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Subgit and svn commit message hook

We are using subgit to sync git and svn and there is a svn hook for checking commits messages format. We found that we are limited on which git action we can perform without violating the svn hook. For example: git commit -m ‘XYZ: abc’ git push. works ok. git tag -a 1.0.0 -m ‘XYZ: […]

Changed AuthorDate and CommitDate after git rebase

As far as i know GIT is tracking two dates for each commit. the AuthorDate stores the original time of the commit the CommitDate originally is set to the same date, but gets changed e.g. if a commit from one branch is pulled into another branch when doing a git rebase I am having a […]

git pull on staging server failing because of local changes

On my staging server I have a cron job that does a git pull every two minutes, most of the times everything works fine, but sometimes I notice that the changes that I pushed to the repo are not pulled, when I inspect the issue and run git pull manually I get an error: error: […]

How to deal with other teams working directly in the production environment?

I work for a team in a large company, tasked with setting up continuous integration for them. The problem is: how do I deal with other teams that work directly in the production environment? The current setup is as follows. Devs within my team work in their own environments, using their own branches. They merge […]

Hot-fix during the ongoing release – merge or cherry-pick?

We are trying to follow the git flow with SourceTree tool from Attlasian with all its magic buttons like: start/finish feature, start/finish release, start/finish hot-fix. So far so good, everything seems to be logical. The tiny problem appears when we need to hot fix while we have an ongoing release branch. So according to the […]

Merge folder from one branch into another with git

I’m working with two branches in a git repository. They are rc and dev. I have a folder in dev src/ that I need to merge into rc. I’ve tried to use git cherry-pick –strategy=recurisve –strategy-option=theirs <commit> method by first creating a shell script to add a new line to all the files in the […]

I can't push my changes to remote server (up to date)

Here is all the need: I have a remote branch (fix branch) called /fix/version-1.x which have two commits: First commit done by user A Second commit by user B (Me) It turned out that this branch is not correct (more precisely my second commit) : there was some implementation error on one file As first […]

Reduce Repo Size on Bitbucket

I’ve realised my repo is coming in at just over 1GB, it seems my .git folder weighs in at 800MB. Why is this and what are the right ways to go about reducing this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Pushing selected changes to production

I am using Git/Heroku for a work application. Usually, changes will be merged into master then pushed to staging then production. But now I need to push only selected changes (patches) to production. How should I do that? Some initial state in master Patch 1 Patch 2 Patch 3 Patch 4 Patch 5 My first […]

What is going wrong in my git svn workflow?

Since I prefer git over svn I’ve tried to clone the svn repository of my company and work on it over git svn. So far this works fine. I can receive svn updates and commit my changes as usual. However I’m having serious issues when changes overlap. I.e. I’ve been working on a feature which […]

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