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Command line Git doesn't recognize keys generated using GitHub for Windows

I’ve setup GitHub for Windows and used it to create SSH keys which are associated with my account. I can perform git operations in the GitHub for Windows GUI, but when I try to run a command in Command Prompt like git clone git@github.com:whatever.git I get an error like the following: C:\Users\Nat\Documents\GitHub>git clone git@github.com:natdempk/whatever.git Cloning […]

Git is Unusably Slow on Windows 10

I have a Windows 10 laptop with SSD, 16GB of RAM, and an i7 processor. I have read this thread and none of the solutions helped. Git/Bash is extremely slow in Windows 7 x64 I have tried using Git in the following scenarios: Command Prompt Git Bash Shell Visual Studio 2015 Source Tree All of […]

Losing the error output from a command in the (set) element of batch file FOR statement

I have a batch file that does a git pull on a git repository. I want to see the output in the console window and in a log file. I have a bunch of script code in the batch file to get me to the correct directory and then it runs the following: FOR /F […]

Git Command Does not Work in Windows CMD

I am trying the below command in Windows CMD for Bitnami Gitlab VM machine at Windows 10. git clone git@ It works in Git Bash but the same command does not work for Windows CMD. I suspect when used in Windows CMD ssh is looking for wrong keys and the output is: Permission denied (publickey) […]

Several SSH keys and user accounts

I have two user accounts in Gitlab. One with axmug user and the other one with GbFlow. When I log in using axmug user there is any key in the profile settings. But when I log in using GbFlow user I created an SSH key file and I can watch it in the profile settings. […]

add a default git source to visual studio?

I use bitbucket and I clone repos via VS. I have to manually paste in the https repo link in vs in order to clone it (in the team explorer tab). Is there a way I could point VS to bitbucket so I can browse my bitbucket repos and choose the one I want instead […]

How do I tell 'git tag -s ..' (or -u) where my private key is (Windows 7)?

I successfully put my private key at a place where git finds it when it connects to github. (like this https://serverfault.com/questions/194567/how-to-i-tell-git-for-windows-where-to-find-my-private-rsa-key/198691#198691 ) But when I try to sign a tag, this default magic seems not to apply. The brilliant git community book talks about an gpg-key-id, but I created my keys with puttygen, and seem […]

Git push halts on “Writing Objects: 100%” on Windows 7

When I try to push new file into Git repository, it doesn’t finish, on screen is my workflow: I tried: TortoiseGit (git version 1.8.0.msysgit.0 (C:\Program Files\Git\bin)) Eclipse EGit 2.1.0 Command line without any success. I read this question, but it’s quite old (1.5 year), and do not help (I installed git 1.7.4), and was […]

git crlf configuration in mixed environment

I’m running a mixed environment, and keep a central, bare repository where I pull and push most of my stuff. This centralized repository runs on Linux, and I check out to Windows XP/7, Mac and Linux. In all repositories I put the following line in my .git/config: [core] autocrlf = true I don’t have the […]

Why does GIT not use the core.editor and commit.template configuration values when running from the bash command prompt?

When I run commit from a standard command prompt it is opening the configured editor defined by the core.editor configuration value and uses the template defined by commit.template. However when I run commit from the bash command prompt it is ignoring these settings and opening the VI editor without the template. Why is this? I […]

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