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git can I speed up committing?

I have a big repository in a shared folder. I use git from within a VM on that folder. Everything works nice, but the repository is big and git’s searching through all directories and files when committing is slow. I cannot move this repository out of the shared folder. I tried to git add specific […]

How can I view the output of `git show` in a diff viewer like meld, kdiff3, etc

There are many SO questions that show how to view the output of a git diff command in a diff viewer like meld using git difftool or otherwise. I am not asking about git diff though. I want to see the output of git show <previous commit sha1> in a diff viewer like meld. How […]

How to `git bisect` only on one branch's commits?

In a project I am currently working on, we keep each feature its own brach and merge it back to master when the feature is ready. The commits inside each feature branch might include a lot of “WIP” and breaking functionality of other features until it is complete and stable. Anyway, since the master branch’s […]

Preparing a git commit messaging before committing?

Is it possible to prepare a commit message prior to a commit, meaning that I will type my commit message before the actual commit or during the working dir so that I know what I am working on and I know what this branch or commit will be all about. When I say “before” I […]

Git On Windows Without Cygwin?

Are there any native Git implementations for Windows that do not require Cygwin? I’ve become a fan of the TortoiseSVN client, and would really like to see a similar Git client for Windows. Edit: I am also considering Mercurial, but would prefer to check out a few before I make a decision.

When to use “chore” as type of commit message?

What is the use of chore in semantic version control commit messages? Other types like feat or fix are clear, but I don’t know when to use “chore”. Can anyone provide a couple of examples of its use? Another maybe not related question: What’s the proper type of messages of commits for modifying files like […]

Subversion equivalent to Git's 'show' command?

I like how you can see what went into a git with git show rev I haven’t found an equivalent in Subversion. It seems Subversion wants you to do a diff between two commits to get anything reasonable. Am I mistaken, or is there an equivalent to git show in svn to just see what […]

TortoiseGit: How can I see a list of commits that are about to be pushed

I have merged in some commits from different branches into my “develop” branch and I’m now ready to push them to the remote branch. In TortoiseGit, is it possible to view a list of items that are about to be pushed? “Check for Modifications” is not showing me anything, as the changes are coming from […]

Interconversion of gitignore and hgignore?

I’m just starting to use hg-git to push some mercurial repositories to github, and I’m realizing that if people check them out using git, they’ll need a .gitignore file in the repository. Is there any automated way to convert hgignore to gitignore or vice versa?

Seamless git svn setup

I am a power git user and a happy one at that. Now, I’m forced to use svn and I am not exactly happy to do so. Not so comfortable using git svn yet. So, here is the setup I’d like and want. I use a git repo, that is git in all ways with […]

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