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Git: Says master is up to date, but when deleting branch it says it isnt'

I created a new branch for my 1.0.2 fixes. Once I was finished I wanted to merge them back into my master, so I used: git merge ‘v1.0.2’ But, it tells me that it is ‘Already up-to-date`, which is strange. I say, ok, that is fine, so I try to delete the branch: git branch […]

Converting a free source control to CM Synergy

My company is using CM Synergy as it’s code version control tool, maybe it’s my own problem that I can’t hanlde this tool very nice. But in my own experience, Hg, Git or SVN is very useful for me. Is there any way to convert a opensource control archive to CM Synergy? I know there […]

How can I convert a long series of git merges into a single rebase without merge conflicts?

So I have a branch of master, let’s call it foo, that I’ve been using for a while, and after about 50 commits or so I was getting a rather complicated merge history, as foo had some subbranches of its own. The history was not important to me here, so I decided to clean things […]

using git to maintain a shared codebase

I’m not quite sure what the right terminology is to use for this, so please forgive me in advance if I munge things horribly. I currently maintain a codebase in git for an app that I publish in the Mac app store. For various reasons, I am now looking at publishing a non-MAS release as […]

How can I use Git to identify function changes across different revisions of a repository?

I have a repository with a bunch of C files. Given the SHA hashes of two commits, <commit-sha-1> and <commit-sha-2>, I’d like to write a script (probably bash/ruby/python) that detects which functions in the C files in the repository have changed across these two commits. I’m currently looking at the documentation for git log, git […]

Ignore modifications after git add -f

I’ve just downloaded (not cloned!) CakePHP 2.2.4. The directory containains a .gitignore file: # only the relevant part here /app/Config /app/tmp Now I executed these command because the directories (and their initial contents) Config and tmp would otherwise never been committed: git add -f Config git add -f tmp I have no problems with the […]

Aborting a merge in git – Best practice

Say you are in a branch topic, you have been working for a while and want to merge in some commits from master. You run git merge and there are a few conflicts. But you don’t have time to resolve the merge conflicts now, and you want to return to the state that you were […]

Git commit with invalid character on Windows

I got a Git repository that I accidentally pushed a file 4 commits ago that is located in (path relative to the repository root folder): /Core/C:/testoutput/agwqe1s.xml I did this on my Linux machine, so the actual file was created without any problem. The thing is when I go back to my Windows machine, I can’t […]

Can't delete local git branch

So, I was deleting a local branch with the command git branch -D and after deleting the branch, a new branch, named ‘-D’ showed up in my local repo. So now when I run ‘git branch’ there is a branch called ‘-D’. Unfortunately, when I try to delete this branch, using ‘git branch -D -D’, […]

branch with no common ancesters

I seem to have managed to create a branch that does not stem from the initial commit. It seemed to happen when pulling changes from the repo. I have managed to get a point where my working branch has all the necessary commits, but my branch history is confusing. Can I correct it?

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