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Concerning workflow of a second commit without a previous push

I am new to git and I am trying to understand the workflow. Let’s say that I did a git commit but did not push the file to the repository. This means a local commit, right? Now I realize that I need some more changes to do in this same file otherwise my previous commit […]

What is the proper workflow for when you need to switch machines, but aren't ready to commit?

I work on two machines, one in my lab and one at home. I often start doing work in the lab, and want to continue at home, but the code is not in a state that I’d like to commit. What is the proper workflow for handling this situation with git?

git commit different set of files to develop and master

I have recently started developing a new library, and use Git for revision control. I decided to follow the immensely popular blog post A successful Git branching model to manage branching. It is about time for me to make my first release, and I would like some advice on managing specific sets of files as […]

Using Coda 2's Built in Git Functionailty

I’m trying to leave the stone ages and integrate version control into my workflow, but I’m a total VC noob. I have an account with Bean Stalk, added a remote git repository there, and have successfully initiated the local git repo in Coda 2. I’m also setting up a local dev environment where I can […]

Delete and ignore file from git, but do not delete everywere

This question already has an answer here: Git: How to remove file from index without deleting files from any repository 7 answers Remove from git but keep in working directory 2 answers

Git folding commits without squash

I have the following scenario: I have some staged changes and I have 3 commits ahead of master. I want the staged changes to be apart of the oldest commit of the three. There are a couple ways I know of to do this, but I’m looking for alternate/better methods. Here’s the first method that […]

Moving commit to another branch, and fast forwarding original branch ahead

What I have (assuming left is master, and the right is a feature branch): | * part of feature 2 (HEAD) | | B * | | * bug fix (unrelated to feature) | | | * part of feature 1 |/ A * | So the obvious issue here, is that a bug fix […]

Using Pagelime CMS with Version Control set up (git)

I have a website that I am setting up with Version Control. We use Beanstalk with git. Now, I just got a request to add a CMS to his website, which basically is just adding a “cms” class to whatever div I want the client to be able to edit. For our CMS, we use […]

Accidentally set “remote.master.url”, cannot get rid of it anymore?

Yesterday, I needed to change the remote URL of a repository as I had just set up Bitbucket to use SSH keys and wanted to switch from HTTPS to SSH. I accidentally used master instead of origin when pointing to the repo’s remote address, like so: git remote add master git@bitbucket.org:myaccount/myrepo.git when I should have […]

git and eclipse workbench

I’m totally new to git and have a question related to the work bench. I do stuffs in java so I would ask in term of java. When you commit files to git repository, do we commit .java, .class files? Or it is ok to put the whole work bench into the local git folder […]

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