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How to revert a commit in Git while providing a description?

I use Git with SourceTree (from Atlassian). I can revert a commit, but this makes a commit with an auto description : Revert … I want to revert a commit while entering my own description. How can I do that ? Thank you.

.gitignore in XCode5 doesn't seem to ignore files

I have a .gitignore file in my app’s root directory; no matter where I place it, Git seems to ignore the contents, such as xcuserstate. This is the contents of my .gitignore file: # Xcode # build/ *.pbxuser !default.pbxuser *.mode1v3 !default.mode1v3 *.mode2v3 !default.mode2v3 *.perspectivev3 !default.perspectivev3 xcuserdata *.xccheckout *.moved-aside DerivedData *.hmap *.ipa *.xcuserstate DBChooser.* This is […]

Git in a local way

I’m working with a messy client/boss and I need to set up a repository to be sure all my changes are staged and saved properly. My idea is to keep a directory called /c/repo/ where i’ll have all the files I’m uploading to the different servers i’m going to work with, in that directory i’ll […]

Sync branch with master and keep branch alive in git

I have following situation: master A – D – E \ feature B – C and I would like to go to this: master A – D – E \ feature B – C How can I achieve such result in git / sourcetree? Note, that both branches have theirs counterparts on origin and are […]

Is it possible to sign Git commits when using SVN?

I am using git-svn to push to a remote SVN server as well as remote Git repositories. I would like to sign my Git commits using PGP, but I cannot do this before a git-svn dcommit, as this will modify the commit message. I can –amend a signature to the commit after dcommit, but the […]

zsh vcs_info per repo configuration

Im trying to disable check-for-changes style in specyfic huge repository due to poor performance. Im trying to this: zstyle :vcs_info:git:* check-for-changes true zstyle :vcs_info:git:*:huge_repo1 check-for-changes false zstyle :vcs_info:git:*:huge_repo2 check-for-changes false but it doesn’t work, while this: zstyle :vcs_info:git:*:huge_repo1 formats foo replaces format as intended Is there any way to disable check-for-changes for specyfic repo properly?

Create a repository using Tower showing system files

Everytime I create a repository using Tower it shows my system folder in the Working Files and not the folder I was after. When I try adding the folder it says “Existing Repository Detected” so I just click Add.

Git – Unable to push, unable to pull after commit

I was on the way to commit and push changes. The changes were committed successfully. Then, I was trying to push and it failed. git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false push -v –tags origin mpgf:mpgf Pushing to https://github.com/XXXXXXXXX To https://github.com/XXXXXXXXX ! [rejected] mpgf -> mpgf (non-fast-forward) error: failed to push some refs to ‘https://github.com/XXXXXXXXX’ hint: Updates […]

git – merging one repo to master

I have been working with someone on a web app via FTP but that of course had it’s inevitable downfall so we are switching to using git. I switched over to git and have been committing on master, and he has been working still with FTP for about a week now. We are now both […]

How to go back to previous uncomitted state after git pull

I am working on a feature-branch alongside with my colleague. It’s been a few days that I that have committed my changes. Yesterday he has committed his changes and that changed the structure of the project we were working on but didn’t harm my changes. I have pulled those changes and made a commit with […]

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