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add a default git source to visual studio?

I use bitbucket and I clone repos via VS. I have to manually paste in the https repo link in vs in order to clone it (in the team explorer tab). Is there a way I could point VS to bitbucket so I can browse my bitbucket repos and choose the one I want instead […]

How do I tell 'git tag -s ..' (or -u) where my private key is (Windows 7)?

I successfully put my private key at a place where git finds it when it connects to github. (like this https://serverfault.com/questions/194567/how-to-i-tell-git-for-windows-where-to-find-my-private-rsa-key/198691#198691 ) But when I try to sign a tag, this default magic seems not to apply. The brilliant git community book talks about an gpg-key-id, but I created my keys with puttygen, and seem […]

Git push halts on “Writing Objects: 100%” on Windows 7

When I try to push new file into Git repository, it doesn’t finish, on screen is my workflow: I tried: TortoiseGit (git version 1.8.0.msysgit.0 (C:\Program Files\Git\bin)) Eclipse EGit 2.1.0 Command line without any success. I read this question, but it’s quite old (1.5 year), and do not help (I installed git 1.7.4), and was […]

git crlf configuration in mixed environment

I’m running a mixed environment, and keep a central, bare repository where I pull and push most of my stuff. This centralized repository runs on Linux, and I check out to Windows XP/7, Mac and Linux. In all repositories I put the following line in my .git/config: [core] autocrlf = true I don’t have the […]

Why does GIT not use the core.editor and commit.template configuration values when running from the bash command prompt?

When I run commit from a standard command prompt it is opening the configured editor defined by the core.editor configuration value and uses the template defined by commit.template. However when I run commit from the bash command prompt it is ignoring these settings and opening the VI editor without the template. Why is this? I […]

msysgit: option to not set hidden flag

I’m using msysgit and for files starting with a slash, e.g. .classpath it automatically sets the hidden flag which makes it impossible for IDEs to overwrite it. How to prevent setting this hidden flag?

Build from GIT Repository

I’m trying to build geoexplorer.war from github : https://github.com/boundlessgeo/suite/tree/master/geoexplorer, I already Installed maven, Java, Ivy, Ant, Python, Git for windows, Ruby. But still I cant build geoexplorer.war , it said no POM. According to Instruction I use mvn install [INFO] Scanning for projects… [INFO] ———————————————————————— [INFO] BUILD FAILURE [INFO] ———————————————————————— [INFO] Total time: 0.148 s […]

working with git on not connected computers

I sometimes work in projects where I do development on two computers which are not connected. A typical example is creating reports in BIDS. The workflow looks like this: I create a project/folder in corporate TFS Use git-tfs to create local git repository Develop the report and commit to local repository (and some checkins to […]

Execute git cmd via node.js on windows fails with err

git is installed on windows and works from any directory (it is in System path) var child_process = require(‘child_process’); child_process.exec(‘git –version’, function(err, stdout, stderr) { // stdout is correct – git version 1.7.11.msysgit.1 // but err is not null // err is [Error: Command failed: ] killed: false, code: 1, signal: null } } What […]

File permission issues when developing with Windows / hosting with Unix

I am developing a website on my windows laptop, and I use Git for the version control. When I add my files to Git, they are added under the mode 644. The problem is, on my Linux server, I need the files to be 775. So what I do is, every time I deploy, I […]

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