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cmake: You have called ADD_LIBRARY for library cryptopp without any source files

Windows 64bit using cmake to compile c++ project: github.com/iHateInventNames/synergy-through-usb I fixed a previous issue in this post: Compile issues: LIBUSB_1 with cmake project on Windows So when I hit cmake now I get the following error: > cmake . — Found libusb-1.0: — – Includes: C:/local/libs/libusbx — – Libraries: C:/local/libs/libusbx/libusb-1.0.lib You have called ADD_LIBRARY for […]

How to create files and folders automatically through Terminal?

How can the grouped/generalised Linux commands work on Windows env? (using Windows RT 2012). I am using Git BASH but can’t achieve the following: At the project root, I try the following to create lib folder and its subfolders mkdir -p lib/{login, signup, users, posts} touch !!:2/{package.json, index.js} The one below works but I want […]

How to re-download whole repository in Git

We are team of users, who work on Windows, our Remote is in Bitbucket (Linux/UNIX) and our application is being deployed to Linux machine. We didn’t pay attention to line endings, until one day we found out, that .sh scripts on our laptops have CRLF line endings. We decided to set core.autocrlf to false, so […]

How to merge from upstream branch?

Here is my git setup (we use Git + Atlassian Stash in our corporate network): upstream: master origin (my fork of ‘upstream’): master branch1 (branch of master, with a few commits on top of it) clone (local; clone of ‘origin’): master branch1 (ahead of ‘origin:branch1’ by 1 commit) What I want to do: I want […]

Is it possible to have multiple local git repositories in the same folder?

and thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am currently working with Unity Engine – which requires certain files to be in certain folders within the project directory. For example, lets say I have this hypothetical project – LameGame. My folders would look like this ./LameGame ./LameGame/Assets ./LameGame/Assets/Resources ./LameGame/Assets/Editor ./LameGame/Assets/Plugins ./LameGame/Assets/Scripts […]

Changing my mind about the PATH when setting up Git for Windows

I have Git on my Windows 7 computer, and when I set it up, I chose Git Bash only, to be safe. Now, I want to install Aptana Studio 3, and one of the requirements is that I have Git, with the ability to use Git from the command line, which I understand is not […]

The colors are jacked up when using Vimdiff from Git in Windows

I have configured Git to use Vimdiff as its diff/merge tool on a Windows machine. It works, but the colors are messed up. First, it won’t show any syntax highlighting, no matter how much I tell it to turn the syntax on and set the filetype. Second, the colorscheme is obnoxious, but when I do […]

Heroku – Fatal error when pushing to a git repository

I use Git Bash to push my files to a git repository. It was fine when I did this: heroku login git add . but I tried this: `git push heroku master the following error came up: fatal: ‘heroku’ does not appear to be a git repository fatal: could not read from remote repository Please […]

How to prevent QtCreator from managing Git

Each time I create a new file in QtCreator, it asks me if I want to add it to the Git repository, each time I delete one, it asks me if I want to remove it. I don’t need QtCreator to do all that since I manage Git myself with TortoiseGit. Moreover, QtCreator is less […]

How to merge branches with different case on windows in GIT?

My colleague created by accident a branch named develop-client (lower case ‘c’) from our main branch “develop-Client” (upper case ‘C’). We all work on windows. Now, how I can merge the develop-client back into develop-Client? Git in windows sees both branches as one, so when I try do “git merge –no-ff origin/develop-client” (when I am […]

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