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Is it possible to find the difference between two arbitrary text files using Git?

These files are not necessarily version controlled. FYI: I’m using git and git gui on windows xp.

Git Extensions usable with SVN repos?

Can Git Extensions be used without issues (or at least, with very few ones) as a SVN client? I’ve no problem using the command-line git–svn, but in some cases (picking lines/hunks to commit, for example) I’d rather use a GUI client. If there are issues, I’d like to see them along with your workarounds/solutions.

Git (Windows) – cannot create file on clone. Works as Superuser

I’m using Windows 8, 64bit – I recently installed Git to use it on this computer. However, it is not possible to clone any repository. It exits with the message: $ git clone ssh://me@some.address.com/some/git/repository.git Cloning into ‘repository’… error: Unable to create c:/Users/Danyel/workspace/repository/.git/HEAD When I open cmd as Administrator and try the same command, it succeeds […]

Incorrect Git user name and email on Windows

I use Git on Windows and set the username and email with: git config –global user.name “hydRAnger” git config –global user.email “armyiljfe@gmail.com” When I use: git config –global –list I get the output: user.name=hydRAnger user.email=armyiljfe@gmail.com However, when I use git log the author info should be: Author: hydRAnger <armyiljfe@gmail.com> But in fact I get the […]

.gitignore blank in Windows Explorer

Why is my .gitignore file blank in Windows (7) Explorer? Note that both the .htaccess file and the .git folder appear as expected. See http://prntscr.com/6rmhk1 (The standard StackOverflow image system isn’t working on my corporate network – probably being blocked).

ssh issue on windows 7 (gitbash vs. windows cmd)

I am able to use ssh (i.e., for ‘git‘ with heroku or github etc.) through GitBash, but I cannot do the same from Windows cmd prompt on the same machine. What can be the problem? If I recall correctly, it used to work from cmd prompt. The error I’m getting is: Permission denied (publickey). fatal: […]

Can anyone explaine why “git status” shows files as modfied when running under a share on linux?

The files are hosted on a windows machine,, and i was wondering if i cold use my Linux box to manage git, so i mounted the share. And then i see that when doing git status all the files shows as modified, and when trying to push from this share it wont accept my key. […]

Let git bash launch at current repositories

Is there a way to let Git Extension open Git Bash at the current repositories ? I always need to cd from the home directory. I run Git Extension under Win7.

Why is “git grep” behaving erratic on my Windows PC?

I’m using Github and Git bash on my Windows PC (running XP). On Ubuuntu I’m happyily using git grep to plough through my code, but every time I call something like: git grep “some text in my repo” on Windows I get the results and afterwards I’m stuck with the bash window showing all kind […]

new computer, git pull origin is asking for a password

on my new computer, I setup git and my putty.exe and ssh key etc. just fine. So I do a: git pull origin and then at the command prompt, I am asking for a password. I have no idea what password it wants, and then it also asks for my server’s password after a few […]

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