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Getting an API set up from GitHub

I’ve set up my github account and I’m ready to go. I’m trying to follow these instructions, for setting up an API wrapper for an iPhone project using Soundcloud, but I’m a bit lost: 1. Go to your project directory. 2. Add the Cocoa API Wrapper as a Git Subproject git submodule add git://github.com/soundcloud/cocoa-api-wrapper.git SoundCloudAPI […]

Thinking of making an opensource iOS app, what should I put in my .gitingnore?

I also want to distribute it in the App Store. I want to put the XCode project and all source on github. Is there anything I should exclude from the repo to avoid exposing personally identifying information? For example the .pbxuser file and such? I expect not, but I’d like to be safe.

Non-project files in Xcode git repository

This is an organizational question for iOS and OSX developers. When you are using the automatically generated git repository for an Xcode project, how do you add/commit your non-project files such as PSDs or other third-party tool files that are the “source” for the image and audio resources? Do you add them using the git […]

Trouble connecting repository to Xcode

I have made a private repository on BitBucket. This repo should be used by me and a colleague, and therefore I want to connect it to Xcode. So when I start Xcode I press on Connect to a repository and paste the following link: ssh://bitbucket.org/ourteam/repository.git Xcode correctly says, that authentication is needed. My user is […]

Cleaning up empty file references from collaborated Xcode projects

What are these empty shells in my Xcode filesystem and what’s the procedure to remove them safely? Also did a search for duplicate refs in the Xcode File Navigator but didn’t find any. Sidenote: Project is collaborated via git and I suspect that has something to do with their presence. Occasionally after merging feature branches […]

Adding a git repository to Xcode 4

When I add an existing repository to Xcode (using “Add Working Copy”) I get the error message “Unable to load revisions”. Any suggestions on what to do?

How do I update submodule?

My file gitmodules is [submodule “RestKit”] path = RestKit url = git://github.com/RestKit/RestKit.git [submodule “restkit”] path = restkit url = git://github.com/RestKit/RestKit.git`enter code here` My project is : How do I update submodule?

Which version of git is Xcode 5 running?

Just out of curiosity. I know that in the previous versions of Xcode (like Xcode 4), it was using its own (outdated) version of git. Is that still the case or is it using the one in current user’s Path ? Thanks.

Xcode, Git, Jenkins, PhoneGap 1.5.0 Build Error

I have developed an application with phonegap 1.5.0 previously and now we just pushed into git repository. The app was build successfully in xCode and I was able to install the app and run it on the iPad but when we tried to build it from Jenkins, we got this error /Users/…../Classes/AppDelegate.m:28: /Users/……./Classes/AppDelegate.h:31:13: fatal error: […]

What alternatives do I have for source control and does GIT does that?

I work as a freelancer programmer for some clients and also create apps for myself. When I work for myself, obviously I work alone. My big problems today are: I have a lot of apps that use the same classes I have developed; In the past, I put all these common classes on a directory […]

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