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git diff with parent 1 – 2

I was looking at the log in Tortoise, and this message is there Commit:ab77ac9ca5264c531586ad9c5f007395d3e7ae9b Merge branch ‘master’ of repo:R:/AAL/dotNET/OPDash and also “Diff with parent 1” and “Diff with parent 2” not sure what I should do. Should I just run the merge option in Tortoise?

Update file with Git on Windows

I recent installed Git and I’m trying to update a file using this command: (On windows 7) git add Probe.txt But it says “fatal: pathspec ‘probe’ did not match any files” I’m in the directory which the file is. In fact, if I try git status I get “modified: Probe.txt“. How should I update my […]

Setting the git describe as a shell variable

I’d like to create a directory based on the output of the git describe command. This does not work: set NAME = git describe mkdir %NAME% What should I do?

Setting jenkins git returns “Host key verification failed” error

I want to put one of my jenkins projects into source code management with git. However, when I typed git@gitlab.com:myGitlabAccount/myProjectName.git into Repository URL under Source Code Management tab in the project configuration page. I saw the following error message: Failed to connect to repository : Command “git.exe ls-remote -h git@gitlab.com:myGitlabAccount/myProjectName.git” returned status code 128: stdout: […]

How to enable using Git repository with files with long paths for all users?

On Windows using git repository with long paths causes errors for example for pull: “Fatal: cannot create directory at PATH: Filename too long”. To solve that all repository users can add “longpaths = true” to their .gitconfig files. But how can I do this so that other users don’t have to worry about it and […]

Why save files with CR LF on Windows > 8?

I develop and use Git on both Windows and Linux. When using IDEs or Git on Windows, I’m frequently prompted on whether to save files with CR LF or not. I am doing mainly C# and JavaScript ES6 development which involves code that contains multi-line strings. What reasons are there to save files with CR […]

How to delete stashes as a batch?

How can I delete some of my Git stashes at once? I tried in sourceTree, but it seems I can only delete one stash at a time. Can I delete several of them at the same time? Is there a command to do this in git bash? I don’t want to delete all of them.

How can I deal with a git repo containing symlinks on windows

As part of our code repository, we have a symlink which is internal to the working tree. Zend -> ZendFramework1.10/library/Zend This works fine for all the developers running Linux or OS X, but we’re now getting some people trying to use the repository on Windows. The functionality of the symlink can be replicated by deleting […]

Can git retain file owner, permissions, ACLs, and file attributes on a local Windows NTFS machine?

If I commit some code on a Windows machine with an NTFS hard drive into git, and then check it back out again in a another directory, will it retain my original Owner, NTFS permissions ACLs, and file attributes? If so will it automatically break inheritance to do so, or does it require a setting […]

How to check the URL of current git repository with TortoiseGit?

I am new to git and have currently switched from Bitbucket to Github, but have not yet deleted the Bitbucket repository. I have a folder in my computer, but am unsure whether that folder is from the github or the bitbucket repository. Is there a way I can check the URL of the repository with […]

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