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git update submodule via windows batch file

I wrote a small batch file which updates the git submodules. My only problem is I want to review the changes after the git command but the command window closes – even if I add the “pause” command to it. See: @echo off git submodule foreach git pull origin master pause When I replace the […]

Is there a setting with git to allow a clone to use http on one OS and ssh on another?

Short Question Is there a setting with git to allow a clone to use http on one OS and ssh on another? For an exact usage: Is possible to use http protocol (cloned in Windows) on Mac OS X terminal which typically uses SSH connections Background I have a Macbook Pro that I dual boot […]

Git Extensions – Can't push to git bare repository in a network drive on Windows

I’m learning git on Windows, I have installed Git Extensions (Version 2.47.3) and played a bit with it. I’ve created a bare repository in my C: unit (as a central repository) and a personal repository anywhere else in my hard disk. I commit, push and pull with no problems with this two repos in my […]

Git Server type repository in Local Windiws which can be forked

I am new to git… I have a local project that i need to share with my friends and i want to work on it in the similar way that we work on Github.com I want that the local repsoitory be exposed in the local network, and the GIT URL is shared with my friends […]

Meld as diff tool in gitk in Windows

I am always annoyed when I use gitk an it forces me to configure a separate diff tool. Now while this works fine for me in Linux, it is an absolute hell on Windows. I am trying to use Meld, so I wrote a .bat, for mapping parameters: meld.exe %2 %5 Sadly gitk does not […]

Git working tree in mapped windows drive

I have a windows machine setup with a something like this: N:\path\to\dir\project1.git N:\path\to\dir\running_dir where N: is a mapped network drive. I’m trying to automatically checkout project1.git in my running_dir upon pushing to project1.git. I have followed this post on exporting GIT_WORK_TREE; however, I am confused on what path to use in my post-receive hook: #!/bin/sh […]

After updating Git Bash on Windows, still shows older version

On Git Bash‘s download site, it says you can clone it to update it. I downloaded it to install it, but I am starting to really get into Git and would like to clone it every time I want to update it from now on. I think I found the place where we need to […]

Windows + Cygwin + Single Line If Else + Puppet

So I have a single line bash command that checks if a directory exists. If it does, it git pulls, if it doesn’t, it clones the repository. I am running a Cygwin on my Windows box and when I run this command in Cygwin it works perfectly: if [ -d C:/repo ]; then cd C:/repo […]

Configure Jenkins to use GIT On Windows, Got stderr: Permission denied (publickey)

My Git version is 1.8.0, for this version, the Git installation path in Jenkins is C:\Git\cmd\git.exe (in older versions, it is C:\Git\cmd\git.cmd). This solves the problem that I had: error deleting workspace. In Jenkins, Git repository URL uses the ssh protocol: git@github.com:xxxxx/xxx.git, for me, this URL works. If your key can’t be found, this URL […]

Git editing my files

I just installed Git on my PC (Windows 8.1 Pro) and cloned my repository (containing about 5000 .c and .h files) from Github via git clone. Now if I say git status, it shows five modified files (the changes show some words replaced by others). The problem is that I can’t commit this; if I […]

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