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How to push on GitHub from Visual Studio 2010?

I have installed GitExtensions and Git Source Control Provider Options. But after committing whenever I am trying to push something to the repository. Nothing is getting pushed. What is happening? I am not well-versed with Git. Any help would be great. Here’s a screenshot:

Using different source control providers with different instances of Visual Studio

I’m in a situation where I need to merge multiple branches of a codebase, one from TFS and one in held by git, into git. But it seems that two instances of VS share a single setting for source code provider so, for example if I want to check the history of a file in […]

git thinking file is unmodified(possibly visual studio)

So when I try to do git add git doesn’t include it because it thinks it is unmodified. But just 10 seconds before, I modified it in visual studio C# 2010 express and saved it. Although git still thinks it is unmodified. But if I edit it with notepad++(I’m sure any other program would work […]

Use Git list output to copy files for archiving

I’m currently helping to maintain a project for a client remotely. I’m the only developer ergo some of my unorthodox approaches/thinking. the problem The client is using Visual Studio 2010 + Team Foundation Server for their source control. I am working on a Mac over VPN and have tried several approaches to make committing to […]

Show list of tasks to asssociate when commiting to a git repository from Visual Studio 2008-2013

We are swapping from TFVC to GIT and using TFS2013, IDE enviroments VS2010 VS2008 – we cannot convert projects to higher version. Now my task is to find out if there is way, where you can commit on a Task with having overview what Tasks that are assigned to me. And can one choose from […]

DLL locked – Visual Studio 2010 C++

I’m currently logged onto a machine and my current problem involves a custom build step that has trouble copying a .dll to the Bin directory because Windows says it cannot access the file because it’s currently being used by another process. I’m able to reproduce this on several other projects. The sequence of events is […]

IE tries to download pages as binary when they have compilation errors

I have an asp.net mvc3 Razor app being developed in VS2010 using Git for source control. Since I moved to a new machine, compilation errors in my cshtml, instead of getting a nice informative yellow screen of death, I get the following behavior: in Chrome: nonesense characters; in IE: message that IE can’t download the […]

Changes to VS2010 solution won't commit to GitHub repository

I’ve been having a hard time with Git since I started using it. It’s a learning curve that I want to beat. I’ve read thru the manuals and FAQs and several other sites but I’m still not seeing the behavior that I expect and hoping someone that’s using VS2010 with GiHub can’t give me the […]

Visual Studio 2010 – automatic git commit, push when file is saved

Is there a way to have Visual Studio 2010 automatically commit a file and push it to a git repository when the file is saved? I would like to be able to have a pop up box appear to allow me to write the commit message on save. I feel that this would force some […]

My code refactoring cannot understand by git

I have visual studio project, recently i refactor my project, so no code modified, the functions just moved to and from. But my git extensions(Visual studio plugin for git) reports lines are deleted in one place and insert in other place. Why it happen. Is there any way to tell git no changes has been […]

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