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Let git bash launch at current repositories

Is there a way to let Git Extension open Git Bash at the current repositories ? I always need to cd from the home directory. I run Git Extension under Win7.

Why is “git grep” behaving erratic on my Windows PC?

I’m using Github and Git bash on my Windows PC (running XP). On Ubuuntu I’m happyily using git grep to plough through my code, but every time I call something like: git grep “some text in my repo” on Windows I get the results and afterwards I’m stuck with the bash window showing all kind […]

new computer, git pull origin is asking for a password

on my new computer, I setup git and my putty.exe and ssh key etc. just fine. So I do a: git pull origin and then at the command prompt, I am asking for a password. I have no idea what password it wants, and then it also asks for my server’s password after a few […]

git svn clone large repo under Windows: out of memory – not a large file issue

I am trying to clone a large svn repository with git svn. The repo has got 100000 revisions. The size is about 9GB (pristine folder). Biggest file in repo is 300 MB. The branch structure is a total mess in the repo. Lots of wrong and missing merge info, no standard layout. I’ve tried to […]

How to effectively use git repositories / submodules for a C++ product that has many dependencies?

I’m very new to Git and still figuring things out… I think I’m finally understanding the whole branching/merging aspects. But I’m still not sure what the best solution for handling project dependencies are. What is best practice? This has got to be a common problem and yet I can’t find a good tutorial or best […]

Platform-independent way of detecting if git is installed

This is how I detect git in ruby: `which git 2>/dev/null` and $?.success? However, this is not cross-platform. It fails on non-unix systems or those without the which command (although I’m not sure what those are). I need a way to detect git that satisfies these conditions: works reliably cross-platform, even on Windows doesn’t output […]

Windows scheduled task to git push to github

I hope to add a Windows Scheduled Task to git push to github every night. I have a CMD file. When I run the CMD file on the windows command prompt, it works fine. But when I run it via windows scheduled task. It’s stuck forever. The status is “running”. And from the log I […]

Cannot clone GIT repository on network drive

Using Windows 7, we have a bare GIT repository set up on a network drive so that multiple users can pull/push from it. I am able to create a new working repo on my local and multiple other networked drives. However, when I try to clone a new working repository on the same network drive […]

How to set TERM environment variable in Windows so that it works with Bash via SSH and locally with Git?

Background: When using my Windows version of git in Powershell I found that I got the error “terminal is not fully functional” so I used the second solution posted here (i.e. change TERM to msys) to fix the problem. However, this caused a secondary problem that when SSH’d into my Vagrant box, command line apps […]

Git for Windows doesn't know %USERPROFILE%

I have the same issue like Git for Windows doesn't execute my .bashrc file and tried to make the same steps. But my Git Bash (2.5.0, 64bit on Windows 7, 64bit) doesn’t know my %USERPROFILE%. pitgrap@xxx MINGW64 / $ pwd / pitgrap@xxx MINGW64 / $ cd ~ bash: cd: /%USERPROFILE%: No such file or directory […]

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