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Is migration from Mercurial to Git and back effortless?

I’m trying to decide between Git and Mercurial and whatever decision I make, I’d like to know how difficult is to move from one SCM to the other. I know there are export + import options in both tools, I’d just like to know if it will preserve things like branches, tags etc. Also, will […]

Gitolite local working copy for Apache DocumentRoot

I have a system setup with git and gitolite. All is working well, except I want my structure to be like this: Local Environment -> Development Server -> Production Server I have a repo setup on the dev server, and it’s successfully cloned down to the local environment. Now, what I need is a local […]

Is there a way to just commit one file type extension from a folder?

I’m learning to control my source codes with git and I’m still really noob at this part. Anyway, the question speaks for itself, I have a folder with a lot of stuff and I would like just to commit “.c” extension files. Is there a command to do this trick or do I need to […]

what does using gitflow offer a git user?

We’re transitioning to git, we need source control that handles branching and parallel development better. Our whole team has done a bit of research and we’ve decided to move to git. We also like the model of gitflow. I noticed there is also a gitflow extension for git. What benefit does this extension have over […]

git equivalent of svnversion

Possible Duplicate: what is the git equivalent for revision number? I have been using subversion for same time now, and would like to switch to git. Having read the manual I have only one reservation, I use svnversion to get a reference number that is: unique, short, monotonic with respect to time (always increases). It […]

How can I use git to track SRPM customizations?

Our team frequently performs customization to various packages distributed with RHEL/CentOS. Our workflow involves installing the SRPM, executing rpmbuild -bp to unpack and patch the source, making our changes and creating a .patch to be included in the specfile, and building the new customized SRPM for later use with mock: $ rpm -i grub-0.97-13.5.1.src.rpm $ […]

Tracking changes to my Git configuration?

Is there a canonical way to track changes to my git configuration? Context: A coworker and I are comparing our various git settings, both global and per-repo, and we would like to see the various changes we have both made.

Merging two completely different repositories

I have a git repository (let’s call it A) which has quite some commits and tags in it. I recently created a new repository (let’s call this one B) and I did some commits in there (no tags, no branches other than master). After some work I realized that work in B could completely override […]

Merge Unity 3D scene with Git

I’m trying to implement a Git for a game project of mine. For scripts, it would work well because they are already in text. But what about scene files? They are binary files so merging them will be quite hard. What if I put a game object in the scene and another co-worker put another […]

Git workflow idea to push an unfinished local branch to remote for backup purposes

Say I’m currently working on a new feature which I’ve branched off of the ‘dev’ branch and I’ve been working for several days and it’s not yet ready to be merged with ‘dev’ and pushed. Although I have made several commits and have been pulling changes to dev and then merging dev into my feature […]

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