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How to make Git ignore changes or elimination of files at a branch?

Having both typical branches, master with A and B files and later create dev branch: I might create new files at dev and maybe modify B but, lets say that either I change or even delete A When I decide to merge them so master might look like dev I want the A file (or […]

How to create a git repository with the default branch name other than master?

In git-book, it says “origin” is not special Just like the branch name “master” does not have any special meaning in Git, neither does “origin”. While “master” is the default name for a starting branch when you run git init which is the only reason it’s widely used, “origin” is the default name for a […]

Version Control Recommendations

What version control system(s) do people recommend for managing a large set of mostly binary files? The set contains several thousand files, totalling about 8GB and will be growing over time. We tried GIT and found it was somewhat slow doing that many binary comparisons. Maybe we’ve configured something wrong?

Vagrant provisioning and version control

I’ve created a basic LAMP stack for my Vagrant box using Anisible. It’s all working fine, etc and now I want members of my team to use the same box. Vagrant recommends one Vagrant file per project, not a problem, but what about the provision resources, the playbooks, hosts, etc? I’m pretty sure they shouldn’t […]

Easy to use (Gui Win) Version Control Software

I’m in search for a friend who studies economic science for an easy Version Control Software. For the moment he needs it for his thesis which has to be written in LaTeX. Since he has to learn LaTeX too (and he has enough problems with it) the VCS should be easy to use – at […]

Git merge commits between branches

I’ve got two branches. Lets call them A & B for now. I want to selectively copy something like 20 commits from A to B. Is there any efficient way to do this? I know I can git cherry-pick commits one at a time but can I do 20 all at once? This is assuming […]

Recover git commits to (no branch)

I made a commit while on the (no branch) branch then did a pull, realized I was on the wrong branch and did a ‘checkout master’ and another pull. I now can’t find my original commit to push on the master branch and I can’t switch to the (no branch). Is there a way to […]

Get the changes made in a specific file at a specific commit?

I know you can do git log –stat and the do a git diff (commit1) (commit2), however, this gives me the changes in all of the files. I would like to see the changes in only a specific file. Is this possible?

Is code safe in git repository on a remote server? How to secure it?

We have a server that hosts git repositories for our projects and we are letting external programmers in to work on our codebase. We were surprised that git doesn’t protect the code history as typical code repository technology should do (see bullet 7.) and we are afraid that external programmers can potentially destroy code in […]

Git for Mac OS X 10.4

Where should I download a free Git client for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)?

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