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How can I rebase work on a feature branch after I've already merged it back

Working on a project with git, I have two feature branches, call them dev-a and dev-b, branched from my develop branch (which is branched from master). I worked on dev-a for a bit, finished it, and merged it back into develop, did a little work on develop, and started on dev-b, worked for a bit, […]

gitignore negations ignored by git for osx xcode project

This question arises from reading and commenting on another question: Git ignore file for Xcode projects While Adam’s answer (and accompanying gist) appears definitive, I cannot actually get it to work. My understanding of the gitignore syntax seems incomplete. My setup: OSX 10.8.2, git version (Apple Git-31.1). There are no global gitignore files. I […]

Git merge issue(s)

I’m pretty new to git so I’m still getting my bearings with the tool. I have a “small” problem involving a merge. Basically the timeline is as follows: Did a rebase from SVN using git-svn bridge Had conflicts which I merged, but never committed Did other work…lots of it and committed a number of other […]

CVCS for people who use DVCS

I normally use Git for my projects at school and other personal projects. For an internship, we have to use an internal source control system that’s very centralized (it seems to be very similar to the workflow of subversion from what I’ve been reading). However, having never used a centralized VCS, I don’t really quite […]

Git checkout remote branch creates locally modified files

I’m working on the trunk of a project locally and need to checkout a remote branch. My working copy is fully up-to-date, and i run git checkout -b RC1 origin/RC1 After that I run git status And it tells me I have about 30 files that are modified and untagged. I open a visual interface […]

Using Git branches to maintain subdomains of a website

I am not an expert in Git, but I have seen this done before (I just didn’t know the actual implementation behind it). I have my main website at www.foobar.com but I want to have a testing subdomain at beta.foobar.com (or if that’s too complicated, a testing dir at foobar.com/beta) Is there a way to […]

How can I git filter-branch with a regular expression to remove files/directories from the history permanently?

Is there a way to pass git filter-branch a regular expression to remove files/directories permanently from the history?

Git: Prevent extern user's from accessing specific branches

I have to deal with the following scenario: Let’s say we have a project and we use git for this purpose. Extern users should be available to work on parts of the code (plugins,…) not directly affected by internal changes. Thus, since git is not able to remove read privileges, what do you think about […]

gitolite/git clone no overwriting previous version

My struggles with git/gitolite continue. I am trying to setup a means of deploying a website/webapp by using the post-receive hook. basically I have a remote repo which is then cloned into a DocumentRoot for apache to serve. My post-receive hook looks like this: document_root=/path/to/document/root echo “deploying to web directory” sudo GIT_WORK_TREE=$document_root git checkout -f […]

How can I repair my git configuration?

I ran git config –global core.worktree and it messed up all of my git repos. How can I undo this change? What’s the default value for core.worktree and how can I set it up?

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