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xcode git pull/push crash

When using the xCode IDE when selecting file -> Source Control -> Pull or Push xCode crashes. The only workaround so far found for this is to load the organiser and select each repository and click pull then when then repository name displays cancel the dialog. After repeating this for each repository the normal push/pull […]

How to get SHA of commit for Xcode Bot “Run Script” Trigger? Updating status of tests on Github

I have created an Xcode Bot that integrates on each commit. In the “Run Script” Trigger I would like to update the current GitHub commit with the integration status of Tests that were run. Pretty standard CI stuff. I’ll then be running a script like the below: curl -i -X POST -H “Content-type: application/json” -H […]

Xcode, git, and intermediate build folders

I would like two things: to be able to change branches in git, and then Run or Build in Xcode without recompiling the entire project. have git ignore intermediate build files during merge, so it won’t ask me to resolve any conflicts. Putting the intermediate builds folder outside the project, or using .gitignore to ignore […]

CFURLCopyResourcePropertyForKey error when gitk

can someone explain ho to resolve this error: CFURLCopyResourcePropertyForKey failed because it was passed this URL which has no scheme: it´s probably caused by xCode when i try to gitk or gitk –all in the Terminal. It started to appear after the Mountain Lion upgrade. Thanks 🙂 Error screenshot:

Merge conflicts with project.pbxproj on Git – Xcode iOS

Although I already read similar comments here, in this forum, I haven’t found an approach that may be suitable for teamwork in a seamless way. If you know what I mean, you already may found tricky working with git and the project.pbxproj file in Xcode, even when you are working in a different file. Say, […]

git push.default setting after installing xcode

I don’t know for sure that this was caused by my xcode installation, but that’s the only major change that happened on my computer before git stopped working. I also found some info on github that suggested this might be the problem. Anyway, whenever I try to pull, clone, or push, I get this message: […]

Should foo.xcodeproj/xcuserdata be ignored in git repo?

Using Xcode 6.1 beta 2, I created a new CLI app using Swift. With nothing changed, I noticed dirty files under the Xcode project directory: $ git status # On branch master # Untracked files: # (use “git add <file>…” to include in what will be committed) # # letitsinkin.xcodeproj/xcuserdata/ nothing added to commit but […]

Xcode and Git Source Control : “The working copy XXXXX failed to commit files”

I know this may be an ultra-newbie question, but – although I’ve been coding for like 18 years – it’s been only a few days that I’ve been using Source Control for my project and I feel quite lost. I have set up Git properly and, from time to time, I’m commiting the changes. (File […]

Git Submodule Files showing red in XCode when moving to different Mac

Here are the details of my problem: I have a directory structure that looks like: where ios-src is all my project and source files and ios-libs is where all my git submodules live. When I clone the project to a different machine, all the files in the ios-libs directory show up as red (or missing) […]

Xcode 6 Embedded Binaries

We are building an iOS 8 app on Xcode 6.1 that has the following project structure – UI (Git Repo 1) Framework (Git Repo 2) Git Repo 2 is added as a submodule to Git Repo 1. The framework project is listed as a “Embedded Binary” under the UI project. We have a couple of […]

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