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Relocating JENKINS_HOME on Windows when installed as service

To free up space on C:, I would like to move my Jenkins data files (specifically the \jobs directory) from the default installation directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins to F:\Jenkins\home. I think what I need to do is set the JENKINS_HOME environment variable to F:\Jenkins\home. But no matter what I try, the JENKINS_HOME environment variable is […]

How are environment variables used in Jenkins with Windows Batch Command?

I’m trying to use Jenkins (Global) environment variables in my xcopy script. ${WORKSPACE} doesn’t work “${WORKSPACE}” doesn’t work ‘${WORKSPACE}’ doesn’t work

Triggering builds remotely in Jenkins

I had tried to trigger my Jenkins project by using this URL in my commit hook curl http://jenkins_server/job/job_name/build?token=TOKEN and is not getting triggered. But when i type this URL in my web browser, it triggers my build. When i tried in my command prompt, I got an error Error 404 Status Co de: 404 Exception: […]

Automating SSH to windows with Ruby

I have a 13 windows servers running Jenkins Slaves. For some reason (windows updates?), the Jenkins slaves periodically quit working and the Jenkins Slave service needs to be restarted. If I manually SSH to the machines (cygwin ssh server is running) I simply type: net stop “Jenkins Slave” net start “Jenkins Slave” and this (almost) […]

What do I need to setup a Jenkins build server that can build ASP.NET projects without Visual Studio?

I’m trying to setup a build server using Jenkins (on Windows Server 2012) that will be responsible for building (with config transform) and packaging (zip file) ASP.NET MVC/Web API projects, then moving them to designated location (C:/Published). Basically, I need the Visual Studio Web Publish for File System via command line without having to install […]

Splitting a multi-line environment variable into lines

I have the following problem: I execute a windows batch file on a Jenkins server and have to split a multi-line environment variable (set vía a Jenkins parameter) into single lines. Each line is part of a parameter list for another program: Jenkins textbox parameter: -foo 224 -bar “Some parameter with spaces” -foo 225 -bar […]

How to start jenkins on different port rather than 8080 using command prompt in Windows?

I have jenkins.war and I started it from command prompt in Windows as: java -jar jenkins.war It was started well and easily browsed as http://localhost:8080 I want to start on 9090 port. How can I do that?

Jenkins : Selenium GUI tests are not visible on Windows

When I run my selenium test (mvn test) from jenkins (windows) I see only the console output. I don’t see the real browsers getting opened . How can I configure jenkins so that I can see the browsers running the test?

Open Excel on Jenkins CI

I am working on Windows 7 (logged in as session no.1), my Jenkins CI is running as windows service in session 0. My problem is.. I want to open an Excel file through Jenkins CI in session 0, but want to display its GUI on session 1. I know that session 0 is isolated in […]

How to compile and run a simple java file in jenkins on Windows

I have installed Jenkins on Windows and created a job in Jenkins. I want to compile and execute a simple java file (say Hello.java). How can I do that? My Hello.java contains the following code: public class Hello { public static void main(String args[]){ System.out.println(“I’m dancing”); } }

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