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Version Number in Assembly, GIT and TFService

Until now we used version numbers like 2.4.1 for our VB.NET products. We set them manualy. Now we start to use GIT with Team Foundation Service and want to improve the version number handling. The aim is simple: The format should be Major.Minor.Build.Revision. With Revision automatically inscreasing for each compile. The Build should increase for […]

Include Git revision number inside .NET project

I am using Git for source control on a .NET project. Is there any way to include the current Git revision number in my EXE upon compile time? I’d like to be able to have the revision number available for an “About” dialog, or similar. Perhaps there is a way to update Settings.vb right before […]

Git ignore file for VB.NET projects

I wan to place a VB.NET project under Git control in Windows (was previously under Visual Source Safe – long sad story of repository corruption, etc.). How should I set up the ignore file? The exclusions I’m thinking of using are: *.exe *.pdb *.manifest *.xml *.log (is Git case sensitive on Windows? Should I exclude […]

Backing up source files managed by source control software: TortoiseSVN

I am new to source control and I am confused with something I read on a webpage yesterday (I don’t have the link). I have followed these instructions: “create folder structure”, then “Start Reprobrowser”, then copy source files into trunk folder. Please see the screen shot below: However, when I navigate to the folder using […]

Is there an intelligent 3rd merge tool that understands VB.NET

I am having problems with our merge tool as sometimes it fails to match the unchanged blocks in the two branches correctly. When this occurs the merge tool becomes useless, and the merge has to be done by hand. Therefore I am looking for a tool that: Understand what VB.NET function/method definitions looks like and […]

Automate AssemblyFileVersion Incrementation using GIT

Ok I understand that this is probably not conventional, but that aside: I am using the AssemblyFileVersion as kind of my “Build Name” string. It is formated like this: ‘ File Version information for an assembly consists of the following four values: ‘ ‘ Year ‘ Month ‘ Day ‘ Commit Number for that day […]

source control with VB2005 Express

Can anyone suggest a good source control system that interfaces with VB2005 Express? As the Express editions of Visual Studio do not allow add-ins does this mean that I will not be able to integrate source control into the IDE? I’m used to the check-in/check-out process of SourceSafe integrated into VB6. Can anyone recommend TortoiseSVN […]

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