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Haskell stack and version control

I’m new to Haskell and Stack. When creating a new project using stack new which files should be checked in to git (or any other VCS)? The whole dir?

How to restore shelved changes in Intellij when the shelf tab is not shown?

I tried to use the “shelf” feature for the first time in IntelliJ IDEA today. I shelved all my current changes so that I could work on a quick bugfix, commit it, and come back to my current work afterwards. When I commited the “shelf” action, IntelliJ created the shelf and I could see it […]

Making two branches identical

I have two branches – A and B. B was created from A. Work on both branches continued in parallel. Work on branch A was bad (resulting in a non-working version) while work on branch B was good. During this time branch B was sometimes merged into branch A (but not the other way around). […]

Merge conflict resolution over new code

Let’s say I have some code that is ordered, but the ordering is not a technical requirement. apple kiwi strawberry And then I have two topics that I want to merge in, whose diffs look like: TOPIC BRANCH: orange kiwi + orange strawberry And also TOPIC BRANCH: pear kiwi + pear strawberry Is there a […]

Cache http git passwords in windows: mysysgit

Possible Duplicate: git can't remember my passphrase Git: How can I cache password locally in windows machine. I have mysysgit and tortisegit Edit: I use https

PyCharm: multiple projects in same window, independent version control

I use PyCharm to work on relatively short, purpose-built scripts under local version control with Git. Until recently, I did not use version control at all. My preferred method of working was to open multiple files in tabs in the same PyCharm project, and treat them all independently. Is there a way to use script-specific […]

How to configure git to include my name in commits

I have set up my name and email as follows git config –global user.name myname However, when I run git log after commit, it shows unknown instead of myname: Author: unknown <myname@mybox.mycompany.com> What should I do to have my name listed by log command? Edit: the output of config -l is as follows: core.symlinks=false core.autocrlf=false […]

Amending a Git commit to a shared repo

I have a local git repo which I recently made a commit to, then pushed to a shared repo. Only after I pushed it to the shared repo did I realize I made an ugly mistake. I amended it locally no problem after I fixed my source with: git commit -C HEAD -a –amend After […]

Can I move a local Git repository to elsewhere within my hard drive safely?

I started using Git/SourceTree/Bitbucket lately. Can I move a local Git repository to elsewhere within my hard drive safely? Because some of the large files are ignored by Git, I cannot really pull the repository from a remote repository to get the exact copy of all the files. If I simply move or copy the […]

How to make 'git log –oneline' show which commit messages are multiline

I find myself doing git log –oneline quite often to get a quick glance at changes I am about to push to or merge from the remote. Is it possible to append some identifier (such as “[…]”) to mark that commit message as a multiline one, so I can know that there is more information […]

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