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Git workflow: submitting pull requests to upstream and using the commits in the meantime

I’ve just started working with Git and I’m trying to figure out the best workflow for maintaining a forked repository and committing changes upstream via pull requests on Github. I’ve been reading for a while, but haven’t figure out the best practice. Let’s use this one specific example, but this is a general workflow question. […]

Code base maintenance across multiple PCs and setups

We have a lab where we have 4 setups – each setup has two linux PCs and one windows PC. One setup is required to test our entire system since our system consists of 3 components – each PC in the setup runs one of the components. For example, Setup 1 has, Linux PC A […]

RStudio version control timestamps incorrect by 4 hours

I just setup version control in RStudio (letting RStudio add a Git repository to my existing RStudio project). However, when I use RStudio’s Tools->Version Control->History functionality, the timestamps listed for my commits are 4 hours ahead of what they should be. But if I run git log from the terminal the correct timestamps are shown, […]

How to incorporate bugfixes

I have the following situation, where I am unsure what the best workflow is. I need definitely some advice: We have a: – a repository origRepo (branches: master) and a – a fork fork (branches: master, remote branch origRepo/master) We can assume that the master branche is always updated, in the repo fork by git […]

git post delete hook?

My home computer is behind a corporate VPN firewall and is not accessible from outside. I am trying to keep my github repo as identical as possible to my desktop’s repo. I have the following hooks: .git/hooks/post-commit: git push origin *:* Now I realize that if I checkout a branch, commit, and merge that branch […]

Binaries in Git

I downloaded a project in the form of a .zip file from a friend. I imported it into Eclipse and it’s all fine and the build goes smoothly. Now I want to put it into a remote GIT repository. However, there are lots of library files, IDE generated files, and misc. binaries in my workspace. […]

Disable git case sensitivity

Using .gitattributes file at a GIT repository I can tell the system how to manage some files concerning differences, end of line substitution and so on. I wonder if, by the same or other mechanism, is it possible to tell git not to take case differences as file differences. That would be very useful to […]

How do I make a Git commit in the past?

I’m converting everything over to Git for my own personal use and I found some old versions of a file already in the repository. How do I commit it to the history in the correct order according the the file’s “date modified” so I have an accurate history of the file? I was told something […]

How to have multiple ~/.gitconfig instances under one user account?

I need to have git setup on my system, where both GitHub and TortoiseGit have their own separate ~/.gitconfig AKA global .gitconfig files. Because of the way git works, there doesnt seem to be anyway to do this? Basically i need GitHub to look at one .gitconfig file by default, which would be the same […]

How to keep .cproject local to each user while working collaboratively through git

I have a C++ project that I am working on with several other people. Some of us have Macs with OSX and some of us have PCs with either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. We are currently using eclipse to edit the project and git for version control. The problem is that whenever you change […]

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