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Windows 8.1 Git SSH

I know that the use of Git and SSH has been asked many times and answered, however, here is my problem. I have the dreaded ‘Could not open a connection to your authentication agent’. I understand how the ssh-agent works and it uses a socket file to communicate. If you do not specify the file […]

Git archive line endings different from clone

There are so much questions and topics about crlf/lf converting in git. But I can not find the one focusing on ARCHIVE command. And in my test clone works ok from windows and linux. But archive always returns LF in text files. I wan to use ‘git archive’ command on linux to download only part […]

Git – Protocol Error – Strange character

I have failed at google, please help. I have a base Windows 8 OS running Vagrant with Ubuntu 14 (32bit). When running git add -A or git add * I get the following message: addresses▒show.blade.php: Protocol error I am developing on Windows but gitting through Vagrant. I can commit and push, but I am sure […]

Unable to install pty.js in windows

I want to use tty.js using node.js. I am new to it so it is difficult for me to understand and solve this issue. What I have Windows 10 node-0.12.7 visual studio 2013 python-2.7 I am following this link on git. Commands I have used are git clone https://github.com/chjj/tty.js.git cd tty.js npm install at npm […]

Why are there no releases of Git for Windows, but only pre-releases instead?

I got to know that msysgit is phased out. But when looking at the release page of Git for Windows, I only see pre-releases. So why are there no final releases of Git for Windows?

Git Bash and text files with different encodings

Windows 7 x64; Git for Windows 2.5.2 In the session of Git Bash working I can change (manually) the options of Git Bash as required: to switch the character set. So, Git Bash correctly displays not english (cyrillic, for example) text either ANSI or UTF-8, but not both at the same time: Whether it is […]

Why doesn't “go get gopkg.in/…” work while “go get github.com/…” OK?

I try to use go get gopkg.in/fatih/pool.v2 to install pool according to Readme.md, but can’t success: C:\Users\xiaona\Documents\GitHub> go get -v gopkg.in/fatih/pool.v2 Fetching https://gopkg.in/fatih/pool.v2?go-get=1 https fetch failed. Fetching http://gopkg.in/fatih/pool.v2?go-get=1 import “gopkg.in/fatih/pool.v2”: http/https fetch: Get http://gopkg.in/fatih/poo l.v2?go-get=1: dial tcp ConnectEx tcp: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period […]

Where can I get the description of `–shared` option of `git init` command for Windows?

I am reading the Git documentation about the git init command: –shared[=(false|true|umask|group|all|world|everybody|0xxx)] Specify that the Git repository is to be shared amongst several users. This allows users belonging to the same group to push into that repository. When specified, the config variable “core.sharedRepository” is set so that files and directories under $GIT_DIR are created with […]

Bower can only see git path on gitBash, not in cmd (windows)

Apologies if this is wrong format of question: my issue is resolved in another post but I’m hoping for help on understanding the why. I’ve been trying to run bower install through the command line as administrator on Windows 8, and I get the error bower ENOGIT git is not installed or not in the […]

Can git track files in another folder

I am new to git and I keep all my git repos in one folder inside an NTFS disk so that both Windows and Linux partitions can see it. The problem is that executable files in that folder can’t be given execution permissions in Linux. For the repos that contain executable files, I’ve been working […]

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