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How to get changed lines only in diff in TortoiseGit or with Windows?

I have two (big) files and what I need is to extract changed/added lines only. Is a plain text file (CSV). Simply return and save a third file with these lines.. UPDATE I resolved with DiffMerge using the “Show Differences Only” function built in described here. By the way, I still require a solution that […]

`git add` doesn't add files to track on Windows

I have a local folder which I wanted to convert to a Git repository and then push to a remote repository. I ran the command git init in the project folder and then used the command git add .. When I run the command git status, I get the message that I have untracked files. […]

Git colors don't display in Windows command prompt

I assume that it’s because of the color setting in my config file, but I’ve tried changing that to no avail. Maybe I’m not doing that right? Notice that Git Bash shows branch color in green, but on window cl it’s not showing at all! $ git branch * add_bower *<~~~ only the asterisk appears […]

Deleting broken reposotory in Bonobo

I had some sort of errant script that somehow put a copy of a repo in my Bonobo server. Then Bonobo picked it up with the message Discovered in file system. I deleted it from said filesystem but now I can’t get it to delete from bonobo, I have a (missing) tag on the repo. […]

Gitlab private project accept push from anyone

I think I made a mistake in configuring my local git, but I can’t see anything anywhere. This is something that scares me a lot, as it allows anyone who uses this computer full access to all my personnal projects. I hope I just did something wrong, and can fix it safely. Here is what […]

Receiving an unknown protocol error with Git for windows

I’m trying to set up a Ruby on Rails application (OpenProject) on a windows server with IIS. I’ve got the new Helicon Zoo v4 (https://github.com/helicontech/zoo) up and running so far with Ruby 2.3 and the basic Ruby template installed. When I go to run the install script for OpenProject: bundle install –deployment –without postgres sqlite […]

Python Git Bash CMD Script

The code is pretty straightforward, it just opens windows command prompt and executes the calling() function. It has basic git commands which help me push to a git repo. I have configured ssh and remote repo. Link:https://github.com/vivekpatani/git-script-gitter I can change the date, but when I push it to git, it displays the current date on […]

Git : Self-made file has line-ending problems

So, I have this new repo where I’m trying to start a collaborative project. I have already pushed .gitignore and .gitattributes (handling auto-crlf) files to it. My .gitattributes file is: # Set the default behavior, in case people don’t have core.autocrlf set. * text=auto # Explicitly declare text files you want to always be normalized […]

Git: rename directory (case-only) on Windows

I want to rename a directory versioned by Git on a Windows system (change the case of the directory name): $ git mv docs DOCS Rename from ‘docs’ to ‘DOCS/docs’ failed. Should I try again? (y/n) n fatal: renaming ‘docs’ failed: Permission denied I’ve also tried with the force-option – but with the same result: […]

Git 2.13 conditional config on windows

Git version: 2.13.0.windows.1 OS: Windows 7 CLI: Git bash .gitconfig [user] name = Gyandeep Singh email = private@email.com [push] default = current [core] autocrlf = input [includeIf “gitdir: ~/Documents/webstorm/corporate/”] path = .gitconfig-work .gitconfig-work [user] name = Gyandeep Singh email = corporate@email.com Both the config files above sit together in the same directory (home). What happened: […]

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