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Suspend the work on a git branch and work on another (mainly locally)

I have to work on different little features and I usually save them locally with git stash save “feature name”. I read that using branches has more sense, and I believe it could be true, cause a branch allows you to keep also untracked files (while with stash I have to remember to add the […]

Git – Agile workflow supporting modifications to existing interfaces

I have a question regarding on how to efficiently use Git (or any VCS I guess) when in the process of making modifications to existing code, particularly already utilised interfaces. In our project, consisting of a team of seven, we are having two permanent branches, master and dev. In addition, we have feature-branches for features, […]

How can I stash some files and commit to a new branch the rest?

In a git repos I do: git status and I see: somepath/file1 somepath/file2 somepath/file3 somepathotherpath/file4 somepathdifferentpath/fileX somepathotherpath/fileY somepath/fileZ Checked out as modified. There is also a file just added and not tracked. What I want to do is the following: I want to somehow stash e.g. 3 of the files and for the rest create […]

GIT-SVN in Xcode 5

I got a SVN server for all the source codes via https. The address is similar to this: The current workflow for me to commit a Xcode project to SVN is as follow: Create a new folder called “svn_repo” In Terminal, issue command: git svn init Empty GIT repository is created Issue git […]

How to rename a remote branch in Git so that to have a proper history tree

I know this might look like a duplicate to the other similar questions, but it is slightly different. My case: We’ve been developing on the master branch for a while and now we want to apply this branching model: A successful Git branching model So what we want to achieve is to rename the remote […]

GIT: fetch-merge vs pull

I understand that fetch-merge and pull are the same thing, however sometimes by doing fetch-merge I get some conflicts which I would not get if I just did pull. Does anybody know why?

Git workflow and 'feature' branches

I’m an individual dev that started using Git (Git Extensions on Windows) several days ago mainly to allow working on my code from multiple computers. I’m slowly getting the gist of it. But my main problem is working out what to do with temporary feature branches once I’ve merged them into the main branches and […]

Git : pushing changes to remote branch

I’ve read answers to variations of this basic question but I’m still confused. When I enter the following git command: git push remote_repo cool_branch How does git treat the ‘cool_branch’? Is it the LOCAL branch, from which the changes are going to be transferred to ‘remote_repo’ repository? If so, to which remote branch will the […]

How to revert a commit in Git while providing a description?

I use Git with SourceTree (from Atlassian). I can revert a commit, but this makes a commit with an auto description : Revert … I want to revert a commit while entering my own description. How can I do that ? Thank you.

.gitignore in XCode5 doesn't seem to ignore files

I have a .gitignore file in my app’s root directory; no matter where I place it, Git seems to ignore the contents, such as xcuserstate. This is the contents of my .gitignore file: # Xcode # build/ *.pbxuser !default.pbxuser *.mode1v3 !default.mode1v3 *.mode2v3 !default.mode2v3 *.perspectivev3 !default.perspectivev3 xcuserdata *.xccheckout *.moved-aside DerivedData *.hmap *.ipa *.xcuserstate DBChooser.* This is […]

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