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Revision control locking: Is the jury still out?

When I’m online it seems that everyone has agreed that using the exclusive locking workflow in source control is a Bad Thing. All the new revision control systems I see appear to be built for edit and merge workflows, and many don’t even support exclusive locks at all. However, everyone I work with is of […]

How to manage Migrations in a project with multiple branches?

I have an ASP.NET MVC3 project that uses Entity Framework 4.3 with the code-first approach. I use Migrations to keep the database up-to-date. The project is under source-control and I have a number of branches. What I just realized is that there will be a problem when I want to merge one of my branches […]

What is the cleverest use of source repository that you have ever seen?

This actually stems from on my earlier question where one of the answers made me wonder how people are using the scm/repository in different ways for development.

Can I restore my source code that has been uploaded into Google AppEngine?

I recently had a hard drive crashed and lost all of my source code. Is it possible to pull/checkout the code that I have already uploaded to Google App Engine (like the most recent version)?

Buildprocess for ActiveX / COM / VB6 enterprise projects

We have developed a software system using ActiveX/COM (VB6) technology from microsoft. In the last year, i get more and more interested in automated build processes and SCM at a whole. I intensively searched big parts of the web for information about best practices how to do scm with COM based software systems. The “problem” […]

Is .settings/org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs part of the project?

Is the file .settings/org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs part of the project or is it part of my personal eclipse configuration? Should I add it to version control?

How to manage SVN in Xcode 5.1.1?

I would like to send a code to a SVN server using Xcode. I found that Xcode 4 has in Provisioning Profile a tool to manage SVN (creating folders & pulling the code). Now in Xcode 5 they change it and added Source Control. I added my SVN server address (inlucding name and password) in […]

What parts of cordova cli generated projects can be safely versioned in source control?

I’m looking to use Cordova CLI instead of a home grown ant solution for command line management of a phonegap/cordova project. I’m wondering what parts of the directory tree, if any, should not be placed under version control?

timestamp when Getting Latest from TFS and does it matter?

I’m not sure why I never noticed this before but when I “Get Latest” from TFS, the date and time on the files in my local working folder are set to the current date and time. This applies to the Created and Modified dates, even if no changes have been made (as I just did […]

How to configure Visual Studio to use different source control providers

I’m involved in many projects and each project has their own source control provider. Is there a way to configure Visual Studio 2010 to automatically select the right source control on a per project basis? Or is the Tools – Options – Source Control plug in per user level? Let me clarify what is happening. […]

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