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How to version-control spread-out files without replacing the originals?

I want to keep a couple of files in different directories under version control with git. Some are in my home directory and some are in /etc, and I obviously don’t want to make the root a git repository. This could be achieved by putting all files in one folder and links in their expected […]

What Environmental Variable Sets Git Color.UI?

Is there a Git environmental variable that dictates the color.ui config option? It does not seem to be in the documentation, if there is one.

To make the change effective both in master and in branch

First of all, I am new to using ‘git‘. And I am using SourceTree client. I have the following scenario. I have checked out the code from git repository. I have made few changes to the code. In the mean time, a new branch (say “vv1”) was created in the repository. Now I wanted to […]

How does git abandon changes inside .git directory?

I have made some changes on the .git/hooks directory. Now I wish to abandon those changes and restore .git/hooks to its initial status. Can I do this and how?

My git branch on github should be only 2 ahead but it is also 2 behind

I made a branch from ma master branch called development. The development branch got 2 new commits. Meanwhile the master branch got 1 commit, which was a mistake, then I reverted it and pushed. So far so good. I saw the ahead/behind thingy and I removed the two commits from master (the mistake and the […]

How Should I use SCM?

After reading Getting Good With Git, I’ve learnt how to use Git, but not how I should implement it while developing. eg. When should I branch/merge, what are tags and what should I do with them? — Currently I’m a solo dev of this project.

Checking out Git Submodules

I would like to do a partial checkout of a Git repository containing submodules. Here is what I did to check the directory : git clone –no-checkout git@github.com:MyOrganization/MyRepo.git –depth 1 –recurse-submodules then: cd MyRepo git checkout HEAD MyDirectory/puppet/ This checkouts MyDirectory/puppet but does’nt retrieve the submodules contained in MyDirectory/puppet/modules directory… Any idea how I could […]

Grails and .gitigore

I am just starting out with grails development and was wondering about which files should be ignored within the .gitignore file. Up until now my .gitignore looks like this: *.iws *Db.properties *Db.script .settings .link_to_grails_plugins stacktrace.log /*.zip /plugin.xml /*.log /*DB.* /cobertura.ser .DS_Store /target/ /out/ /web-app/plugins /web-app/WEB-INF/classes# I am currently using STS from springsource as my IDE. […]

How best to handle Git Deployment For multiple web servers

I’m transitioning our code base from svn to git. Our current deployment process is to run an in house script that checks out the most recent svn revision into a newly created directory to create a working copy on the server. It then runs any sql commands that need to occur and changes a symlink […]

What is the difference between git push and git push origin

I’m having trouble differentiating between the two git statements, how exactly does one differ? Or do they differ at all?

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