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How to merge old commit in master branch with xCode 5

Is it possible to merge an old commit I made into the master branch directly in xCode. I know I can merge my current branch into another branch but sometime I continue working on my project while the older commit is being test. When that commit is validated, I want to merge it into the […]

Where does OS X server store my project?

my question is I downloaded and installed a OS X Server from AppStore to my Mavericks. Then I made a repository in it for my Xcode apps. I want to know where the OS X server saves the project I commit from the XCode? The server shows a path something like https//XYZ%20ABC@server.local/git/TrialXCodeProj.git. But I haven’t […]

How best to use both Xcode and Visual Studio with the same git repo?

Apologies for a newbie question. I’m setting up a code repository and project(s) for my company; ultimately I’ll be bringing on more experienced programmers than I – but I want to do sensible things from the ground up. I’ve been working on a c++ library project in Visual Studio, with a git repository. VS is […]

Switching project to new git repository

My project A was under git source control. For my reasons, I copied project A . This copy I will called project B . So, the problem is that project B is directed to project A git repository, and I want to switch B project to new git repository. How can I do this ?

Why does xcode Source Control menu show duplicate Working Copies?

My Mac OS X project is under local git source control. I created a new branch a few days ago. Now when I click the Source Control menu, the first few menu items are as follows: Working Copies myProject _ myLatestBranchName myProject _ myLatestBranchName Checkout… I don’t understand why I have duplicate items under Working […]

Xcode 5.1 Not seeing my remote repository

I am trying to setup a remote repository on a linux box for an application we inherited via CD. But when I tried to push the source to the new repository the repository line says “No Remotes”. I do see stuff for the MailCore stuff which I didn’t setup. Source Control-> Push Push local changes: […]

Pod file in framework

We are working on many projects having common basic functionality, so we decided to put the common functionality in a framework and use it as git submodule, All well and good. Now, I want to control Pods from framework as well, so I tried to put the Podfile into framework. As Podfile and .xcodeproj are […]

xcode issue with git and resources

I’m working with another developer using xcode and git. I never had this issue previoulsy but i’m seeing this problem now consistently. When I (or the other developer) add something like an image to the project, and we push it to the repo, the files and everything are pushed and everything is fine. However, the […]

Properly manage library of classes / categories for reuse by other git team developers

Scenario. A team has 5 developers and all developers are working independantly on 4 different projects. iOS / OS X. A library has been created which encompasses multiple subclasses, categories and so on for reuse. Each member in this team needs to be able to use this library for each project. The library itself has […]

How to commit a file to the repo but make it so its future commits are not allowed?

I have a user-specific file in an Xcode project that I would like to push to the repo for the first time so it won’t break the build (as the file is imported), but I want subsequent changes to it to stay with the users instead of being committed to the repo. Is it possible […]

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