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How can just set write permission (unix chmod 0777) to a folder and git commit it in windows?

I use git in windows. I know for set executeable file and commit it, can use this: git update-index –chmod=+x <file> But now, How can just set read and write permission (unix chmod 0777) to a folder and git commit it in windows?! And also I try git config core.filemode true and chmod 077 <folder> […]

Git init with symlinks

I am attempting to run Atlassian BitKeeper within the context of a Docker container (Windows Nano). The home directory is stored outside the context of the container. As a result, this is presented as a symlink inside it. Running git init with the repository contained in the symlink’ed directory results in an error: Invalid path […]

Windows Git Bash Whitespace Alias Issue

This might be an issue with Git Bash for Windows. I am trying to create an alias with parameters to enter some workspace to the specific project directories. However, it seems to have some whitespace issues for Visual Studio Project directories. I tried to double quote the variable, but the error output is rather ambiguous […]

How to review which gpg homedir version and `homedir` Git cmd is using?

I’m trying to debug installations of various versions of Git & GPG on Linux and Windows platforms. According to git & gpg man pages: Git uses gpg.program configuration-option to locate the gpg cmd; GPG uses GNUPGHOME environment variable (or HKCU\Software\GNU\GnuPG:HomeDir under Windows). According to this answer, exporting GIT_TRACE=1 env-var you get verbose information about git’s […]

How do I setup git on Windows?

I am very new to the terminologies: git, repository and cloning. I was able to search them all online and get pretty good grip on each (pretty simple stuff!). But what I am trying to figure out now is how to “run” these instructions: Clone repository for app: git clone git://github.com/SampleLink.git Update submodules: git submodule […]

git clone on windows

I have installed an SSH server on Windows Server 2008, and initialized a git repo. I’d like to clone this on my dev environment, so that I can commit and push changes. Having trouble figuring out the path; here’s what I see in every example: home$ git clone ssh://myuser@server/path/to/repository That’s great and all, but I […]

Git remote server Push fails

After cloning a Git repo from my remote server, I have committed some changes on my local copy. I’d like to push these changes back to the remote server, but I’m getting an error message that yields no useful information: fatal: read error: Invalid argument (Ps. both the server and the local repo are running […]

EGit – fetch, merge, pull troubles

OK, here’s the deal. I have Git installed on my Debian (lenny) remote server. Git version there is I intend to use it as a remote shared/backup repository. My development machine is running Windows, where my Eclipse with EGit is. So, this is what I did: Created shared user for git. Set up the […]

How can I track a git repository in a different directory?

So I have a project that is a git repo which contains another git repository. So the structure is this: /gitProject /other /stuff /anotherGitProject Currently, I’ve got anotherGitProject set up as a submodule of gitProject. My problem is that I have to deploy anotherGitProject to another part of my hard drive. Since anotherGitProject functions as […]

Sublime text 2, windows, bash/cygwin instead of cmd

I have a problem using Git plugin for Sublime text. For every git command I get an error: “Parameter format not correct”. Same happens when I use git in cmd. But in cygwin/bash there are no any problems. Obviously, Sublime text using windows cmd.exe for executing git commands. So I need to force Sublime to […]

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