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Git for windows constantly corrupting

I’m building an app using jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Exporting with Xcode and source control with GIT for windows. I’m obviously doing something seriously wrong because after 5-10 commits the repository becomes corrupt and I can’t use it any more, this is the 5th or 6th time, my app is getting pretty advanced, and I have […]

Local git not working – Xcode 4.6

I have been having a lot of trouble setting up a local git repository on a project of mine. I have created a completely new project and dragged all the files into it, making sure that I checked of the git/version control tick. Now I have the repository (with the file system pointing back to […]

Git Push To New Repo Pushing Wrong Content

I tried creating a new repo on Bitbucket and pushing all of my code to it, but for some reason it is pushing another folder’s contents to the repo? I used git status and saw that there were many other files that were untracked yet completely irrelevant. Things that I done so far – I […]

Commit in Git Repositori in xcode 5

I know there is some question raise on this subject but it gives me no real answer. I would like to use GIT repositories to store my project and to make some branches. I was using GIT repositories on other projects in xcode 4 but in xcode 5 under meni Source control I have onelly […]

pod install command shows error

I’m trying to install a pod file with the following contents >platform :ios, ‘7.0’ >pod ‘Brightcove-Player-SDK’, ‘~> 4.1.5′ But when i used the command ‘pod install‘ in Terminal, i got the following error. [!] Unable to locate the executable `git` /Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/claide-0.4.0/lib/claide/command.rb:217:in `run’:undefined method `verbose?’ for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError) from /Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/cocoapods-0.29.0/lib/cocoapods/command.rb:51:in `run’ from /Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/cocoapods-0.29.0/bin/pod:24 from /usr/bin/pod:23:in `load’ […]

Erasing old git commits to enlighten a repo

I have an xcode project saved into a git repository on bitbucket, working for several months and changing several libs my .git file now weights 90MB if i know that i would never need again some old lib like a 18MB Google SDK1.3 is there a way of removing them forever?

How do I Push from Xcode

I have a project I want to push to github. 2 months ago I created a repository (as far as I remember this was done from the web interface) https://github.com/Milliways2/QuollEyeTree I now want to Push the latest source, and have added the repository to Xcode 5.0.2 in Preferences, using the address, adding my Username and […]

Toubleshooting Unity, Xcode and Server Connection from Device

I am using Unity to build an Xcode project which is then used to build to a device for testing. The other devs can build just fine and we use Source Tree to interact with our Git. So… for some reason, even though both Unity and Xcode throw no compile errors and successfully build the […]

how to enable Create git repository on mac in Xcode exist Project

This question already has an answer here: How to migrate SVN repository with history to a new Git repository? 30 answers

Correct Way to Import Git Submodule in Xcode

I have just started using Git for my Xcode projects. I am working on one project, and I have imported another Git repository as a submodule. The files of the submodule are imported into my working copy folder, but what is the correct way to get them into Xcode so I can incorporate them into […]

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