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Xcode: Source control is disabled

Fairly straightforward question. When creating an Xcode 8 project, Xcode doesn’t give me the option to create a local Git repo. The option is grayed out. Also, in existing projects, all options within the Source Control menu are grayed out. Git is installed on my computer. What’s the deal?

Cocoapods project.pbxproj merge conflicts

I have spent a long time looking for an answer regarding merge conflicts with project.pbxproj files. My merge conflicts mainly occur with Cocoapods. It seems that if I add a pod on a branch, then try to merge it into another, many many merge conflict arise in the project.pbxproj file of my Pods project. I […]

Xcode no longer showing me deprecated warnings

I inherited an iOS project that targets iOS6+. A few weeks ago I moved it to Xcode 6 and cleaned up all of the warnings. One such warning was: ‘UITextAttributeTextShadowColor’ is deprecated: first deprecated in iOS 7.0 – Use NSShadowAttributeName with an NSShadow instance as the value My fix to this used NSShadowAttributeName, but I […]

Discard all changes in Xcode 4.2

I have an Xcode 4.2 project that uses git as repository. I make some changes in my source code files. In order to discard changes in one file, I do the following: Select that file in the Source Tree Go to File > Source Control > Discard Changes to discard changes I made in that […]

Remove submodule repository from Xcode source control

I had 2 submodules which I deleted recently. Removed them from .gitmodules, removed them from project directory, removed them from .git/modules. But Xcode still thinks that they’re existing in Source Control. So I noticed an xccheckout file that contains the remotes. I googled about half of hour how to actually remove them, and found a […]

Cannot find FileMerge (opendiff tool) but I have xcode 4.6 installed

When I attempt to run FileMerge as a GUI for Opendiff, I receive an error: $ git mergetool -t opendiff Merging: Gemfile Gemfile.lock … Normal merge conflict for ‘Gemfile’: {local}: modified file {remote}: modified file Hit return to start merge resolution tool (opendiff): 2013-12-26 20:00:20.248 opendiff[22367:e07] Couldn’t find FileMerge Gemfile seems unchanged. Was the merge […]

Xcode loses git history when moving a file

I’m trying to move a file between two projects in the same git repository. In Xcode, I can move the references to the new project fine but as soon as I physically move or copy the files to the new projects folder, git loses all of the log/blame history. On the command line I can […]

How do I convince Xcode and Git that my Asset Catalog has been updated?

After adding new image sets and images to my asset catalog, Xcode doesn’t seem to think it needs committing to Git. Occasionally it’ll notice the change if I quit Xcode and restart it, but that seems a little unreliable. Or am I missing something obvious? UPDATE: The ‘M’ has appeared! It seems performing a git […]

XCode / Git, status of an updated file is no updated in source control

Guess I have an issue many may have had too. I am using a third party library. Naturally when the vendor publishes a new release I have to update the header files etc. in my project. But XCode does not come with a replace feature, so one has to Delete! the files and copy the […]

Xcode 6.1 acting weird with git

I use quite often some git features from XCode like: view diff, blame, filter files by git status. Other than that, I pretty much use the console. But XCode started acting weird. If I try to see a diff it says: This file does not exist at the requested revision. Another example – if I […]

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