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Rstudio Git bash pop-up everytime

I have integrated the git version control to an existing project in Rstudio(Windows). After that for every change I make in the Rmd file, a pop up is coming. I could see that it is a git bash executing on every command I have added in the file. I do not have more details on […]

Source Tree for Windows doesn't seem to work with valid SSH key

I have created an ssh key pair using putty within Source Tree on Windows, and then added that to my repo client (I use Gitlab on a personal server). This works fine from gitbash (cloning and pushing etc) and via SourceTree for OSX but after adding the .ppk key to pageant, which is actively running […]

How to change the git directory delimiter?

When working inside a windows command prompt, all of my paths indicate director separators with a backslash \, when using GIT commands, all of the paths are instead using forwardslash /. How do I change GIT’s output to mirror my command line output? Example inconsistent directory indicators; D:\git\demo>git status –s A test/subdir/foo.txt

bash: nano: command not found at Windows git bash

I am using git version 2.7.0.windows.1 on a windows pc, I used the following command: $ nano README which results me: bash: nano: command not found Now how can I install nano text editor to git bash?

How to handle files committed to Git on Linux with invalid Windows filenames?

I committed some files with a name containing ‘:’ and ‘”‘ characters, which are invalid on Windows. When I try to git pull from a Windows machine it gives me an error message. Is there a way to rename these files on the repo from the Windows machine? Or is there any other workaround?

Why is git slow on my windows machine?

Just typing git at the command prompt (of powershell), takes 2.5 seconds until it returns with the help message. I’m using the git for windows release, installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Git. When I use cygwin (via babun), I get an error: Hint: your prompt is very slow. Check the installed ‘BLODA’ software. Maybe this is […]

GUI Git client for Windows: SourceTree VS GitEye

I am currently using SourceTree as my GUI Git client for Windows but have recently found out about the existence of GitEye. I would like to find out which one you use, would recommend, and why.

How to change the behavior of git status showing modified files which are eventually not committed?

I am working in a windows-only working environment with developers using all kinds of tools to edit their files. We are using .git along with the atlassian stack to version our code. I like almost all of it. I have just recently finished fighting a long and hard fight to wrap my head around how […]

Problems with Editor when i do git commit

In my message for commit, I’m trying to use the guidelines: 1º Line – summary with <80char 2º Line – space 3º Line – The body message start here In console, I’m doing this: git commit then the editor opens and i write my message that i want to following the guidelines I save and […]

Why does “Git help <command>” not launch html help in my browser, like it says it should?

I am really enjoying my time with git. I’m operating on 2 machines with what I thought were pretty similar setups On my Laptop When I type “Git help SomeCommand” from the CLI, my laptop launches the html help in my browser and I am free to read up on whatever help element I asked […]

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