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Working on a Xcode project as a team

I am working in a company which now adds a new worker to help me to work with my existing Xcode project. As I understand, it will require both of us to work in a team using Git or SVN. 1) How do I convert my existing project to have local/remote git? (I have opened […]

How to make compiling of Swift file in Xcode optional?

I have a problem in Swift… but let me first describe Objective-C solution that worked fine: In Objective-C I created header file Developer.h which had some developer specific #defines #define DEV_USERNAME @”dev_username” #define DEV_PASSWORD @”dev_password” This filled up login fields with default values so I didn’t need to type username and password each time. Developer.h […]

Xcode source control – git add

How do you perform ‘git add .’ using Xcodes ‘Source Control’ function? Im having an issue where I updated my project to use ‘Fabric’ and Crashlytics, instead of using Crashlytics by itself. Every time I try and commit I get following message: error: unable to index file Crashlytics.framework/Headers fatal: updating files failed I believe that […]

Git Push is working via Terminal but not via Xcode

I’ve created a remote git repository on my local computer inside Google Drive folder git init –bare project.git and added the remote path as follows git remote add origin ‘~/Google Drive/git/project.git’ When I commit via Xcode, it rightly shows the push option check box with correct branch (master in this case). I marked it checked […]

How to remove remote git urls from xcode?

I have created a git repository but have deleted the repository, so there is nothing to clone from that repository, which means I want to remove these URLs. How do I remove git remote URLs from XCode > SourceControl > Checkout?

Xcode and git-lfs

I installed git-lfs using homebrew, and it works fine from the command line. I can still add text files in Xcode as well, but whenever I try in Xcode to add a file which should be tracked by git-lfs, there is no effect (the file stays “?” in Xcode’s file list, and the command line […]

xcode: resolve merge conflicts failed

I try to merge two branches with Xcode. I get conflict, and I use “let then right” button to reconcile conflict. But when I click “merge”, Xcode shows the error fatal: You have not concluded your merge (MERGE_HEAD exists). Please, commit your changes before you merge. Here is the screenshot

ignore project.pbxproj changes related to developer certificates

I have a team of developers, each one with their own developer account. The problem comes with development certificates. Due to each one having its own certificate generated, the project.pbxproj file is changing every time any developer merge their changes with the main branch (i.e, master & their working branches). Attending to this documentation, every […]

Merging two branches with Xcode

I am trying to merge two branches to gather in Xcode but can not seem to do it. The steps I take are the following. SourceControl > Merge from branch > pick the branch I want to get the new code from > then hit merge. What popup is a warning that states this: The […]

Git: Added sub module to a XCode project then GitBox crashes when I open it

I added a Git repo as a submodule to my existing project which is also Git managed, I did these in command line, and I use GitBox to manage my projects, then when I open GitBox, it just crashed, I tried many times and even restarted the machine. Application Specific Information: * Terminating app due […]

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