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How can I re-merge commits that were reverted in github?

I will try my best to concisely describe my current situation, and would be most grateful for some advice. I merged in a big feature branch of code this morning that turned out to have a critical error. In order to undo it, my coworker reverted the merge (which had several commits) in GitHub and […]

Edit a commit message using source control in Xcode

I committed my project using source control in Xcode. After the commit, I realized I forgot to add something to my commit message. How can I go back and update the commit message?

Error building trees error prevents committing to branch

I have a local git repository on my Mac that is managed by Xcode. I recently created a new branch and have made a lot of changes since then. I was about to perform my first commit to this new branch and was presented with an error dialog: The working copy “app name” failed to […]

How to resolve conflicts while merging and updating files in git?

I feel I am approaching this all wrong. I work as part of team and we use git. Now, when I pull updates from my team there are obviously conflicts from time to time – git seems to insert loads of text in the files which isn’t good. Anyway, is there a decent way to […]

How do git remotes work?

If I have a main project that is version controlled. I then add a remote for a third party plugin git remote add myplugin <url> I can then do git pull myplugin master and it just pulls in the changes from that remote. Now lets say my project is setup as: / /index.php /whatever and […]

Is it right to use git cherry-pick in these scenarios?

I apologize if my notation or terminology is wrong. I have been using git for a while on my personal projects and haven’t had to deal with complicated merging scenarios. We started using it at work and are running into more complex scenarios. I am still a git newbie so I’d like to figure out […]

Describe the Git symbols

I have started to use Git because I consider it is a better revision controller. Could someone help me to understand what git status -s symbols means?

Elastic Beanstalk, Git and AWS Tools: How to clone repository to another workstation

I just discovered the amazing possibilities of AWS. So here is what I did yesterday: – I have created an EB stack (PHP) – Created a git repository on my workstation – Downloaded AWS tools for windows, – Did eb.init (the AWS config stuff) – Wrote some code – Finally git committed and aws.push-ed it […]

Is there a menu like interactive commit for SVN like Git has with –interactive?

Most probably you know in git you can get a very good commit experience by using git commmit –interactive which will show up a menu, where you can add/update/patch/revert things, and you select files by their range, eg: 1-5,10-12,100-1135 $ git commit –interactive staged unstaged path *** Commands *** 1: [s]tatus 2: [u]pdate 3: [r]evert […]

Hg equivalent of “git log master..HEAD” when using bookmarks as lightweight branches?

Git users seeking to achieve a workflow involving lightweight branches in Mercurial are often pointed to Mercurial bookmarks. In a nutshell, the recommendation is to maintain multiple heads that would correspond to the git branches, and name them with bookmarks. A common desire in such a workflow is to see a list of all commits […]

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