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Permission denied (publickey) when setting up Jenkins

I am setting up Jenkins on a Win 2008 server machine and am having some trouble configuring Jenkins to connect to GitHub. I get the following error: Command “git.exe fetch -t git@github.com:USER/REPO.git +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*” returned status code 128: Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly ERROR: Could not fetch from any repository FATAL: […]

How to prevent that the password to decrypt the private key has to be entered every time when using Git Bash on Windows?

I’ve an automatic building service which download from a git private repository. The problem is that when it tries to clone repository it need to provide the password, because it is not remembered; so because there is no human interaction, it waits forever the password. How can I force it to remember from id_rsa.pub?

Why git can't remember my passphrase under Windows

I have just start using git and i can’t get it to remember my passphrase I’m using cmd.exe elevated and my git host is github and i have create a ssh key like that guide on github but i still get *\subnus.mvc>git push origin master Enter passphrase for key ‘/c/Users/Subnus/.ssh/id_rsa’:

Git on Windows: How do you set up a mergetool?

I’ve tried msysGit and Git on Cygwin. Both work just fine in and of themselves and both run gitk and git-gui perfectly. Now how the heck do I configure a mergetool? (Vimdiff works on Cygwin, but preferably I would like something a little more user-friendly for some of our Windows-loving coworkers.)

Git – How to use .netrc file on windows to save user and password

Is it possible to use a .netrc file on windows when I’m using Git to clone a remote repository with http and user – password?

Filename too long in git for windows

I’m using Git-1.9.0-preview20140217 for Windows. As I know, this release should fix the issue with too long filenames. But not for me. Surely I’m doing something wrong: I did git config core.longpaths true and git add . then git commit. Everything went well. But when I now do a git status, I get a list […]

Git Symlinks in Windows

The problem: Our developers use a mix of Windows and Unix based OS’s. Therefore, symlinks created on Unix machines become a problem for Windows developers. In windows (msysgit), the symlink is converted to a text file with a path to the file it points to. Instead, I’d like to convert the symlink into an actual […]

How to get Docker to run on a Windows System behind a corporate firewall?

i’m trying to get a working docker-installation following this tutorial: http://docs.docker.io/en/latest/installation/windows/ So far, I got the VM running with a manually downloaded repository (followed the github-link and downloaded as zip, because “git clone” didnt work behind my corporate proxy, even after setting up the proxy with “git conf –global http.proxy …” – it kept asking […]

Setup a Git server with msysgit on Windows

My friends and I are trying to setup Git for Windows using the tutorial Git Server: Gitosis and Cygwin on Windows, but we just keep running into problems. What would a “Setup Git Server” guide for Windows using msysgit be like? There is a comment in the tutorial above suggesting it can’t be done with […]

Remove credentials from Git

I’m working with several repositories, but lately I was just working in our internal one and all was great. Today I had to commit and push code into other one, but I’m having some troubles. $ git push appharbor master error: The requested URL returned error: 403 while accessing https://gavekortet@appharbor.com/mitivo.git/info/refs?service=git-receive-pack fatal: HTTP request failed There […]

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