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How do I go to the next conflict in the Xcode merge tool?

When I choose to merge a git branch into another via Xcode 5, I get an interface that shows me all the files that are going to be changed including those with conflicts. Before I go ahead with the merge, I am supposed to click on each file with a red C and fix the […]

How to include ReactiveCocoa 3.0 in Xcode 7 project

I have a swift 2.0 project in xcode 7 beta 5 and want to use ReactiveCocoa 3.0. I have been able to setup a project for xcode 6.3 and swift 1.2 but can not figure out how to do it for xcode 7 and swift2 There is a swift2 branch but every method I’ve found […]

How does Xcode work with Git for changing branch and checkout older commit?

Since Xcode at version 4.4.1 doesn’t have a switch branch or checkout older version function, is it possible to do that in bash git checkout in-app-purchase-to-be-added or git checkout HEAD^2 because all the source code (.m, .h), .xib, and project files, image resources will all change in a blink of an eye, so won’t it […]

Naive Git setup, Is it possible to untrack files which are listed on my .gitignore?

I have made a naive mistake while setting up my project. We are 3 developers working on one remote repository. While setting up git we never thought that Xcode would produce non-development files and push them to our remote repo. Now once I learnt after crash and burn I made a .gitignore file. .gitignore looks […]

Xcode: sharing the same Bundle ID among multiple people

I’m developing an iOS app with a friend. We both enrolled for the Apple development program as a Single person (we don’t have an organization). We’re using git and we’d like to be both able to build the app from our Mac, but I can’t compile sinche the Bundle ID is already used by my […]

Cannot PUSH recent commits to Github that have been pushed to Bitbucket

I have two remote repositories. One is private (Bitbucket) and the other public (Github). I had been pushing changes to Bitbucket using Github app and then pushing the same commit to Github repo using Xcode. However, recently I have been unable to PUSH the commits to Github and using SourceTree I get this error message: […]

The working copy <Project name> failed to commit files. – The repository has an uncompleted operation

I’ve just updated my Xcode from 6 to 7 (and code from Swift 1.2 to Swift 2.0) and try to create new branch in Xcode. After that I can’t push my code to Bitbucket. Is there a way how can I delete repository from directory and setup Bitbucket again and maybe push to another (a […]

Using svn/git with Xcode

I like to use either git or svn for my Xcode projects, but need to be able to access them from outside e.g. from another machine somewhere. So I need a repository somewhere, but I don’t want to use any third party service like github. What do I need to run any of the two […]

Quick guide to get started using Git + GitX with Xcode projects on the mac?

Using Git on the mac feels like a huge pain, and the Git documentation is just huuuuuuuuge. Maybe someone has a top secret blog article or even screencast to share, that explains the basics fairly simple and quickly? Creating a repository. Big pain. Opening that repository with GitX: Pain. Working in Xcode and then committing […]

Xcode bot: git submodules not initialized

I’m trying to set up an Xcode bot with OSX server. After configuring the git repository and creating a bot, I run integrate. It fails because the repository is checked out only partially. More precisely: Of the 6 submodules configured, only 3 are initialized and checked out. didi@mac:/Library/Server/Xcode/Data/BotRuns/Cache/c5fda8f4-4d25-4d25-c18a-eb0b16a06692/source$ git submodule status +c6e8420aec4147641fb1ca12d9f1d31bdd804e77 libs/asi-http-request (v1.7-320-gc6e8420) -ae64a38766b42f236bb94f0e661cddb829f9ac43 […]

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