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How to fork a branch in Git?

Alright, so I need to fork a project, clone it, and what not. Thing is the master branch is 2000 or so commits ahead of the branch I need to be using. How do I fork a branch and not the main repo. I forked it and I realized I had forked the master branch. […]

XCode Won't Commit To GIT

Been googling for a while with no luck. I have been working on my app for a week and I’m trying to commit to git now, so I can start branching and try some new stuff. But I can’t commit my changes. I get the following message: “The working copy “APP NAME” failed to commit […]

If I Resolve a Conflict Does it Change Git Blame?

I’m trying to figure out whether a merge conflict was responsible for a bug, but I’m having difficulty because I’m not clear on how conflict resolution affects git blame. Let’s say I have a file in master: a(); b(); c(); I modify it in master: a(); d(); c(); but so does a co-worker, and they […]

How to track revision history of revision history?

I am working on a programming tutorial project, and I want the sample source code for this tutorial to have a meaningful revision history, relevant to the tutorial’s progress. Inevitably, I won’t get all the tutorial commits perfectly right the first time, and I don’t want that revision history cluttered with commits where I modify […]

Git/SVN for asp.net development instead of VSS?

At work, we are using ASP.net 2.0 and VSS. VSS is a beast, we are continually having issues with people checking out files and there is no branching – makes it crazy. I know SVN/GIT is mainly used by open source developers, are there any downsides to ASP.NET developers using it? I have been pushing […]

Difference between `git remote prune` and `git branch -d -r`

As far as I understand these two commands can remove remote-tracking branches. Is there any difference between them? git remote prune <branch_name> git branch -d -r <branch_name>

How to get commits information on Jenkins using Groovy since last successful build?

How to write custom groovy script to easily manipulate data from all commits since last successful build?

How do I migrate a flat svn repo to git repo

I have a flat svn repository which looks like: my_repo/ ├── file1.c ├── file2.c ├── file3.c └── README This repo has no branches, or tags and all I am trying to do is convert it to a git repository and maintain the commit history. I have tried: git svn clone –trunk=/ -A users.txt svn+ssh://user@svn.example.com/projects/my_repo dest_dir […]

How to manage the version number in Git?

Let’s imagine the blerp command line tool maintained on git. This tool has the (hidden) –version option which returns its version (let’s say 0.1.2) and another –commit which returns the commit number from which it was built. Both the version and the commit number are hard-coded on the code base. Now I make a bugfix […]

Using Git on a local network. Cloning from one repository to multiple users, pushing back to remote and being able to see updates from all clones

I have searched a few posts here (and elsewhere) about using git on a local (lan) network, but either I am missing something, or it’s just not working. My scenario is as follows: We have a shared network drive of projects (Z:/) on all users PC’s I want to create a repository within directory ‘x’ […]

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