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My Github contributions not showing up on graph with xcode 8

I created a project in Xcode (8.3.3) and put it on my Github account. But every commit I made using Xcode source control they never are show up on my contribution graph after I push my work. Does anyone have passed for this issue? Ps. The commits are record normally.

Git Merge from Unmanaged Project

If I downloaded a sample project (not Git managed) on a website and I created a branch and some commits to this project. Then, the original author made some updates to this project and published on the website… Now how can I merge this update (not Git managed) to my Git managed project?? I am […]

Tell git to treat pbxproj as text

I’m using Mapbox-ios-sdk and try to merge difference from the source in Github to my local hack. Now I’m trying to tell Git to treat pbxproj file as text by writing *.pbxproj text -crlf -diff -merge union to a new file ./git/info/attributes On git diff MapView/MapView.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj it still treats it as binary: diff –git a/MapView/MapView.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj […]

What relation do two branches have after a git merge (on Xcode)?

Say I had a branch A. I then create branch B, make a bunch of changes and commit. I then merge B into A, but choose to keep the A-version for some parts of some files. (I’m using Xcode to do these, and am not sure about the git command line equivalents) What is the […]

Using Git and Xcode, how to branch off or create a new project from all existing code?

This question explores the coding practice with Xcode and together with Git. If we create a project called “Simple”, and now everything works, and we’d like to keep this as it is, possibly add to the Apps store. But at the same time, we would like to create a new project, using all source code, […]

git fetch with Xcode

I’ve had problems using git pull origin SomeBranch in that when there are conflicts, sometimes I cannot open a file in Xcode to resolve the conflict. From my reading, although I could be wrong, I thought git fetch grabs the code but does not merge it yet like git pull does. How does this work […]

Deploying older versions of iOS app

Perhaps I made a mistake, but when I finished working on v1.1 of my app, I merged it into the master branch in XCode and removed the 1.0 branch. Now, working on my v1.11 branch, I would like to test the migration from 1.0 to 1.11. Though I still have the binary saved. How can […]

Git-svn rebase failing tells me update-index failed

Super weird error, I looked around and found these similar questions, however I am not sure it’s the same: Error rebaseing/updating a git–svn repository git-svn rebase error update-index –refresh: command returned error: 1 This part of the error looks the same, however as you can see below, I don’t have anything in my working directory […]

How do i get files from a GIT repository in objective c?

So I have files stores in a GIT repository. Now I usually do a git pull to get the latest revisions. Since the path to the file I wish to get is basically a URL like: https://github.com/…/myfile.extention, is there a way I can get the file in Objective C? I know how to get data […]

Workflow for XCode & Git sharing code?

What is the best practice / process for sharing code using git between developers working on an iPhone application. Everytime I follow the normal git-fetch, git-rebase origin/master, method from the command line I get conflicts in the .xcodeproj, .xib, and Storyboard files. The .xib isn’t so bad because its ussually easy to fix, however the […]

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