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How to draw (visualise) git workflows

You sure know those nice git timeline charts, visualising a git branching strategy and workflow. I created a git workflow based upon the specific needs of a customer. To hand over my work, I´d prefer not to scan my drawings, nor to fiddle with photoshop. Are there any free tools to create those? (i.e. sure […]

Git: Synchronize branch containing previously cherry-picked commits with master

In git, what is the best / easiest way to bring a deployment branch up to date with master when the branch already contains cherry-picked commits from master, assuming you want to preserve the history of the deployment branch. The scenario: Deployment branch made off of master at some time in the past. Additional commits […]

Commit code to a specific branch _after_ writing all the code (git)?

Say I’m on the development branch and I’ve just been refactoring for an hour… I had no plan going in, but an hour later I happen to have done a lot of work on some specific feature, say work on the routing part of an MVC. Is there a way to commit that code to […]

How do determine the URL of a remote git repo?

I’m trying to add a git repo on a team mates computer as a remote on mine, but can’t figure out the correct syntax for the part after git remote add john I have the path to his sites folder and can clone, push and pull. I just can’t figure out the remote add. I’m […]

Git Merge vs Rebase – Resolving conflicts

This is a bit long, but I think it may be an interesting problem. We just recently started to use git in our company despite a lot of people reluctance a few managed to start using it in small projects and now we’re actually using it more relevant projects. I always try to do a […]

How do you use git in “solo-development” (without team)?

I work as a freelancer on small projects, and all of them I’m doing alone, without a team. I tried to use the Git Flow. At first, all was well. There were branches for features, small commits with meaningful description, merges. But the process always ends with enormously large commits direct to master branch, with […]

Separate clones, or separate branches

Hi guys : Im not particularly excited about git branches, but my organization uses them heavily. In any case, I need to work on a branch of head. In the past I have “switched” branches while developing in a single place, however, I feel like this gets confusing. Is it common/idiomatic in git to simply […]

Git/Eclipse Workflow

I use Eclipse to edit Java, and use Git for my VCS. Should I have my local repository in my workspace, or outside it, and copy the files every time I want to commit? I know I can do it every way, but I’m new to Git, and wondering which way is better.

development with git and php (web development)

I’m struggling with the best approach to test php development code which is dependent on certain framework files to be present. I think there are three possible scenario’s with git: Create a copy of the live production directory and clone this ‘dev’ directory to the local workstation. The next step would be to edit code […]

Git import/export into SVN as a regular workflow?

Randal Schwartz says that he uses Git’s SVN import/export feature when he has to interact with SVN repositories. He pulls the project from SVN, does all his local edits/saves with Git then once done pushes the changes back to the SVN repository. Is this really a worthwhile process for daily use with a SVN repositories […]

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