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Semantic versioning and git branches

I’ve got a master branch (v1.0) and a develop branch (v1.1dev). I make a new release branch from dev, bump the version number from v1.1dev to v1.1, finish up, merge said release branch into master, and presto – v1.1 is born. But then I merge the same release branch back into dev and so the […]

What happens if I try to revert a commit that has already been reverted?

I’m trying to understand what happens in the following git-revert scenario. By running git revert abcdef I sucessfully reverted the commit (step 1). Then (step 2), I made some changes and created a new commit by running touch a.txt && git commit -a -m ‘test commit Now (step 3) I’m trying to revert the commit […]

git p4 rebase fails if changes made to depot

I recently set up a git p4 clone for my main c# project at work. I’m doing the following: git checkout -b newbranch git p4 rebase (make sure branch is up to date with depot) make changes git commit -a make more changes git commit -a ready to push files into p4 depot At this […]

Unable to push to Git Repository after adding a branch

I have a Git repository with about 4 branches. They are put up on GitHub. I recently created a new branch, named “demo2Full”. Since creating that, I am unable to push to an earlier branch called “bugfixes”. Here is what I did to create the new branch: Created new branch “demo2Full” on GitHub, that is […]

Deploying Web Applications to Production via GitHub

How do I create separate Git repositories for web applications that live in shared directories so I can deploy each to production via GitHub? The web application setups are common convention, so I’m surprised if there is not a way to accomplish this. For each application, the index file and assets live in their respective […]

Different result on .gitignore

Following Version Control with Git 2nd ed, not getting same results as book is showing. Am I missing something? This is example from the book. $ cd /tmp/my_stuff $ git init $ git status # On branch master # # Initial commit # nothing to commit (create/copy files and use “git add” to track) $ […]

Android build version automation in Git

I used to automate build version in Subversion using following Gradle script: import org.tmatesoft.svn.core.wc.* buildscript { dependencies { classpath ‘com.neenbedankt.gradle.plugins:android-apt:1.2+’ classpath ‘com.android.tools.build:gradle:1.0.0’ classpath group: ‘org.tmatesoft.svnkit’, name: ‘svnkit’, version: ‘1.7.11’ } } def getSvnRevision() { //getting SVN revision # ISVNOptions options = SVNWCUtil.createDefaultOptions(true); SVNClientManager clientManager = SVNClientManager.newInstance(options); SVNStatusClient statusClient = clientManager.getStatusClient(); SVNStatus status = statusClient.doStatus(projectDir, false); […]

How to include files in my Git commit with PHPStorm?

Reworded question: I use the PHPStorm IDE. During my development process I add images for testing purposes. I want to include them in my commits, so other team members can see and pull them from the repo. How do I do that? Can I configure PHPStorm to do that for me? Original question: phpstorm vcs […]

Ignored files from .gitignore is different on each developers computer

I’ve followed the steps here to remove all my files from git tracking and then added them back to be tracked. After running git status –ignored I could now see the files being ignored, which was what I was trying to fix. Originally, there were several files not being ignored. Unfortunately, it seems as if […]

Git SVN Reset : Numeric SVN revision expected error

We’re currently trying to convert a large SVN repository to Git. We ran into an issue where the HEAD revision in Git became corrupted somehow. We managed to fix that by running git reset –hard /remotes/git-svn. When we try to do a git fetch now it comes up with a checksum mismatch. Tried following the […]

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