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sysopen permission denied

I’m trying to fix an intermittent bug in git-svn. The problem is happening in Windows XP only, with both Cygwin git (perl v5.10.1) and msysGit (perl v5.8.8). With any operation that involves a fetch, I’m able to get partway through and then the operation dies with a message similar to Couldn’t open .git/svn/refs/remotes/trunk/.rev_map.cc05479a-e8ea-436f-8d71-e07493b7796c.lock: Device or […]

Git over SSH Server in Windows, cannot find shared libraries

I was to setup an SSH Server to Host my Git Repository to my local area network. I followed this tutorial by TimDavis hoping that I would be able to make a secured Git Repository. I tested my connection using Putty and it was successful. My only problem was I cannot run “git” command in […]

Is it possible to find the difference between two arbitrary text files using Git?

These files are not necessarily version controlled. FYI: I’m using git and git gui on windows xp.

Git Extensions usable with SVN repos?

Can Git Extensions be used without issues (or at least, with very few ones) as a SVN client? I’ve no problem using the command-line git–svn, but in some cases (picking lines/hunks to commit, for example) I’d rather use a GUI client. If there are issues, I’d like to see them along with your workarounds/solutions.

Git (Windows) – cannot create file on clone. Works as Superuser

I’m using Windows 8, 64bit – I recently installed Git to use it on this computer. However, it is not possible to clone any repository. It exits with the message: $ git clone ssh://me@some.address.com/some/git/repository.git Cloning into ‘repository’… error: Unable to create c:/Users/Danyel/workspace/repository/.git/HEAD When I open cmd as Administrator and try the same command, it succeeds […]

Incorrect Git user name and email on Windows

I use Git on Windows and set the username and email with: git config –global user.name “hydRAnger” git config –global user.email “armyiljfe@gmail.com” When I use: git config –global –list I get the output: user.name=hydRAnger user.email=armyiljfe@gmail.com However, when I use git log the author info should be: Author: hydRAnger <armyiljfe@gmail.com> But in fact I get the […]

.gitignore blank in Windows Explorer

Why is my .gitignore file blank in Windows (7) Explorer? Note that both the .htaccess file and the .git folder appear as expected. See http://prntscr.com/6rmhk1 (The standard StackOverflow image system isn’t working on my corporate network – probably being blocked).

ssh issue on windows 7 (gitbash vs. windows cmd)

I am able to use ssh (i.e., for ‘git‘ with heroku or github etc.) through GitBash, but I cannot do the same from Windows cmd prompt on the same machine. What can be the problem? If I recall correctly, it used to work from cmd prompt. The error I’m getting is: Permission denied (publickey). fatal: […]

Can anyone explaine why “git status” shows files as modfied when running under a share on linux?

The files are hosted on a windows machine,, and i was wondering if i cold use my Linux box to manage git, so i mounted the share. And then i see that when doing git status all the files shows as modified, and when trying to push from this share it wont accept my key. […]

Let git bash launch at current repositories

Is there a way to let Git Extension open Git Bash at the current repositories ? I always need to cd from the home directory. I run Git Extension under Win7.

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