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Unable to access JENKINS web pages after setting the HOME environment variable

I am struggling to get Jenkins to work with SSH and after looking at a number of questions and answers the answer seems to involve setting the Windows Environment variable HOME. When I set this environment variable and restart JENKINS, Jenkins starts properly but i can’t access it via the URL: http://localhost:8080 Once I get […]

Is it possible to add a git submodule with recursive flag?

I am adding a submodule to my project which contains another git repo. To get the module I ran: git submodule add git://github.com/biakaveron/debug-toolbar.git modules/debug-toolbar Then ran: git submodule update –init –recursive Which generated this error: fatal: Not a git repository: ../../../../../../..//d/websites/project/.git/modules/modules/debug-toolbar/modules/vendor/firephp Failed to recurse into submodule path ‘modules/debug-toolbar’ I have run into similar problems before. […]

EGit: Cloning bare remote repository, no master?

I’m in the process of convincing my team to move to using git for version control (from svn). The major hurdle seems to be convincing them that it’s not going to be too complicated for others. To alleviate that, I’m attempting to create clear documentation. I need some help though with Eclipse/EGit, since I’m not […]

Non-interactive “git clean -fdx”

I’m building a thing that processes incoming file packages, but I have the rather serious problem that I can’t sanitize the incoming data until it’s in a position to break the processing, and it breaks it such a way that simply restarting the process doesn’t fix it. My current best solution is to git clean […]

TortoiseGit fails on clone and push

TortoiseGit fals on cloning and push cloned repo. I’m using ToroiseGit and msysgit. Using valid keys. And console thing (git-cmd.bat) works correctly! But TortoiseGit does’t, what’s wrong? fatal: ‘myrepo’ does not appear to be a git repository fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the […]

Git on Windows fails to push local branch

I installed Git Client in Windows and have created a initial branch locally. Currently I am trying to push the first version to the Git Server. But it does not get through successfully. I received the following error message: Pushing to git@(my_git_server).git FATAL ERROR: Network error: Connection timed out fatal: The remote end hung up […]

Git has huge performance issues on windows

I always knew Git ran better on POSIX compliant systems. However, since I recently joined a windows development team for the first time I’m having my first real life experience with a large Git repository on windows (7). To make a long story short the performance is horrible and is a huge productivity issue. The […]

Why would deleting working files and then calling Git reset hard result in different statuses

This is happening on a repo on Windows 7 using Git 1.8.3 I have a group of files that when I follow this workflow: delete them locally (using the file system) git reset –hard git status some of the files will show up as changed, and some will not, but which ones are in each […]

Are git versions compatible between windows and linux

does somebody know, if windows and linux versions are compatible? I need to know because I need to share the disk where my local reposities are between linux and win, which runs in virtualBox on the linux pc. I develop on linux, but I need to use git on windows when I work remote (because […]

Git – Http – Apache – Windows – fatal: git-http-push failed

Thank you for your time to see this thread. Facing an issue while push to git repository. Tried multiple solutions and threads in stakeoverflow but all the at last getting following error while push. error: Cannot access URL http://localhost:82/Repo1.git/, return code 22 fatal: git-http-push failed I am able to clone successfully but not able to […]

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