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How to create tag automatically in SourceTree

Is is possible to automatically create Tags in SourceTree when there is a version change in the coding to be committed? For instance, for iOS development, if CFBundleVersion is changed to 12 or CFBundleShortVersionString is changed to 1.1.2, create a tag v1.1.2-b12. For Android, create a tag named v[versionName]-b[versionCode] every time versionCode or versionName changed.

what happens if I stash code in one branch and change to another branch?

I have some code that i want to commit into another branch, however i did the changes before create the branch, so now I’m in master and I want to stash the code, create a local branch, checkout it, and then stash the code into that new branch so i can commit within it. Would […]

Can git automatically recognise identical commits (With different hashes)

I have a situation where I have two repository histories that have been duplicated and mangled (via interaction and migration around SVN–not my choice). I have both repositories as remotes in the same temporary maintenance repository. They share a few hundred commits worth of history, and then the “old” one continues for a few dozen […]

How do you used GIT in the real world?

This question is really on branching, and merging. I just got turn on to git last week and I really like it but I have some questions.. everything I read tells me never to work in the master branch. So before I make any programming changes I make a new branch and do my work […]

Coalescing adjacent commit and its revert

I have a peculiar commit log which looks like that, A –> B –> C –> D where each letter is a commit. It appears that C is a revert of B, so basically the history would be the same as A –> D Is there a way to “sum” the B and C commits […]

Maven versioning in a git repository with Vincent Driessen's branching model

At the moment we are using cvs for version control. We would like to migrate to git using Vincent Driessen’s branching model (http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/) For building we are using maven. We want to assign distinct maven versions (based on the git version) to the feature branches via pom.xml to keep our maven repository clean. If you […]

Porting a fork of a software to a new version

I have a pretty big fork, of a pretty humongous software sitting in a git repository. Since our version and the upstream have diverged significantly, the decision was made to port over to the current version. So, what would be the best way to do this? Is there some way to mark a particular git […]

How to manage a local project using github?

I just installed git and GitHub and the reason is that it’s a version control system (that’s the only thing I know about it). I am starting a project (a game in Python) and it’s going to stretch a long time as I am going to learn Python in deep while working on this. I […]

Deployment process for custom modules in SugarCRM

I’m trying to understand what is the best way to deploy custom modules from a development environment to staging or production. Reading from SugarCRM support pages (http://support.sugarcrm.com/04_Knowledge_Base/02Administration/100Studio_and_Module_Builder/01_Best_Practices_When_Building_Custom_Modules/), all new modules should be built with Module Builder. The output of this is a .zip file which is a deployable unit. Then the support page says never […]

How should I employ git across 300+ websites?

Currently I have the charge of improving some poor development practices. I inherited a production server with 300+ websites running on it all with semi-similar code bases. None of which are perfectly identical. There has been no source code management in place for all of the sites. The development team has been working with old […]

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