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Git log output to XML, JSON, or YAML?

This is a pretty simple question: as a Git newbie I was wondering if there’s a way for me to output my git log to a file, preferably in some kind of serialized format like XML, JSON, or YAML. Any suggestions?

How can I put a database under git (version control)?

I’m doing a web app, and I need to make a branch for some major changes, the thing is, these changes require changes to the database schema, so I’d like to put the entire database under git as well. How do I do that? is there a specific folder that I can keep under a […]

Should Gemfile.lock be included in .gitignore?

I’m sort of new to bundler and the files it generates. I have a copy of a git repo from GitHub that is being contributed to by many people so I was surprised to find that bundler created a file that didn’t exist in the repo and wasn’t in the .gitignore list. Since I have […]

git-svn: what's the equivalent to `svn switch –relocate`?

An svn repository I’m mirroring through git-svn has changed URL. In vanilla svn you’d just do svn switch –relocate old_url_base new_url_base. How can I do this using git-svn? Simply changing the svn url in the config file fails.

What are .git/info/grafts for?

I am trying to figure out what is the ‘grafts’ in the Git. For example, in one of the latest comments here, Tobu suppose to use git-filter-branch and .git/info/grafts to join two repositories. But I don’t understand why I need these grafts? It seems, that all work without last two commands.

Git non-fast-forward rejected

I feel like this question has been asked many times, but the solution is typically “I deleted the directory and re-did my work with a fresh checkout.” I did a commit and push but realized that I referred to the wrong ticket number in the commit message. So I looked on SO for a quick […]

Why should I use version control?

I was reading a blog where the writer said this “Code doesn’t exist unless it’s checked into a version control system. Use version control for everything you do. Any version control, SVN, Git, even CVS, master it and use it.” I have never used any sort of version control and I do not find it […]

Is there a migration tool from CVS to Git?

I intend to switch over from CVS to Git. In the case of SVN, there seems to be cvs2svn. Is there a similar tool to easily migrate from CVS to Git?

How do you make Git ignore files without using .gitignore?

Due to external weird constraints I cannot modify the .gitignore of my repository. Is there a way to ignore files and directories other than modifying a .gitignore? Even if it is a global solution like a global configuration that will be applied to all my repositories.

What makes merging in DVCS easy?

I read at Joel on Software: With distributed version control, the distributed part is actually not the most interesting part. The interesting part is that these systems think in terms of changes, not in terms of versions. and at HgInit: When we have to merge, Subversion tries to look at both revisions—my modified code, and […]

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