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Git Integration to The Bug Genie?

I’ve set up the bug tracker The Bug Genie for use in one of my developer groups and so far, most things have been pretty easy to get working. Now, I’d like to make use of their Git integration. However, their documentation seems a bit lacking and seems to assume I know some things that […]

How can I learn to understand how Mercurial works, as an experienced git user?

I’ve been using git for a while now, and since it is the only DVCS I have ever used, I’ve learned to rely a lot on the way it works for my workflow. I’m in a new company now, and they use Mercurial, so I need to understand Mercurial’s model and how it differs from […]

SourceTree – Not sure how to go back to a previous commit

So I’m fairly new to version control but managed to setup sourceTree with bitbucket relatively easily. I also now understanding basic concepts such as commit, push and pull. I can’t however find any documentation (that doesn’t involve text commands) on how to revert all my uncommitted changes at once to the last commit (not pushed). […]

is it possible to generate a graph in Visual Studio Online to show coders' contributions?

Question is pretty much explained in the title. Did a project with version control in Visual Studio Online. Can I make a graph that shows one coders’ amount of contributions and/or lines of code versus others? I know I could do so with GitHub, but can’t seem to find it on VSO. This is a […]

Limit Access of GitHub or Bitbucket Repository

Is there any way to limit the access of bitbucket or Github repository from a specific IP Address. Which means I want to access my organisation repositories only from my office. The another this is that is there any way to block with a time being? Any of the git providers supporting this feature? The […]

Using git for a large website

I am looking for some advice on how to use git for a website with a lot of html content. We have 2 content managers that do basic html coding and upload their work to the server. I am the only developer. The site is pretty equally divided between 2 types of content. First is […]

How do I give all GitLab users access to all repositories without making the repos public?

We’re a small team (about 20 people) and I want to give everyone access to all the repositories but without making them public. Is there a way to make all repositories accessible to every user without making them public? Or so they could at least see/browse all the repos? So far my approach was to […]

How to do simultaneous builds in two Git branches?

I’ve looked at git-new-workdir, but I don’t want the history to be shared because the branches have a release-main relationship. That is, changes in the release branch I want to propagate to the main line, but changes in the main line I don’t want in the release line. A common pattern for me is to […]

Git: Deleted current branch and lost reflog

I ran into an unusual git issue earlier that I’ve since resolved, but I’m still curious as to why it happened. The problem occurred when I accidentally deleted the branch I was currently working on. Normally git wouldn’t allow this, but due to case-insensitivity on OSX I got myself into a situation where I thought […]

Git/SCM Workflow: Handling changes when QA finds problems

I’m trying to make the case for switching our organization to Git from SVN. Right now our workflow essentially looks like this: Developer makes changes, then commits to Beta branch QA finds bugs, then tells the dev to fix them GOTO 1. Repeat at least 5 times. (We have no test suite. Another issue…) Peer […]

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