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Setting up a development environment for the web

I would like to be able to setup a development environment to add new features to a website, test and once considered stable, push these new files to the live site. Versioning systems such as SVN and GIT seem too complex. The main selling point of these systems being able to collaborate code with many […]

Why does git remember changes, but not let me stage them?

I have a list of modifications when I run git status, but I cannot stage them or commit them. How can I fix this? This occurred after pulling the kernelmode directory from a bare repository somewhere in one huge commit. % git status # On branch master # Changed but not updated: # (use “git […]

ignoring merges in git

I’ve not worked on a project quite some time and have just tried to pull the latest version. I can’t remember the last time I’d worked on the project but I’d obviously had changes made to the Master that I’d not pushed. As I’ve received some conflict warnings. Is there anyway to ignore my previous […]

“forking” own project in git

I currently have the following situation: I need to maintain a repository which contains multiple versions of essentially the same project as subdirectories. Lets call the dev/most important project “main” and the other projects “sub_1″,…,”sub_n”. The versions are distinct, but largely the same: think of examples like an Android project for Android 2.1 instead of […]

Git: Have one user not fetch/merge changes to specific, otherwise tracked, files

We have a file that we need to be tracked in our Git repository. Most users need to be using this file as normal: committing changes to it, pushing, pulling, etc… We have one user for whom this file causes various computer issues, and never uses this file regardless. We want this user’s repo to […]

How to avoid getting locked out of your GIT repo / SSH?

I created ssh keys using ssh-keygen and then created a repo on a source code repo site, assembla.com as a GIT repository. I had to upload the file with my private key (or was it my public key?) to the repo and now I am able to clone no problem. I had a friend try […]

Git-p4 issues when trying to submit back to perforce

So I’m having issues getting this to work properly. I chug along doing a few things in my git repo, commit, git-p4 rebase and git-p4 submit. The problem pops up on the submit, with the following errors: common/data/testsheet2.xls has type 100755, expected 100644 I get this all over with several different files. Perforce is set […]

Version controlling both source and output file

I’ll try to explain with a scenario: a website. Assume that you need a particular graphical element so you choose to create a PSD file for it and you put it under version control. But for maintaining the coherence between commits you should also submit the generated PNG file. Is this the proper approach to […]

How to create a GitHub repository from multiple local non-git versions

Let’s say I’ve been using a small free/open-source code library for a few years, and the project’s maintainer/developer does not use any version control system. Instead, new releases are added to a publicly-accessible directory on an ftp server (in other words, the way free software used to be distributed). Consequently, I now have a folder […]

I have been committing to wrong Git branch. How to cleanup?

I am using git / github and by accident I have been committing into “master” branch instead of “4.2”. I have now created a separate branch which is what “master” supposed to be, “4.1” and cherry-picked the essential commits. I now want copy “4.1” into master to avoid the commits I’ve made on Nov1, 2, […]

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