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Git slow sometimes

When using git on windows normally (such as git push and git pull), it will sometimes be very slow. Running git pull over and over again returns within two seconds most of the time, but about 1/6 of attempts take about a minute. I have set git config –global core.preloadindex and git config –global core.fscache […]

Cannot use remote repository in a composer on windows

I have a repository with library. It could be successfully cloned. $ git clone file:////remote/repo/library $ cd library $ composer validate ./composer.json is valid, but with a few warnings But it seems that this repostory cannot be used via a composer inclusion. … “repositories”: [ { “type”: “git”, “url”: “file:////remote/repo/library” }] … Trying to install […]

Get out of a folder using Git Bash

I am using Git Bash and trying a few things like making a ‘commit’ and ‘push’ in github. I want to get out of the current directory (C:\user\myUsername\app) and land in the “C:\user\myUsername” folder. what commands do I write in Git Bash? I am using git for the first time.

Does Git work in Windows?

I work on Linux all the time and I’m clueless about Windows, not even having a Windows box. Is Git nowadays working on Windows? Or am I making problems for my Windows pals by using it?

Adding Git to PATH Variable – Can't find GitHub under AppData/Local

I was following this guide here on how to add Git to my Path variable so I can use it from the command line (Not just Git Bash). Installing Git in PATH with GitHub client for Windows To quote an answer, Git was supposedly located here Get the Git URL We need to get the […]

Unable to run git from command line

I have installed GIT for Windows right now. And when I am running this into my symfony project to reinstall the vendors by php bin/vendors install –reinstall Then i am getting an error git’ is not recognized as internal or external command I have set the environmental variables also as c:/programme files/git/cmd Now what should […]

Why do long results from Git commands kill my PowerShell prompt?

I am using Git Shell (the module for PowerShell) on Windows. It’s the one that got installed when I installed Git for Windows. When I run a command that results in a lot of text such as git log I get a page of results and then a “:” at the bottom of the screen. […]

Why can't Git Bash run my executable?

I am on git-for-windows Git Bash. I can’t run an executable on the command line: Pedr@Abc-07 MINGW64 /c/dev $ ls sqlite3.exe sqlite3.exe* Pedr@Abc-07 MINGW64 /c/dev $ sqlite3 bash: sqlite3: command not found Why is it so?

How does one run git-p4 in Windows?

It doesn’t look like git-p4 is part of the MSys-Git project for Windows. Does anybody know how to get it running through Windows?

Android Studio and Git – How do I GPG-sign my commits?

According to this link, I simply need to include the -S switch to sign my commit using my GPG key, but I don’t see how I can use that in Android Studio. How do I sign my commits in Android Studio? EDIT: I appreciate that OSX solutions are coming along, but I’d really like to […]

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