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Visual Studio Tools for Git pushes to the wrong branch

On GitHub’s site, I created a branch similarly named to dev–foo-bar#123. In Visual Studio I checked out that branch and made a commit to it. When I pushed the changes, it pushed to a new branch called dev–foo-bar (without the #123). Is there some reason Visual Studio cannot handle a branch name with a ‘#’ […]

Version Number in Assembly, GIT and TFService

Until now we used version numbers like 2.4.1 for our VB.NET products. We set them manualy. Now we start to use GIT with Team Foundation Service and want to improve the version number handling. The aim is simple: The format should be Major.Minor.Build.Revision. With Revision automatically inscreasing for each compile. The Build should increase for […]

Is There Any Idea where is the git menu in the visual studio 2012

I installed git source control provider on visual studio 2012 (such as: tools -> Extensions and updates then search git and install git source control provider) but i can’t see “git” menu. I installed git extensions with “Visual Studio 11 Integration” and TortoiseGit. I can connect github with these and i can use all git […]

Same file in two locations using git

I’ve got a library project that has an associated JavaScript file, that any web sites using the library will have to include. In the source control, the js file belongs to the library (which is right). However, when running/debugging/changing the application it is really convenient to treat the file as belonging to the web project […]

Problems building a cloned project using GIT for Visual Studio 2012

I started a new solution and created three sub-projects: Domain (Class Library) Web (ASP.Net MVC 4) Unit Test Project After that, I just pushed my files to GitHub repository using GIT for Visual Studio 2012 update 2. The files are pushed just fine (bin folder is not pushed). I went to my other computer and […]

Why doesn't switching back to master from a branch change my files?

I created a branch called test. git branch test git checkout test Then I made a bunch of changes. Added files, changed files, ect. When I checkout master all the branch changes are still there. I thought the code would go back to the way it was before I branched? Am I not understanding the […]

TFS client, GIT backend?

We’ve been using Subversion to maintain our .Net applications forever. Management has decided to force TFS on us. However, there might be some wiggle room to use GIT as our backend repository. With the up coming VS2012 SP2 it seems that might be an option. My question is (I can’t seem to glean this from […]

Visual Studio Tool for GIT work with Gitblit

I have successful in integrate Visual studio tool for Git to work with Gitblit server. But i have an error below when i push file: An error was raised by libgit2. Category = Net (Error). Early EOF Everything seem ok when i check the data on the gitblit server. Nothing is missing

Visual Studio not showing Git commit options in context menu

I have an existing Bitbucket Git project and I have installed Visual Studio Tools for Git from here My visual studio didn’t show any thing at all to signify I’d done this until I went into tools>options>source control and changed it from none to “Microsoft Git provider” Now my solution explorer shows little padlocks and […]

How to untrack files & folders in a Visual Studio 2012 Git project

There are some files and folders that I want to untrack them in Visual Studio 2012. How can I do that?

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