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What are some of the best SCM practices?

I have been using Git for some time now to manage my own personal projects. I didn’t really think about how I used it. I usually commit all the changes whenever there is a milestone not really thinking. But after reading a blog post that mentions how you should right your commit messages, I realized […]

Which Distributed Source Control System has the best integration with Windows & Visual Studio?

It seems that both git and mercurial are rather Linux oriented. Which of them is more mature on windows?

When working with AppHarbor, how can I properly manage development and live configuration files?

I have a small project under way, in which I’m experimenting with AppHarbor. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, AppHarbor allows you to automatically build and deploy ASP.NET MVC projects in the cloud, by adding a specific Git remote and then pushing your project/source to that remote. The way I’m currently working […]

Tortoise Git shows clean directory as conflicted

I have a git repository that I’m working on which I am using Tortoise git to manage in Windows. Show modifications and diff show that there are no differences between working directory and head. However, a little red X shows up over one of my folders. Is there a way to reset the status of […]

TortoiseGit context options missing for files

I have the latest TortoiseGIT 64 bit installed on my Windows 7 64 bit machine. I noticed recently that context options are no longer coming on the files. The folders have the options such as Git commit, Rename etc…but right clicking the files, shows the menu which normally comes for un-added files such as ‘Add..’ […]

private mercurial/git branch for backup?

Is it possible to create a non-visible branch in git or mercurial I can use as backup? Eg at the end of the day I have unfinished work (may even be left with syntax errors) but I want it to be backed up in the repository online, without annoying others about the mess that’s left.

How do you use Source Control without IDE integration?

I am currently using Subversion as my Source Control system, mainly because I found ANkhSVN to be a quite nicely integrated into Visual Studio. But many people seem to be using Git or Mercurial and others with great success. Now, I am wondering how to use a system like Git without some sort of IDE […]

How should I version control (sort of) unrelated scripts in the same path?

I’ve started using version control to better manage revisions to my PowerShell code. I decided to use Mercurial for 3 main reasons: As a DVCS, it doesn’t require a server. If I want to, I can store a private repository online for free (bitbucket.org) It seemed simpler to use than Git. Mercurial works well for […]

git: ignore source in production branch and minified files in development

I cannot find a sensible solution for as I reckon a very simple task. Consider I have some source directory in my project, where all source files are. In development mode, I change source files, and Gulp minifies them into .min.js and .min.css and puts them into public directory (to clarify, I’m building a node.js […]

Git renaming file. History is available on cmd-line, but not in github interface?

There have been many excellent posts on how to preserve history when renaming files and folders in Git. This works on the git command-line interface: #if you don’t modify oldname.cpp or newname.cpp, git will understand your rename git mv old.cpp new.cpp git commit -am “renamed old.cpp -> new.cpp” git log new.cpp #only shows the new […]

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