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Using git and svn with multiple developers

I have a svn repository (with no TLB structure if it matters) which I want to use along with git. I can do a git-svn clone, work on my changes in the git repo and commit back to the svn repo whenever I am done. It’s clear until this point. I’m not sure how to […]

Git: merge hides certain changes

We work through the visual studio 2015 with git. We have had central repository (GitLab) with single branch ‘master’. Two people have cloned repository. First guy have added “test-new-file-v.txt” file in the solution. It have changed solution file (.sln) and have changed string “VisualStudioVersion = 14.0.23107.0”. Then he commit in your local repository and then […]

Can I put a .gitmodules file in a subdirectory?

Let’s say my repo index root is in /project dir. Should the .gitmodules also be inside this dir, or can I put it into, say /project/subdir? The reason I would like to do that is because I have multiple contributors and I want each to be responsible for his own set of submodules.

Is there a better way of writing a git pre-commit hook to check any php file in a commit for parse errors?

What I have so far is #!/bin/sh php_syntax_check() { retval=0 for i in $(git-diff-index –name-only –cached HEAD — | grep -e ‘\.php$’); do if [ -f $i ]; then output=$(php -l $i) retval=$? if [ $retval -gt 0 ]; then echo “==============================================================================” echo “Unstaging $i for the commit due to the follow parse errors” echo […]

How to fast forward a remote branch

I have a local master branch and remote master and production branches My master is corresponding to the remote master (act like the trunk, but no fully tested for deployment, so I have create a branch called production which is always behind the master) e.g. git branch -a * master remotes/origin/master remotes/origin/production When I push, […]

Managing PDFs/binaries with Git or other VCS

I’m working on a LaTeX project at the moment for a “thesis” of sorts, and I figured it would be a safe idea to track the work-in-progress with Git, as it’s probably the nicest version-control system I’ve come across. Now, Git will handle source code files brilliantly, but how well does it handle binary files? […]

Git multiple repositories in Visual Studio

I have a solution with 5 projects in it and want to add it under git source control. Since I want to limit access for some users to some projects, I have to set up a Git repository for each project and limit access on repository-level. In Visual Studio however, Git repositories are created per-solution […]

Not showing as a contributor on GitHub

I’m struggling to get GitHub to show my contributions to a project. It is not my repository, but other repositories I’ve contributed to do show up on my profile. I’ve tested contributions to both shared and private repositories work. I’ve pushed from other projects and everything is working as expected. The patches from the non-working […]

Managing multiple web applications with the same code base

I’m looking for the best way (or easiest way) to manage multiple instances of a PHP web application, that share the same code base. Let me break it down for you: Our domain is hosting multiple instances of the application, each with their own settings files and database. http://mydomain.com | |——/customer1/ | |——/customer2/ | |——/customer3/ […]

Nuget does not update Package References in ASP.NET website

About: I have a ASP.NET website (not Web project) with 3 class library projects in the solution. Earlier I was using SVN but now Git is used source management. I have installed the git locally on a computer (used as server) and using it for merging the source code from other developers. Also, I am […]

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