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Issue resolving conflicts in git

When I do a pull in git and have to do manual conflict resolution, I then do a rebase and I end up having to resolve the same conflicts again. I want to figure out a process where I only have to resolve the conflicts once. Here’s a more detailed description of the process that […]

Is it possible to Redo commits removed by GitHub Desktop's Undo on a Mac?

The “GitHub Desktop” Mac app has an “Undo” button in the commit area of the main view. Clicking it appears to remove the most recent commit from the repository without asking for confirmation. While local changes are still available, undoing past anything that’s not currently in local appears to completely erase it from the repository […]

Git Inaccurately Detects Merge Conflicts

I understand the importance of merge conflicts, however the way git has been detecting them has been pretty absurd. I’m noticing that a small conflict on one or two line will often cause git to believe the entire file is different. I will frequently get a <<<<< HEAD and a >>>>>>> master that is essentially […]

GIT Renaming a branch and keeping all commit history

I have a question regarding renaming a branch in git. I created a local branch dev and pushed branch to remote. I did lots of work on the dev branch and am updating remote branch regularly. Now I want to change the name of the branch from dev to development. I know how to rename […]

Should Autotools output scripts and Makefiles be included in a repository?

I’m using Autotools in my project and I want to use version control. Is it good idea to add the configure scripts and all the stuff generated by autoconf and automake (excluding symbolic links) to the repository, or simply stick only with the source files, Makefile.am, and configure.ac?

Is there a “correct” way to sync databases between live and dev servers?

I’m usually using git as the version control system to my WordPress code. But there’s something missing from git. I can sync my project’s files easily, but syncing databases is always a huge pain. Is there a “correct” way to sync databases between live and dev servers? I could include a database dump to the […]

Invalid file descriptor problem with Git on Windows

I’ve been using Git on Linux for about a year, and everything works fine. Since recently, a colleague has joined development and he’s using Windows. Everything works fine there as well, but sometimes when he tries to push changes to a remote repository (bare) on Linux server it bails out with ‘Invalid file descriptor’ message. […]

Script to rebuild git history, applying code cleanup to every version

Has anyone got a script for git that can go through the history, check out each version, apply a cleanup script, then check the cleaned version into another repository? I have some code which I’ve been developing, but I haven’t been consistent with code formatting e.g. tabs vs spaces etc. I’d like to rewrite my […]

How can I remove everything from a remote Git repository?

How can I completely “start over” in-place? How can I totally wipe out everything in a Git remote repository? I am the only client currently and before I can let it go public I have to wipe out all of the previous commits. Not a duplicate because… This question is about how to remove history, […]

What's the difference between branching and commiting

I’m beginning with the basics of GitHub because I have to work as a programmer and others have told me about creating/cloning a directory in Netbeans and commiting/branching a project; but I don’t totally understand the difference between commit and branch. Like you can see here: https://guides.github.com/activities/hello-world/ “By default your repository has one branch named […]

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