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Git doesn't find repository

I have a git repository setup on a server: andy@ubuntu:/home/git/repositories$ ls gitosis-admin.git GoGoFlow.git andy@ubuntu:/home/git/repositories$ pwd /home/git/repositories All fine and dandy. I then come to a new machine – which I have not used before with git I manually added my machines public key into the export_dir/keydir in the gitosis project and type: git clone git@novo.dyndns.tv:GoGoFlow […]

When using git, is there a easy way to when reverting, deleting files that weren't added to the repository since the last commit?

I’d like to know if there’s a easy (built-in) way to when reverting to an old commit, delete all the files that were created since that commit, even if they weren’t added to the repository. Let’s say I have a directory D and have made a commit C over D. If I now add to […]

.Net Git Library that allows for in memory addition / modification of files

Does anyone know of a Git library for C# that allows client code to add & modify repository files in memory? I have a bare repository that I would like to make additions and modifications to pragmatically. Because it is a bare repository I do not want to write files to the file system. Does […]

Getting files from a Git repository

This is a rather embarrassing question, but I am rather pressed for time, and can get on with other work while someone far more knowledgeable in Git than me could answer it in seconds. I’ve just done a fetch from a remote repo, but I have no working copy files. I’m using Git GUI on […]

How to keep a local committed change from being pushed(think IDE files)

I’m working on a project where we use IDEA .ipr files and local property files to build and whatnot. These files have locally relevant changes and paths in them, so I want to ensure they don’t get committed back to the remote but I’d still like these files to be versioned so I can (except […]

SVN update and commit problem used with git-svn

I can’t svn up or commit. 🙁 There is a svn centrally and I use git locally using git-svn. Basically, somehow, I added a folder that had .svn folders into the git and committed it to svn. Both git and central svn happily committed the .svn as the content folder, without complaining. Now, I can’t […]

linking git and github repositories

I’m looking for a clean way to import one git repository from another, where both repositories exist on github. The two repositories are private, in case it matters. The idea is that one repository represents one project and the other simply needs to use that project. It doesn’t make sense to check in all the […]

Including external C++ libraries in version control

Possible Duplicate: Storing third-party libraries in source control I’m currently starting a project which is going to be developed on a few different computer and I’m keeping in sync with bzr. In the project I’m using a couple of 3rd party libraries, like SDL. In the past I’ve just pushed a copy of the compiled […]

Resolving conflicts in git version control

I’ve got a big problem but I bet it’s easy to solve. I’m developing a website together with a friend using GiT for versioning control. We’ve just modified different parts of the same CSS file and then commited, then he pushed his commit. We’re both using master branches in local and remote repository for we […]

Merging two git repositories (accidentally downloaded .zip from github, need to merge back in)

Ok so I have an iOS project I’m tracking with git / github. I downloaded a copy of the master branch (.zip format), and then accidentally started working on that xcode project. So I have — Original xCode project where I usually push/pull from github — downloaded xcode project that is one step ahead of […]

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