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Git one-liner to add everything (including untracked files) and commit

This question already has an answer here: Is it possible to skip the staging area and (also) commit untracked, new files to git? 3 answers

Copying GitHub repo to new remote URL

I have a GitHub repo that I want to copy and push to a new remote URL under a different organization. I’d like to preserve as much history as possible, such as branches and commits, but I’m not sure how to do this. My local copy doesn’t have all branches. I’ve seen similar questions, but […]

How to merge conflicted file in your branch only in git?

I have two branches branch-A and Integration. When I create pull request for Integration branch I see conflicts in one file. I don’t want to merge whole branch to resolve conflicts, I just want that conflicted file to be merged into branch-A and resolve the conflicts. Is there any way that I can just merge […]

How does SVN store identical text files in different sub-directories

I am trying to find out how svn stores text files internally. For eg: I have an SVN repo, with the following sub-directory structure, dirA/file_xx – say size 10MB dirB/file_xx – identical file, but a copy – size is same 10MB My question is, will SVN store 2 copies of the file internally even though […]

Visual Studio 2015 Team Explorer Git branches not working properly

I have got access to a private git repository [like git.itabc.com] from my client. The code is on master branch. I am asked to create a new branch each time i start a new task. so I go to Team Explorer and select current branch http://prntscr.com/cmfxtp and click “Create New Local Branch From” and create […]

How to make a new branch on pull conflict?

I have a clone of a repo on my localhost and a server. My friend did some changes on the server’s copy. However, he didn’t commit them. I worked on my local copy and committed (as well as pushed) the changes to the master branch of the repo. Now, I had to pull the changes […]

.gitignore, git add, and files mysteriously disappearing

I have a project, and have shared the root folder through git. My compatriots and I are using different versions of Gradle (and have named the project different things), so it would be appropriate for some things in the .idea folder (a certain folder) to be in the .gitignore file. I did not realize this […]

Android Studio can't upload the project in Github

I am having a problem when I am trying upload my project from Android Studio. The error message is this. The following problems have occurred when adding the files: fatal: Unable to create ‘ C:/Users/Theo/AndroidStudioProjects/.git/index.lock’: File exists. From the solutions I found, people suggest that the index.lock file must be deleted. cd .git del index.lock […]

Using “pull request” to request a merge on a branch

If I understood it properly, git pull request command is used in the following scenario: I find a open source project which I consider interesting. I want to develop some extra features on the top of this project, however I have no write permissions on that repository (let’s call it Xrepo). So, for ex if […]

How to manage Laravel controllers and views in separate Git repos

It seems to me that a large portion of projects have repeated components. For example most projects will have a User model, along with a UsersController and user views. Is there any way to structure a project so that each of these is pulled from a Git repo? I want to have separate repos for […]

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