copy myproject could […]

Xcode Continuous Integration: Configured destination not found

I have cloned my local repository to my Xcode server and have created a bot to run tests on each commit. But on integration, its giving the Build Service issue : Configured destination is no longer supported or could not be found. I was not able to find any errors from the logs either. Oct […]

xcode not showing some files

Me and my team are using git for a project and we are all new to it. Anyway, after adding some class files to the project (objective C project) and making commits, when another person clones the project, Xcode doesn’t show the added files. I saw this post and I understand that we should have […]

Sensitive data in Xcode project files?

There are a lot of strange files such as pbxproj, xcscheme, xcconfig, etc. Is there any sensitive data that are in Xcode project files that I shouldn’t check in? I’ve submitted my app to the App Store so I wanted to make sure there wasn’t any sensitive info in the project files by default that […]

Stumped by Git/Xcode and GitHub for Mac

I have a Mac Pro and a Macbook Pro both working on the same project stored at GitHub. When I try to sync the Mac Pro using GitHub for Mac I see that I’ve somehow now got two branches, Head and Master. When I try to merge them, I get this error: Failed to lookup […]

Git Ignore Pattern for XCode Build Directory

I am new to Git, and this is my first project using Git rather than SVN as my source control. I am working in XCode on an iPhone project. I want Git to ignore the build directory, which is in the root folder of the XCode project. I’ve found several other questions here and also […]

why should .pbxproj file be treated as binary in version control systems?

In few places its been mentioned that .pbxproj file should be committed/imported as binary in cvs or git. it looks like script file in text format. what are reasons behind this suggestion that it should be treated as binary?

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