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smartgit compare remote repository with local repository before pull or push

I’m very new to using git so I’m probably just missing something simple here. I have a remote repository (Bonobo, windows git) and a local repository. There is only 1 branch called master. I’m only working with 1 other developer, Bob. Let’s start with both Bob and I have smartgit (Windows client) and we have […]

Permission Denied (publickey) – Git Bash on Windows

I’m setting up Git Bash on my Windows 10 PC with the intent of using it with Gitlab. Despite setting everything up correctly, a git clone or git push always results in Permission denied (publickey). Before you say it, I’ve looked extensively at all answers to similar problems, and on top of that, I’m fairly […]

Case typo on path in msysgit

I went out to my github repo and discovered that I had inadvertently added files to msysgit with a typo. Instead of adding files to a directory called “Domain”, I added them to “DOmain”. I tried git mv, but the path is case-insensitive in Windows and the move fails. What’s the best way to resolve […]

Python – Unix commands not recognized in Jupyter

I have installed Git Bash, python 3.6 and Anaconda for the course which requires me to use Unix commands within Jupyter, such as !ls, !cat, !head etc. However, for each of these commands I get (e.g.): ‘ls’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I am using Windows […]

Trouble connecting to my git repository from windows to linux

I have git installed on my local windows 7 PC. I can commit there. I have git installed on my linux dev server. I can commit there. I have successfully cloned to each machine a github repository. So they seem to be working in that sense. But I’d like to be able to push from […]

How to work on a windows IDE while my Git repository is on Linux (using VMPlayer)

I want to develop on 2 systems – using Linux (ubuntu) for server/git repo while having my IDE (RubyMine) in Win7. What is the best approach to configure my environment so the files will be shared between the systems, and also that my Win RubyMine will work correctly with git?

Setup git over ssh in Rubymine on Windows

I found a lot of threads about how to setup git over ssh with msysgit and putty/plink, but rubymine seems to use its own git and ssh implementation (see error message below). Currently I have putty, msysgit, TortoiseGit and rubymine installed. My repository has two remotes: [remote “origin”] url = ssh://mygituser@ [remote “origin_putty”] url = […]

Threadscope's gettext.sh file interferes with git on Windows

When I run git commands, I’m noticing I get strange messages wrt a totally unrelated program, namely threadscope, which I use for obtaining information on my parallel Haskell programs. git stash ‘: not a valid identifier/threadscope-0.2.2/bin/gettext.sh: line 90: export: `dashless ‘: not a valid identifier/threadscope-0.2.2/bin/gettext.sh: line 90: export: `USAGE ‘: not a valid identifier/threadscope-0.2.2/bin/gettext.sh: line […]

Getting files from a Git repository

This is a rather embarrassing question, but I am rather pressed for time, and can get on with other work while someone far more knowledgeable in Git than me could answer it in seconds. I’ve just done a fetch from a remote repo, but I have no working copy files. I’m using Git GUI on […]

How to pull and check-out remote Git repository

OK, total noob question, for msysgit on Windows 7, but I have a remote repository (on unfuddle), create on one PC, and now I want to pull it down to another PC. I tried ‘Fetch’ using Git Gui, but the folder still only has a .git subfolder. It took a while pulling it down, so […]

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