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Make a git commit unpushable to Subversion?

I use git locally, and git-svn to work with a shared Subversion repository. I have a local branch with some parameter changes that are relevant to my test environment, but that I would never want to share with everyone else. Right now the way I’m doing that is by having a local branch with that […]

How do I change the branch I merged into in my previous commit?

I have several branches. They are master, develop, and several feature branches. The structure is like this: master->develop-> feature branches so I do everything in the feature branches, then I merge into the develop branch and once I’m done with the program, I release the final version by merging the develop branch into master. My […]

How to manage this project structure with git?

I’m developing addons for a web software which has its structure set up like this: root –index.php –js/ —-addon1/ ——file.js —-addon2/ –css/ —-addon1/ ——style.css —-addon2/ –library/ —-addon1/ ——file.php —-addon2/ ——file.php I want to create a repository for each addon, but with the current structure it doesn’t seem possible. The main chunk of the code for […]

Code synchronization combining usb flash drive and Bitbucket repository

I’m new to git version-control system so I need help or advice from experts. I would like to backup and sync my 2 PCs over Bitbucket repository. One of 2 computers is without network connection. So, I have the problem. This is equipment I plan to use for problem solving: PC without network (A) PC […]

Given the hash of a tree in git, how can I see what commits have that tree?

I have a git repository that takes up a lot of disk space, so I’m investigating it. If I have the hash of a tree, how can i see what commits have that tree? The tree-hash in question might be a subdirectory of the commit, not necessarily the ‘root’ tree of the commit.

Copy existing project into git for version control

Good day people. Please help me. I’m going to get job in big company where overall uses version management. And I stared to learn git. I want to copy my project into newly created git repository to start version control. My project structure is: . ├── pom.xml ├── src │   ├── main │   │   ├── […]

Git Development and Production branches for web applications

I understand the branching logic of how to set this up where I would have the production branch as the master and have a development branch for developers but how do I take into consideration: Configuration files Production using different database settings (git ignore and leave configs static alone?) How to version and control files […]

Unversioned files keep reappearing after checkout

I am puzzled by this and could not find an answer after thoroughly searching Google and StackOverflow. Basically, I have a repo with 2 branches: master and dev. When I visit github.com, “master” branch is empty, which is should be. The dev branch has about 200MB of files, which it should have. When I move […]

brought changes with git pull, but I don't see them staged

I have a local branch L1. It origins from remote R1. then I made it trackable with R2. Now i want to pull R1 to –> L1 I used source tree software to git pull. I see there are changes, as L1 is 41 changes ahead R2 but i don’t see them anywhere: no in […]

Git inside git: disconnect inner git, keep files

Summary Git inside git. Removed the inner .gits, kept the files. Push. Clone. Folders exist, but are empty. What I’m trying to do So I’m trying to upload an existing repo to my own git server. The repo has some repos inside of it (that are not a part of the original repo). I don’t […]

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