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managing permissions between windows and mac git commiters

The story goes like this… My team has a git repo on a windows fileserver. A windows guy sets the repo up and begins committing. I, a mac guy, clone to my filesystem, makes some commits, then push back (actually i go to the repo and pull my changes in). The problem is now I […]

Missing/corrupt object file errors when using Git repository in Windows 8.1 Skydrive

I like to keep my local Git repos in my Skydrive folder so they sync nicely between machines and I always have an online copy. However, I’ve recently run into problems after upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. Specifically, I started getting errors that [hash] object was missing or corrupt. After debugging the issue, […]

Bitvise SSH + Git + initial directory

I am using the Bitvise SSH Server on a Windows machine and I want to create different virtual user accounts to contribute git repositories. (Git push will be performed using ssh). So for example I can use git clone ssh://mydomain.eu/d/gitrepos/username/repository_name in the client’s cmd shell which works perfectly but is somewhat not perfect because everyone […]

Git weird deletion issue on Windows

The most of the work done in project was done on Linux platform, but now I’m trying to setup a clone on Windows platform. The problem is that upon git clone a file foo.bar appears to be immediately deleted (and marked so in uncommited changes). Checking git ls-files shows that file foo.bar is present in […]

Externals when migrating from SVN to GIT

Ok, I’ve read it all, and tried to find solutions to my problem to no avail, so was wondering if anyone would be able to give me the ultimate solution to the migration issue I’m having. It’s to do with using SVN externals in GIT, so hold on to your chairs. I have looked at […]

Strange git error

What I’m trying to do is, to get local clone of dropbox project, make changes then push to this project. My PC Specs are: Os Win 8 X64, Git-1.7.11 I did following steps: Copied original project files into Dropbox folder Initialized git repo in project directory which located in local file system, Dropbox folder Then […]

git on Windows: fatal: protocol error: bad line character: @-

I was using SourceTree + Git on Windows without any problem. I was able to use git commands from command (terminal/BASH). I prefer to use terminal for git push/pull etc. Unfortunately, after reinstallation of my machine (server/git are the same), I’m getting this painful error. On a new machine, I installed Git 1.9.5 (Git-1.9.5-preview20141217.exe) and […]

Fixing the line-endings in a Git repository using the `.gitattributes` file

What needs fixing: I have a repository containing a single .md file, which contains an essay I am writing. I edit the file from a few different computers, one running Linux and a couple running Windows. Looking at a git diff in Windows now where I have made some changes, I can see my essay […]

How to push git from php using exec()

Here is my push.bat file echo “Hello world!” cd abhishek3/ call git add . call git commit -m “sadf” call heroku accounts:set abhishek84 call git push heroku master I am able to push to my repository by running push.bat file in cmd I want to push to my repo from php, tried following snippets but […]

git – two branches named the same? Difference is one lower case – one mixed case?

I am so used to typing in camelCase that I have been doing it in git. That is – until I realized git is case sensitive!! File names included. From history – at the start of this production branch – it was ClientMgr. But just at the start. All the work past the initial commit […]

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