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Git workflow involving a local repository and 2 remote repositories: staging and production repositories on the same server

I have read a few Stack Overflow threads about this, but many of them did not seem to answer the question that I was asking, or at least there were different conditions that didn’t seem applicable to mine. How can I set up the following? Local Repository: Always fetch / pull from, let’s say live.git, […]

Git Workflow for developing features using multiple branches

I have an app that I’ve augmented with extra debugging features which make it easier for me to develop. However , I can’t commit these changes. So I need a way to implement my feature on the “augmented” branch , and then when I’m finally done, push it to master. There are the two workflows […]

Git workflow for repository partially synced across master and gh-pages?

I have a repository on GitHub with a master branch and a gh-pages branch. To make changes, I have been branching off the master, making a series of commits, and then merging them into the master when I am satisfied with the changes. The gh-pages branch corresponds to a website that demos the project. After […]

Parallel development of two versions in git , having some common commits

Usually i am following the workflow as described here: Git branch workflows But in a specific project i have 2 develop branches (v1 and v2). Master is currently v1 stable. I will use sub branches in developv2 for features that ia am adding. This is what i have master (v1 stable) developv1 developv2 also: feat/v1/topic1 […]

Git workflow for web development test deployment

We are a very small team of 4 people working on the same web development project. We are using github for version control and are currently creating a new branch for each feature we are working on, then merging it back to ‘development.’ As of now we don’t have a graceful way to test our […]

Git – Agile workflow supporting modifications to existing interfaces

I have a question regarding on how to efficiently use Git (or any VCS I guess) when in the process of making modifications to existing code, particularly already utilised interfaces. In our project, consisting of a team of seven, we are having two permanent branches, master and dev. In addition, we have feature-branches for features, […]

git for (MATLAB) lib in use — developing at the same time

I am very new to git and trying to get into it. I want to use it for training purposes for a private MATLAB library. I am not quite sure yet how to deal with it if I want the last “final” version of my git repository to be available for other MATLAB sessions, so […]

Bitbucket workflow query

We have a VDS and a local dev server and we are just starting to get into the whole GIT workflow. We’d like to have each developer (4) make changes on either the dev or master branches and have those changes automatically filter down to each server where appropriate. I’ve read up on post hooks […]

Git pull specific folder (actually only download that folder)

So I’ve been trying to find an acceptable deploy solution for my team and our projects. I read a ton of How To’s but at the end of the day, I just want to push to the master branch on github and have the site updated. So to do that, I thought I’d do this: […]

What is the right workflow when applying an update to a git patch back in history

I have submitted a range of patches to a Gerrit server for review and they are all on the same project sequential in time. Now someone else has pushed an update to one of the first patches in the sequence and I want to pull it down from gerrit to test. What are the right […]

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