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Vim fugitive plugin does not recognise git archive on Windows

I installed vim fugitive via pathogen plugin. Helptags created the tags for fugitive. In the next step I set up a brand new git repo with git init, jumped into that folder, created a README. In gVim I then run :Gstatus but the split window that opens is empty. :Gcommit tells me that the command […]

Creating .h file with definitions using powershell and cmd

I’m newb in powerShell and in cmd, sorry. I’m trying write script that can generate define like this #define VERSION “a89aa153a054b865c0ef0a6eddf3dfd578eee9d2″ in VERSION i want to set the parameter from next source .git\refs\heads\project I’m tried next cmd script, but i have problems with ” character, i can’t escape it echo #define VERSION \” > ver.h […]

With the win git the git variable is not in the enironment_variables anymore, how to open the Git Shell and run commands from there?

So I want to write a single file that: cd /d myfolder git pull But the git variable is not defined in the default cmd in windows, only if I open the git shell icon on the desktop: “C:\Documents and Settings\Administrador\Definições locais\Application Data\GitHub\GitHub.appref-ms” –open-shell How do I open a cmd with the git shell and […]

git add patch on file with parentheses in the file path

I want to run git add -p on a file with a full path that includes parentheses, like so: git add -p “(External)/Project/Filename.cs” However, when I run this, I get the following error: sh: -c: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token `(‘ sh: -c: line 0: `git ls-files — (External)/Project/Filename.cs’ I have also tried […]

git EOL converted the opposit way around? (despite .gitattributes)

I am working on Windows 7 and to prevent EOL problems I have a .gitattributes file set up the following way (as described in the github help): * text=auto *.js text But now, when I commit a js-file that has only LF line-endings I get the warning: warning: LF will be replaced by CRLF in […]

Cannot get git autocrlf=true to work

Ok, so i have read all threads on this topic, and my understanding is the following: if i set core.autocrlf = true in Windows, git should convert all my crlf line endings to LF when committing and pushing. This is what i want, and i have my config set up as such. However, when i […]

How to have Git store CRLF in index

I use git-svn at work and people are constantly complaining that I’m committing LF‘s instead of CRLF‘s. (We’re mostly a Windows shop). As far as I can tell, when core.autocrlf is true the working copy is CRLF, when false it’s LF, and when input it’s left untouched. I like the autocrlf = true as a […]

How to share private local git server with any OS

I’ve configure my first private git server because my projects are growing and I need a source control here. By the way the server is ok, I don’t want to use any third party packages i’m using only git-core on Debian O.S. and it’s perfect. The problem is that I can’t configure the terminal O.S. […]

Can't using pipe within “git.exe fetch origin” under Windows batch

I wrote a batch to check and deploy the rails app from github, the batch file see below. The problem is git.exe fetch origin | find “remote: Counting Objects” always returns errorlevel 1, even when we have new commits. I must terminate the Rails App first, because some files are locked (*.jars) and cause the […]

What is the quickest and simplest way of setting up a shared, remote git repo on Windows?

I have just joined a team of two, and am in danger of having to being asked to use SourceSafe if I can’t establish a git repo very quickly. I would like to avoid any web server etc. setup and just use a shared folder, but suggestions along this line haven’t been very clear and […]

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