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RStudio doesn't detect the .gitconfig file on Windows 10

If I commit using RStudio instead of Git bash, then a message pops up with the following: … commit message … Your name and email address were configured automatically based on your username and hostname. Please check that they are accurate. You can suppress this message by setting them explicitly. Run the following command … […]

How to add git to PATH (Bash on Windows)

I am using Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, and I installed git. How do I add git to my PATH?

Trouble with Git, Windows, Ubuntu and Vagrant

I’ve recently installed a vagrant VM on my windows box running ubuntu 14.04 for development purposes. I moved an existing Git project and placed this in the (synced) /vagrant folder so that I can get to my code from windows. When I wanted to do my first commit, I saw that all files were modified. […]

Git autocrlf setting for mac and windows

Our team has people working on macs and windows. So far we had our git automatic line ending set to true (on OSX) and input (on Windows). It works nice, unless there is a merge conflict. In this case both SourceTree and GitKraken mess up the merge on Windows since they see all the lines […]

Git bash under windows

I am getting crazy, while trying to write a companion script to help developers in my team to look up for changes in master branch. My goal is to create a bahs/sh script to seek for ALL git repos on the developer machine, check if they were related to a certain client and them, aply […]

git command with command substitution doesn't return anything

bash: GNU bash, version 4.3.42(4)-release (x86_64-pc-msys) OS: Windows7 git: git version 2.6.4.windows.1 Without command substitution, directly executing git commands would return correct answers. $ git write-tree 76cb4719e27c7d77ef396992b3ba90cd98d22fcd But when I execute some git commands with command substitution, it would return nothing. $ echo “`git write-tree`” $ echo “$(git write-tree)” But the most strange thing is: […]

Stack and git are incompatible in Windows 7?

I have been using Stack for dependencies management and building system for Haskell programs in Windows 7 Pro without problems. stack –version Version 1.3.2, Git revision 3f675146590da4f3edf768b89355f798229da2a5 x86_64 hpack-0.15.0 I have recently installed git for Windows, and Stack cannot download lts files anymore. It seems that Stack is trying using the new git client instead […]

git – CRLF issue in windows + linux dual boot

I’m going to answer my question with the fix what solved my problem. Note for downvoters: I understand that the root cause is discussed in various other threads (that is how I solved my problem). This post is more about how having a dual boot system can lead you to this issue. So no, this […]

git for Windows: can't seem to avoid CR/LF diff to patch apply errors

So I’m running git in Windows with a repo that runs on *nix, where git checks out Windows-style newlines (line ending CRLF) but commits *nix-style (LF), however I can’t get a diff/apply to work without some fatal snag no matter what I’ve tried. For example, I run a diff to a file from one commit […]

Docker on Windows permission denied when git stash a file

With the latest version of Docker for Windows. I got a php git repository that 2 of my containers use. I modify a random file on the host : README.md Then I do these git command one after the others : git stash # ok git stash pop # ok git stash # ok git […]

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