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Moving a tag on a remote repo

I created a tag in my local repo and pushed it to a remote one. Then I found some additional changes that belonged with that tag. So I commited the changes and moved the tag in my local repo. Now the tag is empty on the remote repo. How do I update the tag on […]

Git Workflow: selecting features to release from QA to PROD

I am a novice in Git and I would like to know if this idea is even possible using such a SCM. My idea would be to have the DEV team working on features locally, then push those features to QA. At this point, when QA tested and verified the stories, the business can decide […]

proper way to branch using git

So I created a new branch off master called branch-a and then switched to it. I made some modifications, switched back to master to make sure that no changes have been made since, but I see all of my modifications that were made in branch-a in the master branch. Is this right? I would expect […]

Git or svn on windows server 2003

I was wondering if anyone has any experience on getting a git server working on windows server 2003? Is there an easy solution to get it up and running? If not is there any good alternatives out there? It ideally has to be free but willing to pay. It is only for a small team […]

Git rollback my commits

I commit my and push them to Git. My colleagues commit their changes. I commit more of my changes. I have been told that my changes cannot be tested for This release and have to go in the next release. I have to back out all my changes and only my changes. How can I […]

Track library hosted on github within my own local repository?

I have a project that I’m using git locally to manage my source code. There is an open source library on github that I want to use in my app, but I want to make sure that if there are changes on the public github repository I can easily integrate them with my code. What’s […]

Incremental sync of 2 repositories on different networks

In my setup, I have a Git repository that I work on. On another network (with no access to my main network), I have another Git repository that is read only that I want to keep synced up with the main repository. I’d like to do this occasionally to make sure that the closed repository […]

Git Workflow for continuous development

We’ve been using Git for a node.js based web application. Our workflow is based on two brances, master and stable. We use master as the main development line and when we decide to release something, we go ahead and merge master into stable. There are two servers, “staging” and “production”, whenever we push, a post […]

Version Number in Assembly, GIT and TFService

Until now we used version numbers like 2.4.1 for our VB.NET products. We set them manualy. Now we start to use GIT with Team Foundation Service and want to improve the version number handling. The aim is simple: The format should be Major.Minor.Build.Revision. With Revision automatically inscreasing for each compile. The Build should increase for […]

Best way to use npm and git?

I’m quite new to both git and npm, but I understand the basics, at least I think I understand. Anyway I will describe the way I’m thinking to work, but I think there are better ways to do. I create the root folder with my node.js module. I add the package.json file and configure the […]

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