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How to replace crlf with lf in a single file

How do I convert a single file that has crlf line returns to have lf line returns? git is already correctly handling crlf to lf conversion automatically for files when I push them to a remote repository, but in this particular case I am not doing a push to a repository. Rather, I am uploading […]

Running a remote PowerShell script with a Git command in it results in NativeCommandError

I am getting an error while executing a remote PowerShell script. From my local machine I am running a PowerShell script that uses Invoke-Command to cd into a directory on a remote Amazon Windows Server instance, and a subsequent Invoke-Command to execute script that lives on that server instance. The script on the server is […]

How to change the git bash username on Windows?

Assume that my username in Windows 7 is Caesar. When I open Git Bash I am greeted with something like Caesar@COMPUTER-NAME$ Is it possible to change my username to be lowercase (so that it agrees with various Linux servers I have): caesar@COMPUTER-NAME$ P.S. In cygwin, one can edit /etc/passwd in an obvious way to achieve […]

Gitignore won't ignore .vs folder for Visual Studio 2015 RC on Windows7/8

This one has stumped several team members on Windows, running Git. We’ve tried all sorts of explicit and wildcard entries in .gitignore however items in the hidden .vs/ folder as a part of Visual Studio 2015 RC keep getting committed. Since those are individual settings for developers, they are obviously always different and show up […]

Add line break to git commit -m from command line on Windows

My company has a policy that all checkins to a particular project must follow a specific multi-line template for git commits. How can I most simply create a single commit message that has multiple lines from the command line in Windows? This is almost exactly a duplicate of “Add line break to git commit -m […]

Why are files created in git bash not visible in Windows explorer?

So I just moved from Ubuntu to Windows (read forced to move, thanks to compatibility issues) and am using Git Bash to pull in my files. I’ve noticed something extremely strange. Git Bash is installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\, and when I first run the Git Bash program, the default location is this. Normal right? […]

Is any body making a windows replacement to msysgit with libgit2,libgit2sharp, Ngit?

Hi I like Git but it seems sharing windows projects with people and friends is not fun because gitextensions tortoisegit are ugly to use out of the box compared to tortoisehg or tortoisesvn (not that it’s DVCS). Using msysgit just in a bash shell doesn’t make it as nice as linux/Mac either. So is there […]

How to get colored output with git+mintty+mingw on windows?

I have installed the official windows git distribution, and I installed a recent mingw, and into that the mintty terminal. Then I have copied my git installation to this mingw installation, and now it works from within mintty. My only problem is that the git output is not colored. I suspect that this is because […]

What are the commands for using Git Bash in Windows e.g. when in git diff mode?

In Windows, in Git Bash, if I do a git diff I get all the differences flushed to the console with some sort of prompt to control the output buffer. What are the commands I can use in this mode of Git Bash? I don’t know where to look for a quick reference. I’ve worked […]

Unable to add plugins with Cordova 3.3.0 CLI on Windows – '“git” command line tool is not installed: …”

I am having trouble adding a plugin to Cordova 3.3.0 on Windows. I have node.js installed. I have been able to create a project. I have git installed and the git bin directory is on my PATH. I am able to run git on the windows command line. But when I try to install a […]

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