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Xcode, Git, Jenkins, PhoneGap 1.5.0 Build Error

I have developed an application with phonegap 1.5.0 previously and now we just pushed into git repository. The app was build successfully in xCode and I was able to install the app and run it on the iPad but when we tried to build it from Jenkins, we got this error /Users/…../Classes/AppDelegate.m:28: /Users/……./Classes/AppDelegate.h:31:13: fatal error: […]

What alternatives do I have for source control and does GIT does that?

I work as a freelancer programmer for some clients and also create apps for myself. When I work for myself, obviously I work alone. My big problems today are: I have a lot of apps that use the same classes I have developed; In the past, I put all these common classes on a directory […]

Xcode missing file warnings after removing Git manually

I while ago I removed the .git folders manually from my Xcode (5) project and switched to svn. Ever since I have about 400 missing file warnings like file:…/.git/objects/f2/4f16e85d07b97f2953a15b302a626806530431: warning: Missing file: …/4f16e85d07b97f2953a15b302a626806530431 is missing from working copy Strange thing is, Xcode sees the project as a svn repository, I can view the revisions. I […]

Xcode GIT problems iPhone App

So I made a repository for an app and everything in Xcode is setup. Now another person tries to pull it and that works fine until this message appears: The File “UserInterfaceState.xcuserstate” could not be unlocked, unlocking failed for an unknown reason. The project uses the Google Maps API and gives the error: “GoogleMaps/GoogleMaps.h” file […]

I need to move some files from my existing git repo to a new one. Can I retain their history?

I am creating a new project, but want to add files from an older git repo. I want to add a bunch of files form the old project to the new one but wish to retain the history of those files in addition to putting the new project onto a git repo as well. What […]

Commit or discard the changes and try again

I got a problem when I wanted to push source code to remote control. But xcuserstate file was always changed, and Git announce “Commit or discard the changes and try again”. So I tried to ignore xcuserstate file but I can’t How can resolve it ???

My Storyboard Wont Open

So I went to sync my changes with Github and I ran into a few problems with main.storybaord. So I re opened Xcode, opened my project, and I saw a C next to my storyboard. Now when I try to open it, nothing shows up except for an error message saying: Interface Builder was unable […]

Upgraded to Xcode 7 and now git commit fails because it thinks its config is not valid

I upgraded to Xcode 7.0 yesterday and now git commit (Command-option ‘c’ in Xcode) gives this diagnostic: The local repository already exists and has many commits in it. This is a project I’ve been working on for an embarrassingly long time. I did the git commands the diagnostic says but it still gives the same […]

How to manage the code of multiple, very similar Xcode projects

Greetings Stackoverflow Community, I have taken on the task of ‘unifying’ 4 mobile iPhone apps that share 95% of the code and differ only in 5% (this is somewhat of an over-simplification, but never mind). Each of the apps has its own hefty set of resources (media files). After ‘unifying’ the 4 apps, I will […]

Xcode server continuous integration and git lfs

I created a bot in Xcode for continuous integration on my project. I added a trigger to run prior to integration where I’m attempting to do a “git lfs pull” so that it pulls large files into the temporary directory Xcode uses to perform the build. What is a way to get the “git lfs […]

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