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How to clone a github repo in Windows using hg-git

I am attempting to clone a github repo for the first time in windows. I am following the instructions at https://hg-git.github.io/. First I did pip install hg-git This worked fine. I then tried hg clone git://github.com/nicodv/kmodes.git following the instructions for hg-git but that failed with abort: repository git://github.com/nicodv/kmodes.git not found! I also tried the same […]

How to create a git repository on a shared windows machine which all developers can push to

I have created a bare Git repository on a shared windows machine on a local area network. I am experiencing a problem in which nobody else but me is able perform a push operation. When trying to sync with or push to the remote repository using the Visual Studio 2013 Git tools, other users receive […]

npm not functioning after installing python 3.5 and reinstalling both Git and npm on Windows

I had node.js and npm working fine till I installed python 3.5 and probably missed up with my path (manually) . git didnot recognise npm ; after I added “C:\Users\n17263” to my path npm was found by git. But it does not install any package successfully. Here is the Error screen after tying “npm install […]

Git thinks every file modified because of timestamp difference — how to fix?

I’m moving a repository between 2 Windows servers, so I zipped up the whole repository on the old server and unzipped it on the new server — no other changes. However the 2 servers have different timezones, so all the file timestamps on the new server are off by exactly 3 hours (the difference in […]

Git automatically changing file extensions

I have a git repo with some fortran source code with the file extension .for on windows. This code is compiled and run by a 3rd party software that throws an error if the file extension is not .for. A rather annoying feature of this 3rd party software is that, on linux, it requires a […]

Git for Windows — Git Bash Here… — creates .git/config

I am using Git for Windows 2.5.1 under Windows 7 x64. I am experiencing a strange phenomenon, that is… …whenever I use Right-Click / Git Bash Here… on a plain directory that is not under the control of git (i.e. there is no .git directory present), a new subdirectory .git gets automatically created (with a […]

How do I install Git for Windows software to a specific directory?

I have just downloaded the latest Git for Windows installer, v2.4. It appears to want to install to the standard Windows “Program files” (with-spaces-in-name) directory. Since I have all my development code in a folder called (simply) “/bin” — I want to see if there’s a command line option or parameter to change the install […]

issue with displaying on git-bash windows 7

i just installed the last version of git (2.8.1) for windows7 from the official site, but when i run git-bash and type somme commands in the cmd, the screen doesn’t updated correctly when i delete somme chars from the line command. in contrary when i click the (del)’s key a space char is added to […]

using NUL dir on Windows messed up my Git

I had this code running in a Node.js codebase for awhile: if (os.platform() === ‘win32’) { stdout = fs.openSync(‘NUL’, ‘a’); it put a ghost file (‘NUL’) on my machine at the root of the project, and I can’t git rm it or delete it permanently. Having this file around seems to make git very unreliable; […]

Atom can't find git, even though I have git portable

I have git portable and atom. I wish to install the Script Package. However whenever I try to install it I get an error. I am unable to permanently add to the system’s path. If needed, I already have a local copy of the package I just need to install it. Failed to install script […]

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