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How to revert the changes made in file which has not been put in staging area using GIT

I am new to Git. My question is simple but I looked into this SO LINK I could find the right answer. Step 1. Suppose I have a project with two files in it. A.txt and B.txt. I made some changes to file and eventually I pushed it to the repo.(all good till now) Step […]

Push full copy of my git repo to my remote

Enviroment I converted my git repo using git-lfs-migrate and I am within a BARE Repo now. Everything seems fine: Converting finished without errors, tags are still available as well as branches. Those branches have a different commit id compared to before I converted. This id seems to be fine since git show prints some infos […]

GitHub API v3: Which base_tree SHA values are accepted when writing a tree

When reading a tree using the github api: GET /repos/:user/:repo/git/trees/:sha you can either pass The SHA of a commit, in which case it seems to automatically resolve to the tree in the commit, and might save you a round trip to fetch the tree SHA from the commit. Or simply pass the tree’s SHA I […]

How delete the last git commit after pushing to remote then pulling from remote master branch to local

I pushed my changes to remote branch, then realized that I was using a wrong GitHub username, so I tried to undo the commit, but without success. I read that I could just use git reset HEAD^ had I not pushed my change to remote, but it didn’t work as the commit has been made […]

Unable to combine Version2 to Version1 in Git

I have two files which are called version1 version2 Version1 has my own changes, while version2 is based on version1 but it has other people’s changes too. I run the following command at my Git folder where Version1 is git add version2 I now have two separate files in Git. I would like combine them […]

Git: Apply old version of a file to a branch

Say file xyz.ext in the head/master is v1.25, but I want to commit v1.23 to the branch called QA… How do I do it? Based on my previous question, it’s unlikely I can use git merge because I don’t see anything about versions in the documentation I’m finding through google. Is that correct?

Problem with missing files on syncing with git-p4

I’m getting a recurring issue with git-p4. On syncing with git-p4 clone //depot/project/main the majority of files are synced up but there are a number of exceptions for which I can find no apparent common denominators. I created a separate Perforce workspace to use with git-p4 and globally set the properties git-p4.client to this workspace […]

git: merge a portion of one branch's source tree into another, regardless of individual commits

I understand how to merge branches together in git, and I love how easy it makes it. I have a branch that looks like this: project/ |–subproj1/ | |—(files) | |–subproj2/ |—(files) A colleague has a branch that’s made significant changes to both subprojects. More specifically, he’s altered them both to depend on a common […]

SVN on Windows

Sorry in advance if this not ‘SO’-ish enough— I have a tech writing friend who is looking into version control for her word and visio documents. I advised her to check out TortioseSVN or whatever M$-flavor of Git is out there for local version control. However, she is concerned about what will happen if a […]

git error (caused by local commit)

I used git to checkout code from central repository. After I changed the code, I cannot make commits to that central repository, so I made commit to local repository. Now without affecting the central repository, can I make my changes available at other place? I mean: How to convey my local changes to other places? […]

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