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Issue with Windows and Git with illegal filenames

This question already has an answer here: how do I clone files with colons in the filename 3 answers

External git difftool is not working on windows

I’m struggling with git for many ours and have read almost all topics taged by “git”, “diff” etc. and tried hundred of different solutions, but did not succeeded at all. I’m trying to set sum external difftool (Meld, p4merge) as my git tool, BUT git ignoring this option at all. Here is my git config […]

Git on windows share remote hung up

Two computers. On one its working fine. On the other one I get this Cloning into ‘local’… fatal: unable to get current working directory: No such file or directory fatal: The remote end hung up upon initial contact when I do git clone file://z:/Git/origin local and fatal: unable to get current working directory: No such […]

Command line opening of Atom triggering Windows command prompt

My normal routine for opening up a project in the Atom editor on Windows is to go to the directory using the Git Bash terminal and typing atom . This opens the entire contents of the directory in Atom. After a recent Windows update, when I type atom . I now see this: Microsoft Windows […]

How can the Git command be executed on Windows through Gradle?

So I have the following code snippet: def getVersion = { -> def stdout = new ByteArrayOutputStream() exec { commandLine ‘git’, ‘describe’, ‘–tags’ standardOutput = stdout } return stdout.toString().trim() } and whenever I call getVersion(), I get the following error: * What went wrong: A problem occurred evaluating root project ‘ForgeWorkspace’. > Process ‘command ‘git” […]

Multiple versions of Git on my Windows PC?

On my Windows 8.1 PCs I have VS 2013, which has its own Git stuff baked into it. Per the “suggestion” made by the VS IDE, I installed the Git command line tools (the full Git package). This got me version 1.8.3.msysgit.0. Then I installed GitHub for Windows, which installs its own “local” version of […]

Errors with cabal in Windows with latest Haskell Platform (2014.2.0.0)

I can’t use cabal with the latest Haskell Platform (2014.2.0.0). I’ve tried uninstalling, removing all folders from PATH and deleting cabal’s library directory, and still no luck When I run cabal from the command line in the GitBash MINGW32 shell I get the following error: cabal.exe init cabal.exe: The program ghc version =6.4 is required […]

Git, when switching branches I get error: “Deletion of directory '<dirname>' failed. Should I try again?” Started after I set custom folder icon

I’m using the git bash on windows (v1.7.10 msysgit). I set some custom folder icons on some subfolders in my repo the other day and ever since then I can no longer switch between branches without an error like: blake@ComputerName /c/csharp (AD_NativeRefactor) $ git checkout master Deletion of directory ‘AllertFullfillmentDB’ failed. Should I try again? […]

In Bamboo, how do I pull a component library repository to a fixed location to avoid per-branch duplication?

I have several projects which use code from a large set of component libraries. These libraries are under source control. The libraries repository contains all the libraries used by all my projects and contains multiple versions of multiple libraries. Each library/version pair lives in its own folder. Each of my projects identifies the specific library/version […]

GIT Fetching Multiple Repository's

I have a user github.com/userName that has 50+ Repositories that I would like to clone into a single dir on my Windows PC. What would be the best way to do this?

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