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The dependency `AFNetworking (~> 2.5)` is not used in any concrete target

I want to install AFNetworking but I have a problem, how can I fix and install? I used Getting Started with AFNetworking : 1. Download CocoaPods sudo gem install cocoapods pod setup 2.a. Create a Podfile touch Podfile open -a Xcode Podfile 2.b. And copy-paste this: source ‘https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git’ platform :ios, ‘7.0’ pod ‘AFNetworking’, ‘~> 2.5’

iPhone Dev – How important is Project.pbxproj?

What does this file hold and how important is it to keep it “correct”? I’ve seen people write scripts to just merge any change dealing with it and I’ve heard others merging it manually every time. What is the correct way to handle it and why?

xcode remove repository from project

My xcode project has two repositories listed under the Source Control menu. One of them is a repository from an old project and should not be associated with the current project. However, I can not figure out how to remove it from the project. NOTE: I have already removed this repository from Organizer. Any help […]

Xcode and Git Source Control : “The working copy XXXXX failed to commit files”

I have been using Xcode to develop and publish apps for almost a year. I have been using git as the local repository and bitbucket as the remote repository. Everything has been going fine until this morning. I am now getting an error ‘The working copy “xxx” failed to commit files. Please tell me who […]

Why is git erroring with 'Assertion failed' on git add .?

I forked a repo, then cloned it to my Mac into a /YATC directory. I had a previously-created Xcode project (TwitterTimeline) in another directory, which I copied into the /YATC directory. I did git add . in the /YATC directory, and only an empty TwitterTimeline directory was added to the repo. No other files were […]

Xcode 4: Update CFBundleVersion on each build using Git repo commit version

I’m using Xcode 4 in combination with Git and would like to increment the CFBundleVersion in Info.plist on each build. The value for the key CFBundleVersion should be updated to the number of the last commit I made to the Git repository. I found that python script which works well, but unfortunately doesn’t update the […]

xcode commit missing file or directory

I’m not sure what happen but when I try to commit my changes in Xcode I get an fatal: Could not switch to ‘/Users/charlesbutler/xCode/MA Mobile/MA MobileTests’: No such file or directory I have a bunch of files like this. Is there anything I can do to remove them from being committed. A lot of them […]

How to undo xcode discard all changes if not committed

I have a iOS project that I have some changes haven’t commit. I clicked discard all changes mistakenly. I actually want to only discard a specific file’s changes. But I clicked wrong button. And now everything are gone. How to undo the changes? git status shows nothing.

Merging Xcode project files

There are often conflicts in the Xcode project file (Project.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj) when merging branches (I’m using git). Sometimes it’s easy, but at times I end up with a corrupt project file and have to revert. In the worst case I have to fix up the project file manually in a second commit (which can be squashed […]

Add Xcode project to github repo?

I have JUST created a new github repo on the website. Keep in mind that I am a noob but can do basic things in terminal. Anyway, so I just created the repo on my account on github.com and didn’t do a single thing to it yet. So all I want to do is take […]

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