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Undoing my mistake using git reset –hard

I accidentally added some files using git add . . I would like to remove the changes using git reset –hard. When I type so, I get this error message. fatal: Failed to resolve ‘HEAD’ as a valid ref I tried typing git reset –hard HEAD^. Still not able to solve it. How do I […]

Best way of creating lite and extended version of Git project

I have made a little framework for php. In this project I have the basic functionalities that I use for most of my projects. I have also inserted some sample data so I do not forget how it all works again. I have put the framework under version control using git. Everything works fine now […]

Git – multiple repositories?

Is it possible in Git to do the following, easily? Have a ‘main’ repo located at say, GitHub Keep another repository at Bitbucket, and another one on a production server (web host) When local development occurs, I want the push to push changes into GitHub, and push those same changes to the other repositories simultaneously. […]

What does `git fetch origin master:master` mean?

What does git fetch origin master:master mean? I mean the master:master part: I know what git fetch origin means, but what about the master:master part?

in git, what is best way to keep snapshots of different versions?

using git repository, have branches v1.0 through v1.6. like to keep latest of each version in its own directory: /dev /.git /good-stuff /v1.0 … /v1.6 what is the best way to do this? is there any way to recreate the snapshot when a branch is committed? linux server. thinking of a shell script invoking git […]

In git how do you point the MASTER pointer(branch) to another commit without merging?

I was working off of master and made some bad commits C & D. A — B — C — D (MASTER) So I decided to restart the work from the known good commit B because I thought it would be easier than to try and find the mistake inside the C and/or D commits. […]

Copy individual commits between branches, preserving the SHA-1 tag

I want to copy a commit (using its particular SHA-1 tag) from one branch to another. I want it to be an exact copy, resulting in the same SHA-1 tag. How can this be done?

Unable to share project from intellij on github

I am trying to share my project from intellij Idea(12.1.4) to github.I have created an account and followed these to create an account on github and saved the credentials in the IDE settings. Also when I test version Control -> Github, it shows connection successful. But when I go to VCS->Import into version control-> share […]

Delete a specific commit knowing commit id

Lets say i have a repo (git version 1.7.1) that contains following commits A -> B -> C -> D ->E and my HEAD is on E. Now i want to delete C while keeping everything same like A -> B -> D -> E . Can you help me how to do it?

Which Version Control for Drupal?

I am starting to need to work on bigger sites and with multiple people so I know I need to start using some kind of version control. GRRR. While I understand and use Features and Context to put config info into code instead of the DB, I am still confused about what version control system […]

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