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What does “commit your changes or stash them” mean?

I have my branch on my GIT repository where I used to commit and push. But today I saw a different programmer committed and pushed to my branch. Now when I try to pull the latest branch GIT completes it half way and then gives error “Either commit your changes or stash them”. I have […]

Should you comment changes in code and in the changelog?

I have notice a trend for developers to comment their changes less with the justification that the purpose/date/reason is in the changelog. They have some very justifiable claims that duplication of effort is occuring if we require both. I am spending some serious amount of time tracking down changes. No specific direction has been given […]

Removing all files from a just initialized git repo staging area

Let’s say I just created a repo git init and then did git add . I then did a git status and noticed that there were there a couple of files I didn’t want. I went to .git/info/ and added those files to the exclude file. I then tried to git reset . but got […]

Git or SVN for Rails app?

Which version control system should I use for a Rails app: Git or SVN? Here are some factors to consider: I’m the sole developer I’m familiar with SVN I’ve only used Git for a week, it seems pretty similar to SVN really. I want to put my repository on a remote location and connect to […]

How to delete remote branch (e.g. Github) from command line?

I have a git repository in my local machine: I add a new branch called test and add a few commits Then I checkout to master branch and add commits to it. So I use git push –all github and continue working on master. After some time I decide to completely remove the test branch […]

Agile version control?

I’m trying to work out a good method to manage code changes on a large project with multiple teams. We use subversion at the moment, but I want more flexibility in building a new release than I seem to be able to get with subversion. Here’s roughly I want: for each developer to create easily […]

How does version control with LabVIEW VIs work?

Does anybody have experience with version control and LabVIEW? Since LabVIEW VIs are not text-based, how does it work? I would like to use git but I have a few questions: When committing changes, does git recognize the differences in the VI or does it replace the whole file with the new one? Does this […]

GIT Branch Specific Files?

I am wondering if it is possible to say have a main repo with everything I need, config, application code, etc. (This is a MVC environment) and create branches from a main GIT repo with just certain models,controllers,and views. So I would have a main repo with applications/* assets/* system/* And I would have a […]

Adding ignore files to git repo retroactively

So I had this project where at first I did a git add . so I could just get working and not get bothered with which files were going to be version-controlled or what. That, of course, got painful, as while between each commit I usually just change 3-5 files, all the build files (.class, […]

Git check if there is outstanding commits to push

Is there a command I can run to check if there is any commits to push to origin/master? git [some command] origin master Would output something like: origin/master is behind by 7 commits

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