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Git: Why use a hook for setting up repo on your server?

Tutorial after tutorial on setting up a git repo on your server are essentially all the same — and they go like this: Install git on your server Create git/project.git off your root directory of your server Initialize git/project.git using git init –bare In git/project.git/hooks then touch post-receive Add to post-receive: #!/bin/bash\n 2 GIT_WORK_TREE=/path/to/your/vc’d/project git […]

RTC equivalent for 'git pull'

What is the equivalent command for accomplishing the use case of a git pull command (update to the tip and do auto resolve conflicts) ? I’m looking for the scm command which accomplishes the functionality of a git pull operation.

Repository tab is missing in Organizer window – Xcode

I updated my xcode from version 4 to 5 and I have couple projects on Github. The interest thing is when I open organizer window, the repository tab is missing, can any one tell me where it goes? Thank you

Using Eclipse to interface with GitHub for non-supported language

I use Git via Eclipse for source control on my Python and Javascript projects and find it really useful. I also use a piece of building energy simulation software, EnergyPlus and would like to use Git and Eclipse for managing input files for this. There is no plugin available for EnergyPlus specifically but is there […]

What is stage status in Git?

I am learning Git by reading the book “Pro Git”, it said there are 3 states in Git they are ‘modified’, ‘Staged’ and ‘Committed’, I just can’t understand what stage actually is and when it is used. I searched on line and find this answer https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/119782/what-stage-means-in-git-source-control, people said ‘Staged’ gives you better control when you […]

Remove version history of a single file in Git

Use-Case: I am creating a clone of my repository and I wish to maintain the version history of every other file but one, lets call it “black-sheep.json” Following is the only approach I’ve discovered as yet: Create a temporary copy of black-sheep.json, say tmp.json Then remove all history for black-sheep.json using this command git filter-branch […]

What are git methodologies for rapid deployment

I have a huge project without proper revision control system (I know it is bad and this is why I want to change). What methodology should I use if I would like to make rapid weekly releases, and at the same time I want to have some side features that can take more than a […]

Shortcoming of git log? Why can't I see all the branches?

I have a branch in git and I am on that branch and not on master branch. Using git log –graph I can only see linearly that I am on that branch. But I can not see that I have “splitted” from the master branch. I.e. I see: * b * * * Where b […]

How do I find if a branch has been merged to any branch (not just a specific one)

I’m trying to clean up some branches in a fairly large project. We essentially have master, a bunch of release branches (of which only the most recent is maintained), and feature/bug fix branches off each release. The process is normally bugfix/feature-branch -> current-release-branch -> master Now I can see there’s quite a few old feature/bugfix […]

Project Management – forking from SVN main to Git as a fork with ability to rebase the svn as required

I wish to fork a project that is currently managed via SVN to Git. The SVN repo is svn.openvpms.org/openvpms Under this are around 8 sub-projects each of which have trunk/branch/tag directories. When I work in my IDE I actually check each out via svn separately but under a specific directory structure eg If this is […]

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