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How to work on a windows IDE while my Git repository is on Linux (using VMPlayer)

I want to develop on 2 systems – using Linux (ubuntu) for server/git repo while having my IDE (RubyMine) in Win7. What is the best approach to configure my environment so the files will be shared between the systems, and also that my Win RubyMine will work correctly with git?

Setup git over ssh in Rubymine on Windows

I found a lot of threads about how to setup git over ssh with msysgit and putty/plink, but rubymine seems to use its own git and ssh implementation (see error message below). Currently I have putty, msysgit, TortoiseGit and rubymine installed. My repository has two remotes: [remote “origin”] url = ssh://mygituser@ [remote “origin_putty”] url = […]

Threadscope's gettext.sh file interferes with git on Windows

When I run git commands, I’m noticing I get strange messages wrt a totally unrelated program, namely threadscope, which I use for obtaining information on my parallel Haskell programs. git stash ‘: not a valid identifier/threadscope-0.2.2/bin/gettext.sh: line 90: export: `dashless ‘: not a valid identifier/threadscope-0.2.2/bin/gettext.sh: line 90: export: `USAGE ‘: not a valid identifier/threadscope-0.2.2/bin/gettext.sh: line […]

Getting files from a Git repository

This is a rather embarrassing question, but I am rather pressed for time, and can get on with other work while someone far more knowledgeable in Git than me could answer it in seconds. I’ve just done a fetch from a remote repo, but I have no working copy files. I’m using Git GUI on […]

How to pull and check-out remote Git repository

OK, total noob question, for msysgit on Windows 7, but I have a remote repository (on unfuddle), create on one PC, and now I want to pull it down to another PC. I tried ‘Fetch’ using Git Gui, but the folder still only has a .git subfolder. It took a while pulling it down, so […]

Why do I get a Windows file permission error (IO Error 13) with Android SDK when writing to files starting with a dot?

Running Titanium Appcelerator 0.8.1 on a Windows XP Virtual Machine, with Android SDK 2.1 When running build/install app, getting the following error (last line broken for display here): [TRACE] f = open(os.path.join(dest, dest_file), “w”) [TRACE] IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘C:\\Documents and Settings\\firstname.surname\\Desktop\\MyApp\\build\\android\\.classpath’ Removing .classpath results in .classpath being created, but the error simply moves […]

Vim fugitive plugin does not recognise git archive on Windows

I installed vim fugitive via pathogen plugin. Helptags created the tags for fugitive. In the next step I set up a brand new git repo with git init, jumped into that folder, created a README. In gVim I then run :Gstatus but the split window that opens is empty. :Gcommit tells me that the command […]

Creating .h file with definitions using powershell and cmd

I’m newb in powerShell and in cmd, sorry. I’m trying write script that can generate define like this #define VERSION “a89aa153a054b865c0ef0a6eddf3dfd578eee9d2″ in VERSION i want to set the parameter from next source .git\refs\heads\project I’m tried next cmd script, but i have problems with ” character, i can’t escape it echo #define VERSION \” > ver.h […]

With the win git the git variable is not in the enironment_variables anymore, how to open the Git Shell and run commands from there?

So I want to write a single file that: cd /d myfolder git pull But the git variable is not defined in the default cmd in windows, only if I open the git shell icon on the desktop: “C:\Documents and Settings\Administrador\Definições locais\Application Data\GitHub\GitHub.appref-ms” –open-shell How do I open a cmd with the git shell and […]

git add patch on file with parentheses in the file path

I want to run git add -p on a file with a full path that includes parentheses, like so: git add -p “(External)/Project/Filename.cs” However, when I run this, I get the following error: sh: -c: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token `(‘ sh: -c: line 0: `git ls-files — (External)/Project/Filename.cs’ I have also tried […]

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