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Move a local commit to un-master local branch

I am in complicated situation, because Im not familiar with git; I had a master commit in remote, I have made a branch from it in my local called fix-bug-online-offline-support. During my work, another team member changed the remote master and I pulled it. But I need to split my branch fix-bug-online-offline-support to two branches; […]

Basic version control for web development questions – Single developer. (SVN/GIT)

After much delay, I realize I want to implement a version control system into my workflow for web development. I rarely work with others, so all I need is version control for peace of mind and ability to rollback etc. I also develop from a laptop and desktop at the studio, so I would like […]

git not following a moved file

I moved a couple of files that are in my project, but I did the move inside finder on my mac. I see that git source control treated the files as an add. I haven’t done a commit yet. git status shows the following: Under Changes to be committed, the updated/moved files are listed as […]

Chef: should I be checking “syntaxcache” files into version control?

I’m learning Chef and am keeping my chef-repo in version control. When I use knife cookbook upload and then run git status I see a bunch of new files in .chef/syntaxcache. They look like this: .chef/syntaxcache/8ab66bdf1ceb07273f7b3d71f483fbd84be595e845e90ffcbeb0ba6d22f684b0 Should I be adding these to version control or just put a pattern in .gitignore to leave them out?

best way to handle many forks (and “sub-forks”) with Github?

My specific example is the Silex repository. So, just the https://github.com/fabpot/Silex/tree/master/vendor/Symfony/Component part is relating to a ton of other projects (all on the symfony account). I know that I could manually just fork each of them (but please notice that there’s also other vendor projects in the directory above Symfony in last link) and then […]

Is there a way to check out a single file from a master that's behind on many Git commits?

I’ve got a code work flow dependent on pulling changes from a repo clones on dev machines into a repo master, then updating copies of that repo master on prod machines using something like a “git fetch” followed by a “git merge.” I’ve run into an issue where I’ve committed things to master, but due […]

What VCS to use?

At the company I work we are starting a project, and starting from scratch since me and 2 other developers are the first devs of the company, we are trying to establish a base for our work. Because we are going to develop to Windows Phone and Android and possibly iPhone in the future . […]

Git Pointers and blobs

I’m new to distributed version control and i understand that unchanged files in git commits aren’t blobbed, but are simply stored as pointers to the last changed file, but… Does the pointer point to the last commit, or to the last commit where the file was changed? Ie if i have 10 commits, but index.html […]

Git – switching between branches in the middle of work

For various reasons (code review mostly) I need to switch from current development branch to other branches quite often. Currently, I use either ‘git stash‘ to shelve the uncommitted changes, checkout other branch, then switch back and do ‘git stash apply’ However, sometimes I’d have some newly added files there, which are not tracked. Unfortunately, […]

How to make GIT treat directory junctions as regular folders on Windows?

I need share to share certain files between different projects. Thus I have a file structure like so: D:\shared\ D:\shared\files-shared-by-all-projects-here D:\project1\ D:\project1\project1-specific-files-here D:\project1\shared <- directory junction to D:\shared D:\project2\ D:\project2\project2-specific-files-here D:\project2\shared <- directory junction to D:\shared I have setup GIT repos in D:\project1 and D:\project2 My problem is that GIT seems to only track files […]

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