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Workflow for git merging and cherry picking in a migrated subversion repository

My team is transitioning from SVN to git, and one of the things I’m trying to sort out is a long term branching strategy. In SVN we had our trunk, and then several release branches which each represented a major platform revision (V1, V2, etc). Our workflow for something like a bug fix or patch […]

Open sourcing a project: different commit histories on local and remote repo?

I will soon open source a project. My problem though is that there were some credentials hard coded in the code. Of course, I removed them and now have a separate config file to handle credentials. I just can not publish the whole repository because of the commit history with the credentials. My idea was […]

How to run Android app remotely from GitHub?

Let’s say there is a public repository of Android project in GitHub. I would like to ask, if there is any fast way to directly “checkout” that repository, automatically compile source code of latest commit and run as Android application? There is any fast or “modern” way to do this? Or firstly I should clone […]

How to properly determine a Git repository's URL

I’m fighting my way through Git + Apache and loosing. More specifically: I installed Git under Windows7 64 bit (went to git-scm.com/download/win) Configured git via cmd.exe (filled in my name, e-mail, etc) Created a repository on my machine (created a folder C:\RepoGitPlayground, navigated to it via cmd, did a “git init”, added some dummy file […]

Git and media directory commits

I’ve just started using Envoyer with Bitbucket and one problem I have with a live project is the media directory to which users of the system upload different media. If I exclude it from the commits, then they will effectively be removed from the live project on deployment – if I keep them – then […]

git procedure to merge branches from origin

I am a member of a Github repository where there are three branches, master, dev and deployment. I cloned the repository on my local computer with: git clone git@github.com:COMPANY/repo.git What I need to do is to merge the changes that were pushed in the dev branch into the master branch, and then the master branch […]

Does git checkout overwrite all files?

I currently have this sort of a setup for my web app Development copy of app in laptop which is where I do all the coding. A bare repo (using git init –bare in /projects/test.git folder of my web server). Also, I added a post-recieve. As #!/bin/sh GIT_WORK_TREE=/public_html/projects/test git checkout -f I make changes in […]

Migrate SVN to Git, lost all source files and most commits

I’m trying to migrate a SVN repo to git. I followed https://www.cocoanetics.com/2013/03/moving-from-svn-to-git/ and http://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Git-and-Other-Systems-Migrating-to-Git step by step, git svn clone generates the following output: $ git svn clone https://zuoyao@ –authors-file=users.txt –no-metadata –stdlayout graph_db > svn2git.log Using higher level of URL: https://zuoyao@ => https://zuoyao@ Found possible branch point: https://zuoyao@ => https://zuoyao@, 283 Initializing parent: refs/remotes/origin/old-hbase-partition-schema@283 Found […]

Git svn multiple projects one repo

Currently my work uses svn, but i’m trying to bring git at least locally so we can branch stash etc. We share our svn repo with multiple teams, thus its quite large with many projects – we only ever checkout a handful of these projects and will forever ignore the rest. For the forseeable future, […]

How to do Git conflict resolution using a separate resolution branch?

I have following branches on my local: master branch-a branch-b branch-c dev I created PR (Pull Request) for branch-a (PRA-1), branch-b (PRB-1), branch-c (PRC-1). My colleagues finished reviewing my code. Since I know that branch-a, branch-b, branch-c are going to conflict each other, I create a conflict-resolution branch. I base conflict-resolution from master and continue […]

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