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What is the purpose and function of Xcode's source control “Show Remote Status” menu option?

When working in Xcode on a project that’s under git source control, I noticed the following menu item: File > Source Control > Show Remote Status and, when toggling it, it changes to: File > Source Control > Hide Remote Status I do have a Bitbucket git remote configured for the sample project I’m working […]

Why isn't source control working when I use a workspace in Xcode 5?

Normally I just create a new project, select the option to keep it under source control, and everything works. Today I tried using a workspace, and it doesn’t work. Here is what I did: File->Xcode->New WorkSpace. (Create the workspace in a new folder). hit Save. File->New Project->iOS->Single View Application->Next Enter product name etc, Next Make […]

Git pathspec error: Iconr did not mach any files

I have tried to commit my project in Xcode. But it gives me this error: error: pathspec ‘RGZH/Pixate/Iconr’ did not match any file(s) known to git. I have seen this question: Removing a weird file from git repository on mac Tried it but gave me the same error. Iconr is also exactly the same like […]

Can we use :podspec link with dependencies in a podspec

I want to add a dependency to a local podspec with a remote one? My podspec looks like below: Pod::Spec.new do |s| s.name = ‘AEonSecurity’ s.version = ‘0.1.0’ s.summary = ‘add description here’ s.source_files = ‘ios-aeon-security/AEonSecurity/**/*.{h,m}’ s.dependency ‘CernCoreLibrary’, :podspec => ‘http://github.cerner.com/ion/ios-cern-core-library/blob/1.11.0/CernCoreLibrary.podspec’ s.dependency ‘GTMLibrary’, :git => ‘git://github.cerner.com/ion/ios-gtm-library.git’ s.dependency ‘CommonUnitTestUtilLibrary’, :git => ‘git://github.cerner.com/ion/ios-common-unittest-util.git’ end Apparently it does […]

Jenkins with Git and XCode: cannot pull sub-sub-module?

I use Jenkins for CI, and git for XCode project, I have the XCode integration plugin and Git plugin installed, one of the submodules in my project has a sub-submodule, but Jenkins cannot pull it although it is said to be able to do that. Does anyone have the same issue and any solution to […]

How to remove an unused GIT branch in Xcode?

I can see how to create a branch, but I would like to remove one that I will never use. There doesn’t seem to be such functionality in Xcode, so I tried in terminal doing git branch -d BugFixes but no luck.

How do you prevent Xcode from auto selecting the Team Profile?

I’m having a problem with Xcode and GIT. I have my provisioning profile set to “auto select”, on my computer the profile selected is correct (Com.Company.App), but when my partner updates their code rather then selecting their correct version of the profile, it selects the Team Profile (Com.Company.*). How do I tell Xcode that I […]

Stuck in git loop

I had an issue where I accidentally copied a directory into a subdirectory of itself thus creating thousands of git transactions. After unsuccessfully trying to clean that up, I decided to create a new project and copy the files over from the old one. Somehow I think I’ve messed git up, but I’m not sure […]

Process to make a build in one step using Xcode + SVN / Git

We have several teams running iOS projects and using SVN/Git for version control, now i need to know the process how to make a build in one step (to make the app for release) using Xcode and SVN/Git. Need to know # how others are doing this (one step build to release) What is the […]

Bash script for defining flags depending on current git branch

Recently I’ve encountered a problem. I have an app that talks to the server. I want it to talk to different servers depending on what branch I’m on right now. I think the way for doing that is create a bash script which creates a .h file like #define BRANCH @”{here goes branch name}” The […]

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