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How to keep track of changes to configuration files for development and production environment

I am developing an application that use JBoss, PostgreSQL, etc… JBoss requires a lot of different configuration such as data sources, email servers, security etc. How should I handle these configurations? Should the whole JBoss be put under a VCS? Or is this just a thing that you will have to configure for each production […]

Git commit dumps random files

I’ve been having issues with adding files to my commits. In short, whenever I do git add , the files added to the unstaged commit are from the Git folder in my Program files dir (to clarify, I’m using an x64 version of windows 8). Regardless of what I do (git init, git clone…etc.), I […]

Version controlling super/sub projects using git

I’m building a front-end framework, and in my current setup I have a development repo, a gem version, and a documentation app. Currently, I have the app and the gem in subfolders within the dev repo, allowing my taskrunner to automate building everything at once, keeping everything in line. I’m then manually copying the distribution […]

How can i find issue cause in git?

I have Git issues (not again huuummmmpf): I cannot push to a specific branch I’ve then re-pull a re-push even a pull -rebase and re-push . Nothing new happened. (I’ve figured out a way to send my work) Have you any field of search to suggest? I really want to be able of resolving those […]

Explanation of the differences between GIT and SVN

I come from an SVN background, and I have a hard time grasping Git’s philosophy. In particular, I’m confused by the following. Imagine I have made some changes in my working dir. If I switch to another branch, the changes remain, which is very unusual, from an SVN point of view. This means that uncommitted […]

Git Workflow, reverting merge and reaplying it in future

Here is a workflow we use in our company: Master is a branch which should alway stable and is used to build production. When we develop new feature we create a feature branch from master. We have many teams working on many features at same time. When a feature is ready, Master is merged into […]

git-svn: what's the equivalent to `svn switch –relocate`?

An svn repository I’m mirroring through git-svn has changed URL. In vanilla svn you’d just do svn switch –relocate old_url_base new_url_base. How can I do this using git-svn? Simply changing the svn url in the config file fails.

Git cherry-pick old commit

I just encountered the following scenario: Some commits in a branch [develop] (multiple people working on it) were causing issues and I wanted to copy them to a separate branch [feature1] so they could be fixed/added to (and the code removed from the current branch [develop]). They had already been pushed to remote [origin/develop] quite […]

Git – how to merge multiple repositories with common files?

So my problem is like this: I have 2 different repositories and I need to make a different, new one – containing files from these two. However the repositories share some files (main.c for example) which I want to merge manually… I’ve tried to merge repos with this tutorial: http://blog.caplin.com/2013/09/18/merging-two-git-repositories/, however I only get one […]

Remove “obsolte” merge commits

This is probably a relatively easy question to answer but I don’t seem to be able to come up with the solution myself (or find it on the net). So I’m counting on you!! 🙂 Short: In a history where I’ve merged a feature branch into master several times over the course of time, I’d […]

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