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Can I migrate trac from SVN to Git repositories without exporting + creating a new trac instance?

We think about migrating from SVN to Git and since trac supports both, can we just change the address of the repository to use Git? All the documentation I found was between two instances of SVN. If it isn’t that simple, which steps are required to migrate the data from wiki and tickets? I have […]

How to customize which terminal is used by the “Git Bash Here” command of msysgit's shell extension?

The default cmd.exe is horrible, I’d like to use, say, the “Console” shell.

Version Control that Discards Old History

I’m looking for a version control system that protects me against mistakes that I may have made recently (no more than a week) and discards the rest. Is there one which makes this kind of automated cleanup very easy? For the record, I’m using SVN, but I’m not asking how to get SVN to do […]

Is TFS better than GIT for code management?

I want to start an individual project just for learning purposes. But, i am not sure if i should use Git or TFS for code management? Which are Pros and Cons of each of them?

Can I add changes to staging area from another branch?

I have two branch, master new-features New features have a commit I want to add to master but I want the control how much I want to merge. I would like the option to add/reject changes for each line. Similar I can do with git add -p I have searched a lot probably I was […]

Isolating one change from another with git

I’ve been working on my local master branch on a new feature that is not yet ready to be pushed live for production. However, I just discovered a separate bug in my live app, and so I quickly fixed it locally. However, I want to push this bug fix to my remote master branch without […]

Managing git across mutliple sites

The scenario we have is that our organization is located in a few geographical locations. I would like to setup a git central server so each of the distributed teams can push their changes into it and share with the rest of the teams. I am wondering what are the best options of doing such […]

Fixing 'backwards' git merge that was pushed

I have run into a problem between my git branches that I’m not sure how to approach. Let’s say I have separate branches for each release I’m working on. For example, I have ‘Release-1’ and ‘Release-2’ as my branches. These releases are sequential in nature, that is ‘Release-2’ contains everything in ‘Release-1,’ but not the […]

Unrecoverable git push?

I’m still trying to understand the ramifications of rebase and rewriting Git history. Imagine a repository R on github with a year’s worth of valuable source code history. Let’s say it’s the only copy on the planet. Are there things a committer could do, by cloning the repository, making some changes, and pushing them back, […]

Easier way to do checkouts in git than to have to type the full commit's hash id

I am currently checking out other commits by using a commit’s full hash id: git checkout b56da2b535106d6df6d7caebfd455dd65b70eaf6 but this is a bit boring. Isn’t there another way to do it? Maybe only typing the first letters of the hash or something? I have the idea of having read something alone those lines but I am […]

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