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git cannot execute python-script as hook

I have created a little pre-commit hook in python. This hook works like a charm under Linux, but in Windows it keeps telling me: error: cannot spawn .git/hooks/pre-commit: No such file or directory I know there have been similar questions here about the same issue and the conclusion seams to be the shebang. My script […]

How do I get git to stop changing newlines in my files?

I’m using git/github with Eclipse/EGit on Windows. Something — not sure if it’s git or EGit — is modifying my files by playing games with newlines. Leaving aside the mystery of what a version control is doing modifying files by itself, how do I configure this software so it never, ever, changes my files?

TortoiseGit Error – Could not get all refs. libgit2 returned: corrupted loose reference file

I just got an error after a recent commit using Tortoise Git: “Could not get all refs. libgit2 returned: corrupted loose reference file” which pops up when I go to check the Log. Any ideas on how to rectify this?

git windows add symlink file as file

I have big (more 1000 files) VS C# project in git. I need create small demo project and use 10 files from big project. I create new solution with project and add 10 files with mklink (symlink) from big to small. All changes in files are in big and small project. Now i need add […]

How do I install git-subtree with Cygwin in Windows 7?

I’m struggling to install git–subtree with Cygwin and there hasn’t been any good tutorials online focused on building from source in Windows. Have you ever had this issue, and what is the best strategy to tackle it?

.gitignore NuGet packages folder at any level but include .targets file at any level

I’m trying to implement the workaround for the NuGet Package Restore Issues. This involves ignoring the contents of all packages folders, at any level in the hierarchy. However, .targets files (typically in subfolders of packages folders) should not be ignored. For example: .gitignore YourProject/ YourProject.csproj packages/ repositories.config Microsoft.Bcl.Build.1.0.7/ lib/ foo.dll tools/ Microsoft.Bcl.Build.targets Should include only […]

how to make windows remember my passphrase key?

I’m new to using git. Each time I want to push my file to github, it’s always show me notification to enter my passphrase. Ex: Enter passphrase for key ‘/c/Users/.ssh/id_rsa’: I want my git remember the passphrase for me. How should I possibly do that on windows 7? I’ve already read the help page here […]

Using Git as a source control for webdevelopment and multiple environment

Little context: We are a team of 6 developers working a web application. Since launch we have been using CVS as our source control system on a Windows server using ColdFusion w/ Eclipse. With all the hype around Git and distributed systems lately we thought we would check it out. As a standard web application […]

Access denied to file on windows 7 for Administrator account

I want to delete my git repository (.git folder) created by git on my windows 7 box. It says access denied to .git/refs/header folder. I open a console with Administrator role, issue command “takeown /F heads /A /R”, it still says “ERROR: Access is denied.”, neither can i do via GUI security dialog. Any suggestion? […]

Get CruiseControl to talk to github with the correct public key

Has anybody installed git and ControlControl and got CruiseControl to pull from GitHub on a window 2003 server. I keep getting ‘public key errors (access denied)‘ – Which is good i suppose as that confirms git is talking to GitHub. However what is not good is that I don’t not know where to install the […]

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