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Xcode 7 created new branch, commit fails

Recently upgraded to Xcode 7 with an in progress app. Got app running fine but when I went to commit first changes in Xcode 7, I got the below error: The working copy “App Name” failed to commit files. error: invalid object 100644 07ce6672fd469d5c7545e48b910cb3ff4508e9ca for ‘App Name/App Name-Prefix.pch’ error: invalid object 100644 07ce6672fd469d5c7545e48b910cb3ff4508e9ca for ‘App […]

Why Gerrit is accepting pushes, it can't handle?

Following comments to this answer and information if Gerrit’s docs. If adding proper refs is mandatory: git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/master Then why Gerrit is accepting at all a push without them? After doing git push origin master with proper refs missing, push is accpeted (at Git level), but no change is created (at Gerrit level). […]

Opposite of .git/info/exclude – including files that are excluded by .gitignore

Is there a way to include files specifically excluded by a projects .gitignore file? Similar to how .git/info/exclude listings exclude files while not being under version control I want to revert exclusions done by .gitignore so I can see changes in these files.

git rebase –onto results on single commit

I want to create a branch out of master but I need this branch to have an empty tree. After a bit of researching I’ve come up with the following situation: Master branch have a single commit with a dummy file. I checkout a new branch I remove all files and commit I create a […]

Migrate SVN to git with cleanup

I want to migrate my project from SVN to git but I would like to have a clean history of all files and basically get rid of branches. A few of the issues I have: Some modules (subdirectories) where created, worked on and later discarded. I don’t want them in my history. Some code was […]

Track the same files in multiple repositories

Let’s say I have repo1 being tracked (it contains .git). Then, inside of it, I download project1 from github. This has it’s own .git folder (which I might ignore?). Proceeding, I’ll add project1 to repo1. At this point, I’ll say files in project1 are being tracked by multiple repositories. I did some tests here without […]

Gerrit doesn't accept newly created change/branch

I have just created a new change, that I wish to pull to Gerrit. I did it (I hope) the usual way, i.e. create new branch, do magic, commit. Now, I want to push changes to Gerrit. So… git checkout 82-changes-and-fixes-to-files-view git push origin HEAD:refs/for/82-changes-and-fixes-to-files-view (crunch, crunch) ! [remote rejected] HEAD -> refs/for/82-changes-and-fixes-to-files-view (branch 82-changes-and-fixes-to-files-view […]

How can you tell who merged which branch into git?

We are using git for a project, making use of git flow (http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/) to manage hotfixes, features, etc. However, somehow the changes in develop (which is weeks ahead of master) have been merged into master, and a recent git push has published the unstable develop branch! How can I find out who merged develop into […]

git merge vs rebasing

I am using git from almost 2 years and now I am confused whether to rebase a branch or merge the branch with master. I have searched this site and did not find any question related to my specific reasons/argument. I personally never encouraged anyone to rebase a branch. I always insisted everyone to merge […]

Is Docker a replacement for git source control?

Is Docker in anyway intended to replace git, SVN or other similar source control platforms? If not how do the two integrate?

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