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iOS tests will not run on simulator when using Jenkins through JNLP

I have been trying to get xcodebuild tests to work on a remote machine using Jenkins. I ran into the error of not being able to launch a GUI through SSH and solved it by launching a slave through JNLP as suggested here: Timeout when running xcodebuild tests under Xcode 6 via SSH. Now I’m […]

xcode Provisioning File not found with Jenkins

I have my xcodebuild running successfully through ant. If I ssh into the system and run the build, it works fine. However, when the same ant target is called via Jenkins (running as a slave on the mac), it fails with the classic Code Sign error: a valid provisioning profile matching the application’s Identifier ‘xxx.xxx.xxx’ […]

Xcode 7.3.1 UITests Code Coverage always at 0%

I have two separate targets for Unit Testing and UI Testing in my project besides the main app . These two targets have separate schemes so that i can run them on my CI server separately. I check “Gather Code Coverage” in both of this schemes. Initially i made sure everything is working from XCode […]

RestKit/RestKit.h' file not found error during xcodebuild

I am trying to use Jenkins-CI to auto-build an iOS project that uses Restkit, apparently, restkit resides as a project inside the main project. And the project builds successfully using the XCode-IDE. But when i use xcodebuild(jenkins uses it, and i did simulate the same) to build the project it gives the error RestKit/RestKit.h file […]

XCodeBuild -exportArchive wont allow me to specify filename

I’m busy working on a Jenkins build that will be building iOS applications. I have managed to create an archive successfully with this command: xcodebuild archive -archivePath build/app.xcarchive Now I’m trying to export that archive with specifying the output file name, but can’t get this to work.In the example below I want an output file […]

Xcodebuild fails in jenkins with cocoapods

I am using the xcode plugin. I had looked around, but most of the “solutions” did not work. My main issue is that in the xcworkspace that is generated, there is no scheme for the project I am trying to build. The plugin does the command $ /usr/bin/xcodebuild -list -workspace Project.xcworkspace and the output only […]

'Cordova/CDVViewController.h' file not found when run in Xcode terminal

So when I am trying to build my code from xcode terminal it is failing and giving me an error of ‘Cordova/CDVViewController.h’ file not found but when I am building this from xcode then it is building just fine. In my Xcode, I’ve done the whole Cordova sub directory thing Upgrade Cordova. Also when I […]

How to generate .ipa file from command line with watchkit app

I have a jenkins instance that does a release build using xcodebuild. I then have a script (on Jenkins) to create the .ipa file using xcrun. this worked fine for us until now. Now we have a watchkit app and the .ipa file that is created from this process is not the same as the […]

Unable to install enterprise app – This provisioning profile cannot be installed on this device

I’m setting up Jenkins to build an enterprise version of an app in order to be distributed in our internal app store. If I archive the app in Xcode and then download the built .ipa on the phone the app is installed without any issue; but when I use the .ipa generated with Jenkins with […]

Build iOS app and distribute .ipa via TestFlight with Jenkins and Xcode 7

Apple has released Xcode 7 update that broke everything again. Previously, we had to deal with ResourceRules.plist: cannot read resources issue by using a hack described, for example, here. Some people wonder why has this even happened in the first place. However, with Xcode 7 update they forbade the usage of Code Signing Resource Rules […]

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