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Webhooks for branching in Gitlab

Is there a way to have a Webhook fire whenever a branch is updated in Git/Gitlab? I am trying to set up a Development Workflow. The original idea was to have a repository for each coding phase – ex: a repository for development, a repository for testing, a repository for production. The thing is, I […]

Git workflow: leave or keep an old code?

We are a small team of data scientists maintaining some business processes in Git repository. We have a lot of dead and unused code, things like process.R, process_1_1_0.R and process2.R (and, obviously, only one is used). The idea has always been to keep some older code ‘in case something happens’. Since all the changes are […]

Branch model for multiple projects in the same repository?

We’ve recently switched from CVS to Git and are using Vincent Driessen’s successful Git branching model with a master branch and a develop branch which merges back to master. We started with one project in Git and now we have two separate projects using some common code in a submodule (common). Recently the other project […]

Confused on git workflow (PHP/MySQL)

I have a question regarding the proper workflow of git in a PHP/MySQL workflow. The git repository has a config file with “blank” database data, just like any PHP/MySQL application. MY question is related to development (pulling/cloning) -> development stage -> production (push). So, I want to be able to clone my repository (blank MySQL […]

Fixing git warning: “updating the currently checked out branch; this may cause confusion”

This question already has an answer here: What is this Git warning message when pushing changes to a remote repository? 3 answers

How can I safely use git rebase when working on multiple computers?

I work on the same project on two different computers, desktop and laptop. Sometimes I need to transition between them while in the middle of some task/feature. So I want to make a commit on the laptop, and then transport (push/pull) it to the desktop and continue. Then, when the feature is complete I want […]

Rolling back or re-creating the master branch in git?

I have a git repo which has a few branches – there’s the master branch, which is our stable working version, and then there is a development/staging branch which we’re doing new work in. Unfortunately it would appear that without thinking I was a bit overzealous with rebasing and have pulled all of the staging […]

Git Workflow: selecting features to release from QA to PROD

I am a novice in Git and I would like to know if this idea is even possible using such a SCM. My idea would be to have the DEV team working on features locally, then push those features to QA. At this point, when QA tested and verified the stories, the business can decide […]

Git workflow for sub projects?

We have a custom built project “kickstart” This kickstart can have modules added to it quite easily. When we build these modules we build them all based on one clean master copy of the kickstart which is version controlled. When we start a project we create an empty repo, set up the kickstart repo as […]

Workflow for a documentation translation repository

Consider the following documentation repository : https://github.com/symfony/symfony-docs There is a repository for the french version of this repository https://github.com/symfony-fr/symfony-docs-fr How would a french contributor use git to: be aware of the modifications made on the english repository be sure to translate every word when sort-of-merging these changes? easily work with other contributors? This has already […]

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