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Can't find the .pbxproj file in Xcode

I have a problem regarding my .pbxproj file. I worked on a Xcode project on one computer and then I cloned it using SourceTree on another computer. But now I can’t open the project since the project.pbxproj file is completely gone. I haven’t added it to my .gitignore file and when I worked on the […]

Xcode The repository “(null)” could not be reached

Xcode git problems again. Now when I routinely create new projects (inside of or outside of a workspace) I can’t seem to get Source Control operations to work. However, I can see the repository in the Organizer and I can use external tools, including git command line tools with no problem. When I try anything […]

Conflict for FMDB acting as submodule in two projects cascaded together

Description: Integrating FMDB in XCode 4.5 for iOS project. a> Proj A and proj B, B is a submodule in A. b> FMDB is the submodule for both A and B. Problem: Conflict! a> If the FMDB in B is removed, then having error of missing files b> If keeping both FMDB or using the […]

Clone repository from github in xcode userid password error

Open xcode then click “Connect to a repository” After entering the URL the button on the bottom changes to clone. FYI The repository is private and should require a github password and userid. Clone button is then clicked. It asks where to save the file. I choose a location then it comes here: Always trust […]

Cannot install a pod (fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git/')

I’m trying to use the command pod install and always have that : $ pod setup OR $ sudo pod setup Setting up CocoaPods master repo [!] Pod::Executable clone ‘https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git’ master Cloning into ‘master’… fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git/’: Failed connect to github.com:443; Operation timed out /Library/Ruby/Gems/2.0.0/gems/claide-0.4.0/lib/claide/command.rb:217:in `rescue in run’: undefined method `verbose?’ for nil:NilClass […]

Cloning a git repo in Xcode means unit test do not run

I have worked on machine A on an Xcode project, which is linked to a bitbucket git repo. All up-to-date and committed, unit tests run fine. Now I want to work on it on machine B. I fire up Xcode, clone the repository, and all the files are there in my project. I press cmd-U […]

Storyboard Deleted by Git and “You need to resolve your current index first” error with Xcode

I have been working with branches to test out new features with my app, using Xcode 5. Everything has always worked. I just merged from one branch to another and Xcode crashed during that time. Now, my storyboard has the “d” symbol next to it and if I run it, it still works, but if […]

Changed folder structure in Xcode Project not reflected in Git Repository

I have an Xcode project that is under version control. I’ve grouped the classes in the project navigator into folders based on what the classes do (eg. Models, Views, Controllers, etc.). However, these folder structures seem local to my machine and it is not reflected in my own local git repository, or if I do […]

Can I use git rebase with Xcode?

I have found an in-depth discussion of why it is problematic: http://lists.apple.com/archives/xcode-users/2012/Sep/msg00356.html Has anyone got a successful workflow for rebasing commits on an Xcode project with multiple developers?

CocoaPods “editable” mode?

Python’s Pip has an -e flag that can be used to install the package as a full git repo so it can be worked on and changes pushed back to origin master. What’s the equivalent command for CocoaPods? Is there a way to install a pod as a full git repo/submodule so commits can be […]

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