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Undoing a single-file Git Checkout

So, I am working on a project with XCode. Happily, I found out that it keeps an Git repository within every project. So, after a mistake on a code, i just used git checkout aux.c to move back from theses mistakes. Unfortunately, as i just found out, Xcode does not auto-commit, so, I ended up […]

'git diff' inconsistent between CLI and other clients

I’m trying to get a list of changed/added/deleted/etc. files for a commit in my Git repository. When I run the following in the shell, this is the output: Indragie$ /usr/bin/git diff –name-status 0836 D INPopoverController.h D INPopoverController.m D INPopoverControllerDefines.h D INPopoverWindow.h D INPopoverWindow.m D INPopoverWindowFrame.h D Images/blue_progress_slice.png M Images/next.png M Images/pause.png M Images/play.png M Images/previous.png […]

Why won't Xcode commit some artifacts as part of folder context commit?

In Xcode, I created a new project and in the wizard opted to create a git repo. When the wizard finished, all the artifacts were committed to git. As I’ve been editing, whenever I right-click on the top/first yellow folder in the Project Navigator and choose ‘Source Control > Commit Selected Files’, some file types […]

git trying to commit thousands of files

i am trying to commit changes to a project in Xcode 4.6.3 i have used the Source Control -> Commit mechanism several times and it worked beautifully i recently added DCRoundSwitch objects to my project (https://github.com/domesticcatsoftware/DCRoundSwitch) when i now try to commit changes, Xcode hangs for a loooong time then tells me it wants to […]

How to resolve conflicts when using git?

I’m trying to rebase…you can read all about my trials here. I’m working on an XCode project and after I’ve performed a get rebase master my_branch, I get messages about conflicts. I’m trying to resolve them. The text files are easy. There are also some XCode config files, that I basically want to keep and […]

What is this Git in Xcode4.?

I Just Installed XCode 4. I came across some new words while reading the transition guide What is this git and SCM in Xcode4 mean? What purpose does these serve?.

Is Xcode backwards compatible and does Git works with different Mac OS?

New to Xcode so I’m not really sure about this. Is Xcode backwards compatible with previous versions? If I set up a GIT server on a mac running Leopard and an older version of Xcode, can I pull codes, edit and commit those same codes with machines running Lion and Xcode 4.2?

Why to not commit changes to version control … before

I’m novice developer, working alone. I’m using Xcode and git version control. Probably I’m not properly organised and doing things wrong, but I’m usually deciding to do commit just to make safe point before I’m spoiling everything. And at that moment I find it difficult to properly describe what I have already done, but I […]

Issues on adding new files through git in Xcode

I added two new files to my project and added them to my github using the command git add MyProject/File1.m git add MyProject/File1.h I committed the changes and push my changes to my branch. git commit -m “added two new files” git push origin newbranch I ensured I didn’t commit the userstate file. When I […]

Git commit, `no such file or directory`?

I’ve deleted some files from my project, but they still show in the commit screen with a D symbol next to them. When I try to commit I get the error …. no such file or directory, how can I remove these files aka get rid of the warning ?

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