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msysgit opens git.exe at every command

I installed msysgit on Windows 8.1, it works pretty well, I can do everything I want. The only problem is, everytime I type a command or even just press enter in the msysgit terminal, it opens a new git.exe window which closes shortly after. This windows prompts some stuff which are not always the same, […]

Git bash not opening on Win7

I have been using Git-1.8.3 from a flash drive successfully from both work and at home on win7 machines. Yesterday I noticed that when I try to open git-bash at home, the window flashes open and disappears instantaneously. I don’t see an error message. Thinking the file may be corrupted, I tried it at work […]

GIT post-receive-pack hangs with TCP ZeroWindow

I’m trying to solve the generic “failed to post large file” issue that affects many clients that doesn’t involve the generic fix “git config –global http.postBuffer” I have applied that fix but it has not solved anything. There are plenty of other threads where people seem to have the same problem where the config fix […]

Git: Add directory from different location

Say I have Visual Studio Projects in “C:\Projects”, so a typical filesystem tree would look like this: C:\Projects ├MyProject1 │├MyProject1.sln │├SubProject1 ││└SubProject1.vbproj │└SubProject2 │ └SubProject2.vbproj └MyProject2 ├MyProject2.sln └SubProject1 └SubProject1.csproj Now I would like to create a Git repository which contains the MyProject2–directory and its contents. The obvious approach: Use C:\Projects\MyProject2 as the repository-directory. The problem […]

Can't get SSH public key authentication

I have a notebook and a remote PC based on Windows 7 which have a static IP (for example I want create a ssh-tunnel for my work. So I installed cygwin and share port 2222 for ssh-connection. Now, when I enter on my local PC in sh.exe ssh -v Test@ -p 2222 I see […]

Powershell ISE / SSH – won´t ask passphrase

MySystem: Windows 7 – 64bit – Powershell vers. 4 I started working Git. Installed Git, msysgit and for powershell I am using posh-git. No issues with Git itself – but I need to run “console-apps” (C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin) like SSH. Via ISE SSH (without parameter): default usage message – which is ok SSH -T git@gitserver […]

Commiting openssl MAKE solution using git under windows fails due to symbolic links

Once i try adding / commiting openssl(taken from openssl.org) using git‘s gui, everything gets stuck and non-responsive for a couple of minutes until I’m promoted with this error: error readlink(..md4.c) function not implemented, unable to process file md4.c .. symbolic link What’s the proper way of adding openssl using git?

git http authentication problems on windows

I have a strange behaviour with git on Windows. Some information Windows 7 git version 1.9.5-preview20150319 If I try to clone a repository from the git bash with the http protocol like: git clone http://myhost/myRepository I get the error fatal: Authentication failed for http://myhost/myRepository If I clone the repository with the egit Eclipse plugin I’m […]

Cygwin failing to open .git/config

I believe that I am missing something obvious. I am using Windows 8.1 in VMWare Fusion on a Mac OS X host. I have installed Git as a Windows component, and I also installed Git as a Cygwin component. I was able to use all my usual Git commands on Cygwin within a versioned directory. […]

Git: How to copy all files ever deleted to a certain directory?

I want to get all the files that were ever deleted, and copy them to a different directory X. I got a list of all the files deleted by doing git log –all –pretty=format:” ” –name-only | sort -u, but that was as far as I could manage. Note: I don’t want to make any […]

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