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Git (SourceTree): Repository not Found

I use SourceTree to manage my git repositories hosted in visual studio online. I never had problems pushing my changes in the past but out of the blue I suddenly encountered this error: git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false push -v –tags origin master:master fatal: repository ‘[visual-studio-online-repo]’ not found Pushing to [visual-studio-online-repo] Completed with errors, see […]

Managing Multiple Git Repo's in Visual Studio NOT in TFS

I’m new to Git moving from TFVC (TFS 2013) backed by Atlassian Stash (Git server) to integrate better with Atlassian’s stack (Bamboo, etc.). I’m following the pattern of NOT putting all projects in one monolithic repository. However, Visual Studio does not recognize the other repositories it seems and I can only commit to my main […]

How to delete unnecessary files from the repository

I have a repository (Git) with the code, I made a few commands push. But I forgot to do .gitignore file and now I’m in the repository files with the extension .pyc. Is removing them manually give any effect? Is there any command?

Why git merge generate two same change history after push the merged commit?

I have merged develope branch to master branch, then pushed the origin to remote. As a result there are two same change history and the merged history is the same of the last commit in the develop branch. The merged and commited master branch is always 1 commit ahead than develop branch, Why? At last, […]

What Wiki Supports Feature Branches?

In our development workflow, like most git-based shops, we have a production branch, a master/dev branch, feature branches where developers work on features, and release branches where things go through QA. I need a (preferably git-based) wiki system that supports the same workflow and can’t find one anywhere. Surely such software exists… but where? It […]

Unable to Commit Changes to Git in Android Studio 1.0.2

I am using Android Studio 1.0.2 with Git on Windows 8.1 (64 Bit). I have a local Git Repository which is being pushed to BitBucket online. The VCS seems to work fine in, until I ask it to commit my changes. In The commit changes windows I can see the files that have changed . […]

Bitbucket plugin can't connect in Android Studio

I recently downloaded the Bitbucket plugin for Android Studio (I’m running 1.1.0). Initially, I downloaded it from this link (https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/6207?pr=phpStorm) which should be compatible with Android studio. When I tried to clone a project in my repo, it prompted me for login credentials. I entered them, but it tells me that I can’t connect to […]

Gitlab produces 500 error after committing several new files

After adding several new files to my project, upon submitting a merge request Git presents an error with the following text; “500. We’re sorry but something went wrong. Please contact your GitLab administrator if this problem persists.” I have tested with a separate commit which worked fine suggesting that it is the content that I […]

git flow for separate branch

Project now has develop and master branch. everytime, when need release new versions, we use: git flow release publish v.x git flow release finish v.x git push origin master git push origin develop git push –tags now, something changed, the project needs to have a separate branch to publish special versions. This branch has codes […]

How to handle a Git repository with >100k test files?

I am migrating a fairly big project to Git. The project divides in ~30k source code files and ~100k unit test files. I see two options for the migration: (1) Put all files into one repository. The huge number of files will make git operations slow (see here). Slow operations will annoy my developers (especially […]

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