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What is the 'standard' content of .gitignore for an iPhone (Xcode) project?

What is considered the ‘standard’ content of .gitignore file for an iPhone (Xcode) project? PS: not sure if this needs to be a CW.

Cannot push, pull or merge git. “Working copy has uncommited changes”

I have recently set up a git repository on bitbucket, and have added an old project onto it. I have committed and pushed a change as a test, but now I face this problem. Each time I try to Pull, Push, or Merge I get this error message: “The working copy ‘Project_Name’ has uncommitted changes”. […]

xcode git unable to pull changes from the remote repository

I’m developing an iPhone application with another developer. Our git repository is situated on the remote server. So we are working with our working copies and then we do commit, pull, push one by one and we get our local working copies synchronized with server and with each other. Everything worked fine until this day. […]

Xcode 7 GM can't commit (GIT)

Whenever I try to commit, using source control in Xcode, I get an error that I need to configure my email address and name (it seems to read my email address incorrectly). I went to the Terminal, and entered them (again). The error didn’t go away. I can commit normally in Terminal, but not in […]

The operation could not be performed because “PROJECTNAME” has one or more tree conflicts

I am using Git and when I tried to pull a newer development branch with my current branch using XCode’s source control menu I received this error message: The operation could not be performed because “ProjectName” has one or more tree conflicts. How do I resolve these tree conflicts? Thanks

Unable to create a snapshot in XCode 4.5.1 after update the ~/.gitconfig option to “simple”

I was able to create a snapshot for my project in XCode 4.5.1. But now the same project just keeps telling me that: Unable to create a snapshot error: Malformed value for push.default: simple error: Must be one of nothing, matching, tracking or current. fatal: bad config file line 21 in /Users/oppih/.gitconfig I remember that […]

Git Commit works with XCode beta but not with normal version

I had/have Source Control working with Xcode 7.0 beta 5, but when I try to do a Commit in my newly installed Xcode 7.0 GM it won’t work. (The new Xcode 7.0 GM had replaced my previous Xcode 6.4 version, which never had Source Control working.) I get the error message The working copy “APP […]

gitignore not ignoring file

No matter what I put in .gitignore I can not get git to ignore the UserInterfaceState.xcuserstate file below: $ git status On branch master Your branch is up-to-date with ‘origin/master’. Changes not staged for commit: (use “git add <file>…” to update what will be committed) (use “git checkout — <file>…” to discard changes in working […]

Setting up a git repository in XCode for a pre-existing project

Possible Duplicate: Using Git with an existing XCode project Setting up a git repository in XCode after a project was created. (i.e. you did not create a git repository when creating the project)

Remove git from project in Xcode 4

I just created a new project in Xcode 4 and I guess I left the “Create local git repository for this project” box checked. Now, I would like to remove this version control since I want to run the project with svn only. Is this possible or do I have to create a new project […]

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