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XCode 5 – the local git repository could not be reached

I created a project with local git repository using XCode 5 (preview 6), made some changes and tried to commit, and finally got the message “The repository ‘HelloWorld2’ could not be reached, please verify that the repository is online and reachable and try again“. The same message is also shown when the Refresh Status menu […]

Disable local git repository in Xcode 4.6

In previous versions of Xcode there used to be a checkbox when creating a new project, which would toggle creating a local git repository. This seems to be gone in the latest version. I’m running 4.6.1, though it may have been removed in 4.6. I use another source control (Subversion), so all these extra git […]

Git clone error in Xcode

Up until now I’ve been using Xcode with Subversion for my code repositories with no problem. Now I’m working on a project that uses a Git repository stored at GitHub, so I figured I’d go clone that repository to my local machine and get started. In Xcode, I add the repository then tell it to […]

Git and Xcode: Why do I have to agree to Xcode's T&Cs to use Git?

Git temporarily stopped working after I updated Xcode on my Mac. The message: “Agreeing to the Xcode/iOS license requires admin privileges, please re-run as root via sudo.” and then started working once I’d agreed to Xcode’s T&Cs and installed the update. Why, or should I say how, are the two linked? I installed Git using […]

xcode – git permission issue

After long time working on a shared xcode project, a permission issue is appearing during push phase. Xcode shows the message :” The operation could not be performed because do not have permission to modify MyBranch “. This is quite annoying and force to change permission “by hand” of same files. Anyone know what is […]

XCode Push to AWS CodeCommit -> Unknown Error Occurred

I have set up a git repository using AWS CodeCommit. I can push, pull, etc from the terminal with success. I can also pull in Xcode with success. I am using SSH for the protocol. When I try to push, Xcode presents a prompt saying “An unknown error occurred.” There are no other details available. […]

Xcode Server Bot won't connect to Gitlab server (Fails to integrate)

I’m trying to integrate a simple Xcode Bot with my Xcode server. I’m using OS X Server 5 Beta 3 and Xcode 7 Beta 5 I create a bot and everything goes great. I use an existing ssh key for connecting to this git repository on gitlab and that works fine everywhere else and even […]

How to deal with App ids when contributing to iOS open source projects

I want to make some changes to an open source iOS project. The problem is when I try to use my provisioning profile to build and run the app on my device, Xcode 7 complains: An App ID with Identifier ‘com.whoisryannystrom.hackernews’ is not available. Please enter a different string. The app is published and the […]

.xccheckout files in command line

Since XCode – I’d say XCode 5 but I’m not sure – XCode maintains inside xcworkspace a xccheckout file that hold information about all the git repositories inside a project. And that is great. I believe that OS X Server continuous integration bots use it to pull repositories before building. Which is also great. The […]

Xcode6 quits unexpectedly

I’m using Xcode6 on (OS X Yosemite). XCode is primary tool for programming in obj-c, swift and ios. When i click on source control, it quits un expectedly. Due to this issue, i’m facing much difficulty while committing my code Had solved this issue by disabling source control from xcode preferences, but i need to […]

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