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Git commit with invalid character on Windows

I got a Git repository that I accidentally pushed a file 4 commits ago that is located in (path relative to the repository root folder): /Core/C:/testoutput/agwqe1s.xml I did this on my Linux machine, so the actual file was created without any problem. The thing is when I go back to my Windows machine, I can’t […]

Git mergetool on Windows keeps being given filepath from Git install rather than repository root

I want to use SemanticMerge as my mergetool in Git, but when I try to perform a merge, I get a complaint from SemanticMerge saying that it cannot locate the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\my_repo_name\my_project\MyFile.cs.BASE.1234.cs – which is absolutely correct as it should be at C:\repositories\my_repo_name\my_project\MyFile.cs and so on. For some reason although Git is working […]

git “fatal: .git/index: index file open failed: Permission denied”

So, I have been working on a project and have been using git to push to github, and then suddenly today after I have been working for a little while I went to git add and got fatal: .git/index: index file open failed: Permission denied I can’t think of anything I have done recently on […]

Git for Windows using Beyond Compare

I’m a newcomer to git and I’ve having difficulty configuring a visual diff/merge tool. I’ve configured git as per the instructions on http://www.scootersoftware.com/support.php?zz=kb_vcs#gitwindows but when i run git difftool file.txt the diff is shown on the console, no errors are shown and beyond compare isn’t launched. Any ideas what the issue might be? Thanks James […]

How to install go-sql-driver on Windows

I am trying to install go-sql-driver on Windows Vista but I am having problems with GOPATH. I installed git as suggested and added GOPATH as a new user environment in Windows with path C:/users/A/desktop/go. I ran go get github.com/go-sql-driver/mysql in the command line but it gives me this error: C:\>go get github.com/go-sql-driver/mysql go: missing Git […]

Diff Word docx files in Sourcetree on Windows 7

I have been trying to get a text diff of Word .docx files working in Sourcetree on Windows 7. I have followed the instructions here Using Microsoft Word with git to use Pandoc and can get it working from the command line. Unfortunately I can’t get that diff to appear in Sourcetree. Is there something […]

LF Versus CRLF Line Endings in Windows Batch Files

I have a mixed Ubuntu, OS X and Windows git repository containing .bat and .cmd files targeted for use on Windows 7 and greater. core.autocrlf is set to input, and so post-checkout these files have LF line endings in my working directory instead of the CRLF line-endings I started out with. Will this cause problems […]

ezyang / git-ftp on Windows

I have been trying to install git-ftp from https://github.com/ezyang/git-ftp on my windows. I know most of git-ftp need cygwin or just cant be install on windows but, since its coded in Python and you can install a Python interpreter on windows, i tough i could install it. I installed Python 3.2, added it to my […]

Solr configuration and setup under Git source control

I’ve got Solr running as a service on windows. I used NSSM (http://nssm.cc/) to set up the service to automatically start. The web server is Jetty. I’d like to have my Solr directory under source control in Git because the configuration changes (and sometimes plugin changes) need to be picked up by all team members. […]

'git' is not recognized as an internal or external command

I created Android Project in Android Studio, now that I would like to push it into my repository. When I enter the following command in Android Studio terminal: git remote add origin https://………. The following error is returned: git is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.` How can […]

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