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Xcode 4 won't recognize that framework headers directory is committed (GIT)

I copied the Parse.com framework to my project and committed everything fine, but for some reason the Headers directory will not lose the A status which prevents me from pushing my changes to my remote repository. I circumvented this using the terminal and git in the terminal considers this directory already committed but for some […]

What files of an Xcode project should I store in version control?

I’m new to Xcode and just found out that it stores a bunch of user information and other stuff in the project directory that I don’t really need in version control or want to put up on Github. This is what an Xcode project basically looks like: 1 AppName/ 2 ├── AppName 3 │   ├── […]

Xcode 4: Source Control options grayed out (Git local repository)

When I set up a new project in Xcode 4, and select “Create local git repository for this project,” all seems well enough. I’m able to commit files from the Organizer (it would appear.) However, in the Project Manager, the “Source Control” menu options (commit, etc.) are all grayed out, except for “Repositories” which of […]

Xcode Continuous Integration bot fails after Git force push

We have an Xcode CI bot setup to poll our git repository for new commits and build accordingly. Generally it runs fine. However after forced pushes (I know) the bot will fail and never build correctly again. The solution has been to delete the bot and start over (and admonish ourselves for force-pushing). Within Xcode […]

View two different files on two different branches in Xcode?

How is it possible to view two different files on two different git branches in Xcode? I have renamed one of my class and also added new logic to it. And now I would like to see together the two file in the left and right panel. Meantime I created and checked out a new […]

dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: can't resolve symbol

So I’ve been working on a c++ project in XCode and am making use of an external framework (SFML http://www.sfml-dev.org/ ). I recently decided to upload my project to github and then tried checking out the project on another Mac. However, when I try to run my program on the new computer, I get this […]

Will I ever run into problems if I don't clean before I build?

I’ve written a git pre-commit hook that aborts the commit if my xcode project fails to compile. It does this by running xcodebuild with the appropriate settings for my project. If the xcodebuild returns a non-zero status then you can’t commit your changes. Here is the xcodebuild command I’m running: xcodebuild -project MYPROJ/MYPROJ.xcodeproj -target MYPROJ […]

Xcode + GitHub. What is the proper setup

I am moving from years of Eclipse + CDT + Subclipse to Xcode with GitHub as my replacement for Subversion. I am new to GitHub and have not found a good howto for setting up a repository that knows how to play nice with and Xcode project. Can someone please walk me through the setup?

Local Client server Git setup for Xcode projects

I have a scenario, we are team of 5 iOS developers. Working on iMAC with OSX 10.8 and xCode version 4.5. Now i want to have Git Version control system during working on same Project. I have read tutorials for Git but all have remote as online server like github.com or bitbucket. I want to […]

Global Xcode run scripts

In order to automatically update build dates and build numbers, I set up a run script for the build phase in my scheme: # Auto Increment Version Script buildPlist=${PROJECT_DIR}/${INFOPLIST_FILE} CFBuildNumber=$(/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c “Print CFBuildNumber” $buildPlist) CFBuildNumber=$(($CFBuildNumber + 1)) /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c “Set :CFBuildNumber $CFBuildNumber” $buildPlist # “Mon” is a hack, but day is needed, and in English […]

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