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Xcode/Git Repository Error: “Please verify that the working copy is reachable and try again.”

Here are the steps I take. I open Xcode (4.3.3) organizer and select Checkout or Clone Repository I choose the location https://MyUsername@bitbucket.org/MyUsername/myrepo.git Press Clone button and it successfully clones it on my local disk So I open the local copy of the project and perform some changes to it. When I try to commit changes […]

.xcodeproj file is lost, cannot be opened after a branch merge

I just merged one of the feature branches into develop branch, and since then, when I open Xcode, the .xcodeproj file seems lost, all files in the project navigator are gone also. click on the .xcodeproj file I get the following alert: The file couldn’t be opened. This is although I am adding .xcodeproj to […]

github and XCode 4.2 issues

I am having a lot of issues with integrating XCode 4.2 git and github. For some reason doing control+command+c always gives me an error of: The operation could not be performed because no valid working copies were found. I check on Windows->Organizer->Repositories and the repo is there. When I click on the folder that has […]

Host key verification failed Xcode with Mavericks Server

I’m trying to get a CI setup going and have got Mavericks server downloaded and linked with Xcode all on one machine. Here’s the set up: Two git repos, hosted on OS X server, named CI and CISubmodule. CISubmodule added as a submodule to CI Every time I add bot I get a Host key […]

How to add a subproject working copy to a workspace in Xcode 5?

Xcode 5 is supposed to improve the management of subprojects from different repositories. According to the documentation, dragging a subproject into a workspace will ask whether or not the new project should be included in the workspace and automatically checked out with the main project. However when I do this, and accept this message, the […]

What is the purpose and function of Xcode's source control “Show Remote Status” menu option?

When working in Xcode on a project that’s under git source control, I noticed the following menu item: File > Source Control > Show Remote Status and, when toggling it, it changes to: File > Source Control > Hide Remote Status I do have a Bitbucket git remote configured for the sample project I’m working […]

Why isn't source control working when I use a workspace in Xcode 5?

Normally I just create a new project, select the option to keep it under source control, and everything works. Today I tried using a workspace, and it doesn’t work. Here is what I did: File->Xcode->New WorkSpace. (Create the workspace in a new folder). hit Save. File->New Project->iOS->Single View Application->Next Enter product name etc, Next Make […]

Git pathspec error: Iconr did not mach any files

I have tried to commit my project in Xcode. But it gives me this error: error: pathspec ‘RGZH/Pixate/Iconr’ did not match any file(s) known to git. I have seen this question: Removing a weird file from git repository on mac Tried it but gave me the same error. Iconr is also exactly the same like […]

Can we use :podspec link with dependencies in a podspec

I want to add a dependency to a local podspec with a remote one? My podspec looks like below: Pod::Spec.new do |s| s.name = ‘AEonSecurity’ s.version = ‘0.1.0’ s.summary = ‘add description here’ s.source_files = ‘ios-aeon-security/AEonSecurity/**/*.{h,m}’ s.dependency ‘CernCoreLibrary’, :podspec => ‘http://github.cerner.com/ion/ios-cern-core-library/blob/1.11.0/CernCoreLibrary.podspec’ s.dependency ‘GTMLibrary’, :git => ‘git://github.cerner.com/ion/ios-gtm-library.git’ s.dependency ‘CommonUnitTestUtilLibrary’, :git => ‘git://github.cerner.com/ion/ios-common-unittest-util.git’ end Apparently it does […]

Jenkins with Git and XCode: cannot pull sub-sub-module?

I use Jenkins for CI, and git for XCode project, I have the XCode integration plugin and Git plugin installed, one of the submodules in my project has a sub-submodule, but Jenkins cannot pull it although it is said to be able to do that. Does anyone have the same issue and any solution to […]

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