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Revert back to a specific commit in git, build, then revert to the latest changes

There has been some question on reverting back to a commit in git but I wanted to make sure. This SO page is one that helps the most: How to revert Git repository to a previous commit? I have a previous commit, say 1.0 for a customer and it is complete. I commit (not sure […]

Creating Remote GIT server on OSX Client ( Snow Leopard ) to sync with XCode 4 local GIT Repo

For those who want to create their own git repository on a remote OSX Snow Leopard client box, then sync with it over SSH from XCode 4.1 – read on. I’ve managed to get this to work, but I think it might be helpful to others who are now pulling their hair out in the […]

Add git commit SHA to iOS application

I want to show the current git SHA of when my project was built in my App. What is a good way of doing this in an iOS project with minimal effort?

How can I stop an Xcode Archive build if my git working copy is dirty?

I do not want an Archive build to succeed unless my working directory is clean. Therefore, I want to add a “Run Script” build phase (or something similar) to my Xcode project such that: IF I am performing an Archive build… AND there are uncommitted changes in my source directory THEN the build fails with […]

Git, XIBs, merging

I was just about to start a git branch off the master branch to add some functionality to my application, that would also involve some additions to the interface. However, i already have a branch for some other functionality that also involves some interface additions. Will i be able to merge both those branches to […]

best practice: how to add an external framework to xcode project which is under version control?

xcode project under version control. multiple developers work on it. when adding 3rd party frameworks i prefere to keep them outside the git repo. so whats the best practice when it comes to adding a framework (i.e. facebookSDK) to the project? currently frameworks are “referenced”. this way i have a relative path pointing outside my […]

Xcode build automation scheduled integration bot setting

I have checked bot schedule for manually,periodically and poll for new commit(it works in 5 min) all are three option working properly, but I am unable to understand fourth option “On commit using custom trigger script”. Please any one can explain this how does this fourth option work? will it work for immediate integration on […]

Swift: Type 'ViewController' does not conform to protocol 'UIPageViewControllerDataSource'

I’m using Xcode 6 GM. I’m attempting to implement this page view controller tutorial but in Swift instead of Objective-C but it’s not working as expected. I’ve actually managed to find a git repo where someone else is doing the same, but after cloning their project and opening it in Xcode, it has the same […]

Make Xcode 4 stop auto staging with git

I hate it that whenever I make a change in Xcode 4 it automatically does a “Git add” command. Is there a way to make this stop?

Xcode 4 and git merge –no-ff

I’m liking the git integration in Xcode 4 but when doing a merge it seems Xcode will only do the default merge with fast forward. I like to keep my feature branch lines separate. Does anyone know if it’s possible to have Xcode’s merge be no-fast-forward?

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