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Nested version control scheme?

Looking for suggestions on how to best track this project structure in some sort of version control (git or svn, preferably): The project is for a web service that will have multiple versions of the “core” code, and users can create their instance of the web service with whichever “core” they’d like (of the available […]

git: 'credential-osxkeychain' is not a git command. See 'git –help'

I connected with bitbucket and I installed Git and sourcetree in my computer and I try to connect sourcetree and bitbucket together. but I couldn’t connect both. when I try to clone repository source path, it says this is not a valid source path… git: ‘credential-osxkeychain’ is not a git command. See ‘git –help’. like […]

How to manage backups and monitor Git with a central repository?

I’m on a team using Git right now, and we have a pretty good workflow. We have a central repository with two branches, dev and master. We create local branches to work on individual tasks. We merge into dev when they are ready. Then we merge to master when things are ready, and we tag […]

gitolite + cgit: No repositories found

I’ve set up and configuered gitolite and wish to configure the cgit web interface to it. Problem: When browsing a directory using cgit I get the error: No repositories found Setup When a new repository is created gitolite creates a corresponding directory to it under /home/git/repositories automagically. cgit is configuered to read these repositories using: […]

data versioning with git : custom diff for specific files

So, i want to investigate git applicability to version tracking of certain binary or text tree data structures. The thing is that i want that the diff logic be completely custom, tailored for the data structure pattern. Assume the file in question is certain json object, i want a custom diff for json files so […]

Managing GIT permissions – multiple repositories

We have several development teams, each of which develop multiple projects (10+ usually). We are currently in CVS and evaluating whether to move to SVN or GIT. I am leaning towards GIT, however I am not sure how we can manage the permissions efficiently. For example. We have Dev Team A, Dev Team B, Dev […]

git + partly shared files between branches/repositories. Is it possible?

One team in company I work for has the following problem. They develop an application, which will have different builds (e.g. different design depending on customer). so they have some code shared between builds, and some specific to build. E.g. first build has (example is meaningless about files, it is just to understand the problem; […]

obtaining full file paths in git merge

I’m working on a tool to analyse the output of merging many topic branches and produce a detailed conflict report. I’ve run into a slight problem in that sometimes Git will produce a truncated file name in the merge command’s output, such as Merge made by recursive. …/somepath/anotherpath/toolong/default.css | 2 +- When in other cases […]

git squash commits for public server, but keep detailed commits for private server

I’m writing an open source library. I’m using two remotes: one private repo for personal testbed and backup, and another one public hosted on github. On the private repo, this is where I save and do a lot of commits and pushes with all the little changes like “fixed spelling” or “still working on bug […]

How to handle shared code with Git in this scenario?

I’m currently in the process of trying to switch our version control to Git (from CVSNT). Surprisingly, it wasn’t the distributedness or the concept of a staging area that I had problems with. But I am having quite a bit of trouble wrapping my head around the fact that AFAICT operations like branching, merging and […]

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