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windows 10 git shell gitignore and VC.db

the foo.vc.db file is rendering git unusable. I downloaded a gitignore file from https://github.com/github/gitignore/blob/master/VisualStudio.gitignore . now it seems to have the right stuff as *.VC.db is there, however when I do git pull I see git is NOT ignoring my foo.VC.db file and the merge fails

How to clone git repository using ansible under microsoft windows

Ansible 2.1, control host under centos7, number of windows 10 as clients. I need to clone git reposritory on remote side, but no idea how to do this: there is no windows native module linux module doesn’t work I’ve tried something like: – name: clone repositories git: repo: “{{ item.repo }}” dest: “C:\openserver\domains\{{ domain_name }}\{{ […]

Git how to access repository Windows local machine?

I installed Git for Windows in order to clone and pull a project hosted on a remote Linux server. In my repository (D:/repositories/my-project) I launch the following commands git clone server@ git pull origin master So far so good. I pull the project files whenever modifications are applied on the server. But now I’d like […]

“Open git bash here” and “Open command prompt here” disappeared from Windows explorer context menu

Short of re-installing git or editing the relevant registry key that adds context menus to the shell myself, I was wondering if there was another way to bring back the “Git Bash Here” and “Open command window here” menus? I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

Can't clone repository with git on windows

I try to checkout repository on Windows 7 machine with git.exe: C:/tmp>git –version git version 2.12.0.windows.1 C:/tmp>git clone https://someuser@bitbucket.org/somcomp/someproj.git Cloning into ‘somproj’… remote: Counting objects: 11762, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (7028/7028), done. Receiving objects: 100% (11762/11762), 48.36 MiB | 1.30 MiB/s, done. remote: Total 11762 (delta 5706), reused 10135 (delta 4230) Resolving deltas: 100% […]

How to pipe bash script output to a file on windows

I am running on Windows 7. I have a bash script which runs fine from a Windows command prompt using “C:\Program Files\Git\git-cmd.exe” “C:\path\myBashScript.sh” 17.1. I can see it running in a new bash window, the output looks fine and it closes. What I want to do is capture the output in a file for further […]

How to track *.dll versions in Git?

At the moment we are establishing a local company Git server for a library written in C#. Our library is full of external *.dlls which have to be included. They will be updated from time to time with new versions. Is it possible to setup the Git .config file so that developer sees the difference […]

.gitconfig installed on wrong drive on Windows 10

I have a machine running Windows 10. It has a SSD C: and another hard drive Z: I’ve successfully installed git onto Z (by choosing Z:/Program Files in the installer), but .gitconfig was installed to C:/~. This is fine most of the time (committing, pushing, and pulling are all okay), but some commands are extremely […]

How to run git-bash commands from Python Fabric on Windows

We’re using Python 2.7 Fabric 1.13 on Windows 12 Server, on which is also installed Git-Bash for it’s almost linux-like terminal. Amazingly, we’ve gotten it all to work – almost. It’s a hodgepodge, but seems less clunky than Cygwin. I have a script in my user’s ~/.bash_profile which works fine when I run it manually […]

Why doesn't .gitignore.txt file show it's name in windows10?

Recently I scaffolded a project with webapp generator. It created two files .gitignore and .gitattributes. Both show a file extention of type Text Document But when I press F12 to edit any one’s name then it has empty name. Here is the snapshot: My question is why don’t window show the name as .gitignore?

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