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A version control system with minimum space requirements on the client side, and is good with binaries

(This is my first post so be gentle) I am using subversion as version control on large binary. I have about 2.5 gigs of binaries that I update hourly. I get about 400 megs worth of differents each day. Some of the files are PEs but it is mainly compressed files that are difficult to […]

revision control a file without putting it in a directory

Can one do (Git) revision control for a text file without having to put it in a directory? Idea is: given a file somepath/file.txt $ git singlefile init file.txt creates a directory .file.txt.git at the same path somepath/, and stores Git repository info in it. Some mechanism would then associate data in .file.txt.git with the […]

GitHub recover deleted blocks of code

I am working on a project and we have a file where a few blocks of code that go together were deleted at different intervals a few commits back. I need to recover only some of these blocks and put them into something else I’m making. Is there a way to see the old blocks […]

Confusion with setting up a remote git repository

I would like to use git as a source control system for my project work. I have read a number of online tutorials including the git website itself but I am still confused as to how to proceed. If my code is contained in a main directory, with each project I write created in its […]

How to exclude files for pushing

I have remote server with a git and local development machine. I need to don’t send some files from my working directory on a server but stay it on version control of my local git. Let’s say I have the following files on my local dev machine. assets |-css |-js compiles -css -js index.html All […]

Git pull only contents of a repository

Is there a way to only git pull the contents of a repository without pulling the home folder? For example I have a bunch of files in a repository called “sample” but I only want to pull the contents of “sample” into my local repository called “local.” I do not want to pull “sample” such […]

How to most efficiently tie a git build version number, to an apk version with eclipse?

I use eclipse to build an android app, and git running locally for version control. Currently I have a value in strings.xml that represents the version number. If i change that number, the very next thing I do is a code commit in git using the same version number in the comment, so that I […]

Create an offline version control for R Studio

I need to create a (private) version control where I would be the only one to have access in it. I would like some opinions about how would be possible to have the repository in your local drive instead of an online one. In these other questions private-version-control-without-server and collaborate-using-git-without-remote-server it seems to be possible […]

Unable to push files to my github repository

I’ve set up git on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS but whenever I try to push files to my remote repository (git push -u origin master), I get the following error- ssh: connect to host github.com port 22: Connection timed out fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly What does this mean? and How can I […]

git workflow for merging using fast-forward commits

I use git on several projects with many developers. My usual work flow is to branch locally for a specific feature/request, merge my changes to a local branch tracked upstream as a fast forward merge, and push changes. I always branch for even a single commit. I don’t ever commit locally on a branch I […]

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