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Git operation during TFS build: “fatal: could not read Password” (wincred used)

We have an in-house TFS 2013 update 4 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (TFS server), with Git version 2.5.0.windows.1. Our TFS build process uses InvokeProcess activity to call Git from a batch file. These are the calls to git we make from the batch file (in two lines for debugging purposes): call git submodule […]

Git for Windows doesn't work correctly with network directories

I use Git for Windows. Here I wrote about the git config -f … problem. But I get the same problem for other commands too: $ git init –bare //hyprostr/dfs/groups/developers/src/GitCribs Rename from ‘//hyprostr/dfs/groups/developers/src/GitCribs/config.lock’ to ‘//hyprostr/dfs/groups/developers/src/GitCribs/config’ failed. Should I try again? (y/n) Pressing y or n key doesn’t help. Anybody know how to solve this problem?

Executing git-hooks on windows errors out

So, I have written a simple git-hooks for pre-push which works just fine on Linux or Mac, but doesn’t work on Windows. Script: Tries to match the commit message with a regular expression, and should return 0 if matches or else exit. Based on the articles I read, they say that the hook should just […]

How to ignore obj folder using Git under MS Windows

I have got following path that I need to exlcude to commit with Git C:\Projects\GitHub\MyProjects\TED\SourceCode\Presentation\REXI.Web\obj Everything is under C:\Projects\GitHub\ is cloned Git repository. And at the same folder I have got .gitignore C:\Projects\GitHub\.gitignore So which pattern I have to use to exclude obj folder? Thank you!

Use git (windows) with a private key

I have a git repository on a Linux server and I want to clone it on Windows. I have git for Windows installed and I prefer using it with the command line. I use SSH with a public key to connect to my Linux server and I have my keys generated and ready to use, […]

Does directory name case matter while ignoring a directory in Git on windows?

Does directory name case matters while ignoring a directory in Git on windows? Say if bin/ and Bin/ are same in exclude file in git on windows?

GitExtensions – Gource plugin

So I’m using GitExtensions as GUI for Git, and wanted to visualize my repo with the help of Gource. But eventhough I installed it correctly, and set the “Path to ‘gource‘” accordingly, GitExtensions still is unable to find it. Error message: ‘Cannot find “gource” in the configured path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Gource. Do you want to […]

How to correctly clone –recursive git repository on Windows?

How to correctly clone –recursive git repository on Windows? My git version is: git –version git version 2.8.2 When I clone a repository with –recursive using this command line: git clone –recursive https://github.com/evandrocoan/SublimeTextStudio.git “D:/User/Dropbox/Applications/SoftwareVersioning/SublimeText/Data/Packages” And this were the console output: (everything ok, without errors) D:\User\Dropbox\Applications\SoftwareVersioning\SublimeText>git clone –recursive https://github.com/evandrocoan/SublimeTextStudio.git “D:/User/Dropbox/Applications/SoftwareVersioning/Su blimeText/Data/Packages” Cloning into ‘D:/User/Dropbox/Applications/SoftwareVersioning/SublimeText/Data/Packages’… remote: Counting […]

Android Studio Path to Git executable

I’m developing on windows but have installed Bash for Windows (basically a Unix terminal for those who don’t know about Windows 10 anniversary update). I installed git through this terminal (sudo apt-get install git) as opposed to downloading it as a Windows application from GitHub. I’m now trying to integrate Git into Android Studio, and […]

ConEmu attempts to open and crashes immediately

I’ve been using ConEmu x64 on my home computer with Git Bash, and it works well for me. I recently started a new job and I haven’t been able to get them to work together on my new machine. At first ConEmu would run just fine but wouldn’t run git bash, now after a few […]

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