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.gitignore exception is including extra files

I have .gitignore file as: MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth/bin/ !MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth/bin/Debug/MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth.dll For some reason source tree showing “MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth.dll” in commit list and some other files like; MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth/bin/Debug/AutoMapper.xml MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth/bin/Debug/Castle.Core.xml MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth/bin/Debug/Castle.Windsor.xml MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth/bin/Debug/Newtonsoft.Json.xml MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth/bin/Debug/MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth.dll MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth/bin/Debug/MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth.dll.config If I remove second line file ignore file it removes everything in this case (as expected). All I want is to include “MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth.dll” It is doing a […]

Isn't it strange to have branches for totally unrelated code with master?

Github does this for .io pages. A friend of mine worked at a company that had only one repo and 3 branches for backend, ios and android applications. This seems very strange since the definition of a branch is a state of code that’s derived from other state of the code in time. But those […]

what are some tools for documenting code changes?

I would like a personal wiki-like environment that allows me to “track” changes on a tree (currently svn). The idea is every morning I would update my working copy, and begin to annotate each change that has occured, with as little or as much detail. I have come across some redmine and trac, but these […]

How to fix windows line endings after git clone

I have cloned a repository from github on a Windows 7 box, and made some of changes I would hate to lose. However, all my file have wrong line endings, \n instead of \r\n. How should I fix it? I think I should clone my repo again with correct line endings, and move over my […]

pull a remote repo and pushing those files

We’re working on a big project here at work with feature “bundles” (EDIT: “bundle” is just a term we use internally to refer to a specific functionality package, and isn’t meant as a git term) spread out into several different git repositories. I’m getting ready to send a batch of changes upstream for review and […]

git status for a past commit?

how to do a git status to view changed files in a past commit? NOTE: this question might have already been asked, but phrased much differently. however, I am astounded to see that searching for the following expression on Google yields no useful results: git status for past commit.

Similar program to Team Foundation Server

we are 3 programmers that work via internet. The mayor problem that we have is that we often overwrite each other files. What we are looking for is a program that block files for editing. For example, when I want to edit the file, I want the program to download the lastest version of that […]

git create new branch from a specific branch history and commit

I basically want to do: git checkout branchA git checkout -b branchB <commit_id> which creates the new branchB branch from <commit_id> on branchA. Question: I’m getting into details here but the reason I’m asking is to help understand how git history works and to save a bit of typing. (the command above could of been […]

How to determine master, origin, head

I find myself getting lost in git branches. How can I determine what my origin/master/head is if I’m in an arbitrary git branch? This way I can predict the effects of commands such as those shown here.

How do I add a branch to my repository that is in gitosis

I have successfully setup gitosis on my machine and I have my project safely on the gitosis server. It currently has no branches (just master). How do I add a branch to it? (I am not talking about the config of it, I can figure that out, but literally adding a branch) Do I add […]

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