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if git index.lock exist, can I safely delete it, or are more actions needed to verify integrity?

Over the last couple of weeks I got a message about index.lock to exist a few times. Deleting that file is mentioned as solution in git index.lock File exists when I try to commit, but cannot delete the file Is deleting that file enough, or are there other actions I should need to do (are […]

Why can't I commit my code to GitHub?

I have a coding project that I would like to maintain at GitHub. I went to http://github.com and created an account. I downloaded and installed Git on Windows 7 choosing the option to use it via the command line. Through some googled tutorials I created an SSH key. I’m following the following instructions: But when […]

git clone hangs at “checking connectivity”

OS – Windows 7 professional 64 bit GIT for windows – Git-1.9.0 – Using Git bash I started having problems with “git fetch” suddenly out of nowhere. Sometimes git.exe would error out and sometimes the “git fetch” would just hang. So I decided to start everything from scratch. I uninstalled git for windows and reinstalled […]

Downloading a source from a git repository using eclipse?

Possible Duplicate: Git plugin for eclipse I have a project on google code to download. Is there a way I use git clone project_url in eclipse and download the source code? Are there any plugins to do that? I’m using eclipse 3.4.2.

Magit not recognising git repositories

I’m currently trying to use Magit with Emacs 23.1 on Win7 64-bit but Magit does not recognise my git repositories. Please bear in mind I’m a complete Emacs newbie. I run the magit-status command and it asks for a directory containing the repo, which I obviously type in and then it just says every time […]

Git on Windows – How to authenticate with remote repo on Linux

Due to some serious problems with a Git repo on Windows over HTTP, we’re moving our Git ‘server’ to Linux. Assuming I have already the msysgit for Windows installed and Putty, how will I authenticate the SSH connection when I clone, pull and push?

Invalid file descriptor problem with Git on Windows

I’ve been using Git on Linux for about a year, and everything works fine. Since recently, a colleague has joined development and he’s using Windows. Everything works fine there as well, but sometimes when he tries to push changes to a remote repository (bare) on Linux server it bails out with ‘Invalid file descriptor’ message. […]

GIT for Windows. All files have a question mark on the icon

I recently installed Git onto my Windows 7 laptop without really knowing what I was doing. The problem I have now is that all the files on my PC have the question mark icon on them as if they needed to committed to a repository. How can I undo what ever it is that I […]

How to Use Git Archive to Create a Tarball on Windows?

In Git Bash I’ve tried to use this command: $ git archive -o test.tar.gz master gzip: compressed data not written to a terminal. Use -f to force compression. For help, type: gzip -h The file test.tar.gz is empty, but my repository is not empty and creating a zip file works fine (contains all my source […]

git mingw32 and long path/file names under windows

I have a production SVN repository that i want to clone with git. when I try to git svn clone it I get error that has to do with some files that have a long combination of path filename. I figure that this is a limitation caused by the GNU shell mingw32 that git uses […]

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