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How can I explain source control (Mercurial/Tortoise specifically) to a non-programmer?

Our company uses Mercurial for source control of a Java web application. It worked so well we started using source control for a bunch of content (PDF files). For our deployment model this worked amazingly and luckily our graphic designer at the time used to be a web developer and understood source control already. Now […]

Does Git track Versions?

I am a Git newbee with UNIX SCCS and Microsoft Visual SourceSafe experience. In SCCS, each file has a version (I%), which is made of Release (%R), Level (L%), Branch (%B), and Sequence (S%). %I is equal to R%.%L.B%.%S, okay? These are referred to as ID Keywords. The purpose is you insert these ID Keywords […]

Git: do not ignore a -directory- with a dot in it

I tried this .gitignore file: * !mydirectory.ext !.gitignore But it’s not working, everything except the gitignore is ignored. Also tried: !\mydirectory\.ext The directory needs an extension because its a plugin for an app. Any workarounds?

What git server solution to use on windows and active directory?

We are looking for the best solution for setting up a local git server. Our wishlist is run on Windows Server 2008R2 small team – less than ten developers easy to set up easy to use active directory authentication of users robust web gui would be nice free would be nice Solutions we’re thinking about […]

Log Graph in TortoiseGit not showing branch/merge?

I have just started using Git on Windows. I am hosting on BitBucket and using TortoiseGit as the windows client. Things are moving in the right directon, but I am clueless at a point. I was working on the master branch, and at one point created a new branch. Then I continued working on the […]

checking out a Git repository and switch to a specific branch using Maven SCM

I would like to use Maven to checkout a Git repository. In our specific use-case this makes sense as this Git Repository contain files that we need to include in out build process. Due to the nature of projects it is likely that the Git repository has different branches. So a simple: scm:git:git@github.example.com:myproject/project.git Will not […]

git checkout: detailed meaning of “theirs” and “ours”

The git checkout documentation says: –ours –theirs When checking out paths from the index, check out stage #2 (ours) or #3 (theirs) for unmerged paths. What’s the meaning of “stage #2” and “stage #3” during merge, rebase and cherry-pick? Is there a way to query theses “stages” before running the command to make sure it […]

Can MKS Integrity integrate with other source control tools? (SVN, Git…)

My boss is interested in using MKS Integrity for bug tracking, feature requests, Wiki documentation and so on. However, we currently use Subversion, and he doesn’t want to force us devs to use a version control system that we don’t like. Is is possible to integrate a different version control program into MKS Integrity? I’m […]

Merge two repositories (original project and changed project WITHOUT HISTORY)

I have two repositories: Gephi (big open source project) hosted on github Project of my company based on gephi 7 months ago, when our project started, somebody took a snapshot of gephi project on github and save it to corporate svn => change history loss now i decided to move our project to git repository […]

Is “master” a standard branch name in git, or is it just the standard practice?

I noticed the names “master” and “origin” being used a lot in git. What’s the difference between these, and are either standard in git, or are they just common practice? Which would be the root folder of the repository?

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